... People are crazy.

WOW: Grill. Dean finds out just how crazy when he falls foul of two rogue hunters looking for information on a valuable job.

Rated T for one naughty word.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I would take such good care of them if I did.



... Eight hundred and four ...


... Eight hundred and five ...

Dean concentrated on the leaking pipe behind the chair he was bound into; it was something to focus on besides the savage grilling these two bastards were subjecting him to.


... Eight hundred and ...

A fist slammed viciously into already bruised ribs.

Doubling over, his lungs burned as he gagged on the coppery tang of blood spluttering through swollen lips.


Over strained, ragged breaths he barely heard the door burst open and Sam's voice cut the fetid air.

He smiled, flinching as two shotgun blasts ended his ordeal.