Watch as the team reviews and occasional special guests, criticizes and insults the stories written by their fans, hosted by me! Want your story reviewed by them? Give me a link and they'll happily, or not so happily, review it! Chapter One: my stories. The team is not amused. Special guests: Cheshire and Roy. I am so dead…

Rated T for minor cussing.

A teenage girl enters the stage, she has long fiery red hair and light honey colored eyes. She's wearing a one shoulder short black dress with dark red booties. ((Pics on Profile!)) Despite her obvious dislike to the outfit she seems excited, as she should be. This is the host, Scarlett.

She smiles lightly, looking up at the stage. "'Morning everyone, I'd like to introduce myself. I am Scarlett Mist and today I am here because our very own Young Justice League has volunteered to hold our annual fanfiction review!"

The crowd cheers loudly, jumping up and down in excitement as the six teenagers enter the stage.

Scarlett waves a hand in front of all of them, motioning to them. "Let's introduce the cast."

The first to speak is the leader, he seems nice enough but he obviously doesn't notice Scarlett's giddy attitude towards him. "A pleasure, my name is Aqualad."

Next up is the youngest, he glares at Scarlett. "I would hope you all know me!"

The ginger speedster just waves. "It's Kid Flash."

The Martian happily waves at the crowd. "I'm Miss Martian!"

The clone just crossed his arms. "Superboy."

The archer glares at the crowd. "Name's Artemis."

Scarlett nodds, looking away. "Ok then now that we all know who's who let's begin, first thing's first; what are your guesses on what people write about you? By the way everyone knows there's a traitor in the group…"

Robin looks at her in shock. "What? How do they know?"

She just stares at him with a raised eyebrow. "It's the internet Robin, don't you think villains use it too?"

"I do not understand why people would want to know this." Kaldur sighs.

Wally just shrugs and looks at him. "They're geeks, they want to know everything."

Scarlett glares daggers at him. "Us geeks have feelings, you know?"

"Ignore him, he hit his head on the way over." Artemis says while punching him in the arm.

Wally just rubs his arm and grumbles.

The host gives them all an awkward stare. "Okay… back to the original question, your thoughts?"

M'gann looks at Scarlett curiously. "They write about our missions, right?"

Robin smirks smugly. "They probably also try to figure out our secret identities."

The redhead girl just waves away his comment. "No need, we already know…" She notices the looks they're giving her. "What?"

Wally's mouth is open in shock. "How do they know?"

Scarlett shrugged. "How should I know?"

Robin looks skeptically at her. "Bet they don't know mine."

The girl smirks, leaning into whisper in his ear.

The boy pulls back immediately. "WHAT?"

The girl grins in satisfaction. "Told you! Now can we get on with this? Our first story is "Can't Escape The Past" by Scarlett Mist."

Artemis raises an eyebrow, curious. "You write for us?"

"Of course." She turns to the crowd. "For the sake of our stories the characters have been given an inside look on the plot of the story, but they do not know the ending yet unless the story is complete itself."

Wally crosses his arms. "Hated it."

Artemis nods. "Metas are supposed to stay Meta and Humans stays Human, plus I know where you're heading with it…" She glares at Scarlett. "I'm not happy."

Scarlett gulps nervously. "O-okay, what about you guys?"

Megan looks sad. "I think Olivia didn't deserve such a cruel fate, after all she was only helping those who no one else could help."

"What she said." Conner replied.

Kaldur sighed. "I have got to admit it is intriguing to see a story such as this one but as Artemis stated; I do not believe Robin has and powers at all."

Robin shook his head. "No I don't, and how do you know my identity again?"

Scarlett shrugged. "It's just business, but don't worry everyone knows to keep it a secret. Our next story will be "Unexpected" also by me."

"You love to torture Robin?" Wally asked.

Scarlett nodds. "It's fun… don't tell Batman!"

Robin glares at Scarlett. "What the hell's wrong with you? I am not the mole!"

"Well at least someone thinks it's not me…" Artemis mutters.

Scarlett shrugs. "You can't blame me for thinking outside the box."

"Robin would never betray us!" M'gann exclaims.

Connor shakes his head. "Never."

Kaldur nods. "My team is right, Robin is a valued member of this team who would do no such thing."

Scalrett holds her hands up in defense. "Fine, I never said it was him… it's probably Kaldur anyways…"

Kaldur looks up at her. "What?"

"Blame iSniffMarkers for that, she's convinced me!" She replied.

Megan yells in outrage. "Aqualad is not the mole either!"

"Let's just move on… "How The Young Fall" this is a Young Justice and Fallen by Lauren Kate crossover." Scarlett replied.

"Well at least she moved on from Robin." Wally spoke up.

Artemis glares. "F**k no!"

Robin shook his head. "That's just messed up."

Megan gasps. "What?"

"Too much of a stretch." Conner put in.

"I think you are the only one who's ever wrote something like this…" Kaldur tells her.

Scarlett just shrugs. "I wasn't really thinking at the time. "Tainted Hearts"?"

Robin shrugs. "Believable enough, I feel bad for her."

"I could see it happening." Artemis says.

"Such a shame what happened to her family." Kaldur spoke.

Megan frowns. "Poor Gemma!"

"She cared about her family, I guess it's sad." Conner replied.

"I honestly wish I could really meet Gemma, she sounds like someone I'd get along with… and I'm sure Flash would love to have a goddaughter." The speedster announced.

"I hope to god you don't meet her…" Scarlett mutters under-breath.

"What was that?" Wally asks.

Scarlett shakes her head. "Nothing. Now, "I Forgive You"?"

"Shocking." Wally says.

Robin snorts. "I doubt it would happen."

"Way to crush out dreams Robin." Scarlett suddenly hears someone talk through her earpiece. "Ok people change of plans, it seems like we'll be having two special guests for the day; Red Arrow and Cheshire. Wait C-Cheshire?" Her eyes widen in shock. "Who invited her? Are you trying to kill me?"

The couple walks out and sits down beside the team.

Cheshire is glowering at Scarlett. "I am not happy."

"Hide me!" Scarlett exclaims, jumping behind Red Arrow for protection.

Roy pulls her away. "You can take care of yourself."

Scarlett scoffs and whines. "Come on, she'll forget all about me when she starts flirting with you!"

"Fat chance, kid." Cheshire replied.

Artemis ignores Cheshire. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you?"

Scarlett yelps in fear and dives behind Wally's chair. "You'd go to jail?"

"I don't have a problem with that." Cheshire tells Scarlett.

"Come on, why can't you just be loving sisters instead of heartless enemies? The fans would love it!" Scarlett complains.

"Cheshire is a villain, Artemis is not. The only way that would happen is if Cheshire paid for her crimes." Kaldur put it simply.

Scarlett crosses her arms. "Way to ruin a moment, Aqualad. Can we just continue and then kill me?"

"Fine." Artemis and Cheshire reply at once.

Scarlett sighs in relief. "Great, "Untold Secrets" is up next."

"I barely even come in it!" Wally complained.

"You do, you just don't talk." Artemis replied.

Kaldur does not comment.

"Do all your characters have tragic pasts?" Megan asks.

"… no…" Scarlett replies slowly.

"I doubt Red Arrow would join them." Conner spoke up.

"As do I." Kaldur commented.

"You kidnapped me?" Robin asked.

"You made me a traitor?" Roy exclaimed.

"I don't like Aria." Cheshire growls.

"Of course not, she took your love interest." Scarlett crosses her legs. "Besides, you haven't even seen the climax!" They all give her blank looks. "Whatever… "Song Of The Bird"?"

"I AM NOT A GIRL!" Robin exclaims.

"Are you sure?" Wally asks him.

"You make me look like a bitch." Artemis puts in.

"I think Danny's pretty cool." Megan speaks.

"Whatever." Conner replies.

"I read it, sounds like something weird is going on with Danny. And is Jay her brother or something? And who's Dove?" Cheshire asks.

Scarlett shushes her. "Shh, who told you about Dove? Her chapter's not even out yet!"

"You left your computer unattended, I took the liberty of checking." She replied.

Roy scowls. "I was with her when she checked, you seem to hate your characters."

"I don't hate them, I just make them suffer… last stories are "End Game" and "Maybe Someday." She replies.

"They're not as bad. As long as you don't pair Robin with me." Artemis puts in.

"I am not leaving my team." Robin yelled.

"I'm curious as to see more on both stories." Kaldur responds.

"Why did Robin leave in "Maybe Someday?" Wally asks.

Scarlett frowned. "It's part of the plot, Kid Idiot. Next."

"The characters in End Game are interesting, I'd also love to see more!" Megan says.

"I don't get why Robin left." Came from Conner.

"Robin wouldn't leave." Roy replied.

"I don't come out in either one but seeing the little bird leave…" Cheshire smirks. "How fun. Is that all the stories?"

Scarlett nods. "Yeah… why?"

Cheshire grins. "Time's up."

Scarlett pales. "Oh crap, before I die I'd just like to everyone know that if you'd like for the characters to review your story tell me in a PM or Review. That's all for now…" She turns to Cheshire. "Give me a quick second…" She pulls off the heel booties. "Ok I'm ready now…" She takes off running.

Cheshire quickly chases after her.

Scarlett runs faster, screaming. "HELP MEEEEE!"

Good news, I'm alive! Yeah… it's not that good of news. Anyways, if you have a Young Justice story and want the team to review if press that little button down there or PM me with the name of your story or a link to it, also tell me your stage name in case you need to make a special appearance in here. And if it's an OC story tell me if you'd like them to appear…

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