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The young girl known as Scarlett sits on one of the chairs, a tissue in her hands as Markers tries to comfort her… actually, no. "C'mon, she show is starting!"

Scarlett shakes her head, blowing her nose on the tissue. "What's the point? My life is over, I just… I can't believe this happened…"

"You have to review Retcon, HereComeTheDrums' story." Markers replies as she sits down on the chair beside Scarlett.

"Yeah, I know… we should probably wait for the team though…" Markers nods, looking around and noticing that no one except for them and the audience is present.

"Where are they now?" She asks, raising an eyebrow.

Off stage, a voice suddenly yells. "Bart, give me that back now!"

"You can't make me!" The younger speedster replies, running onstage with Wally's goggles in hand.

Scarlett and Markers both exchange a glance and grin evilly before jumping up and running to different sides of the stage. "Bart, throw them over here!" Scarlett yells before the speedster complies and throws them to her, she catches them just as Wally enters the stage with the rest of the team.

"Hey, give me them!" He whines.

"Make us, Kid Dork!" Markers yells, just as Scarlett throws them at her and she catches them.

"This isn't funny!" Wally growls. "I need those!"

Robin facepalms, taking a seat. "Wally, you're a speedster. Zoom over there and get them back…"

Markers quickly throws the goggles at Bart. "Run, Bart, Run!" She yells desperately, acting like a derp.

He catches them, grinning awkwardly. "Uhh… bye guys!" Next thing they knew he was gone with the wind.

"H-hey!" Wally yells before taking off after him.

"Wait, no we need-" Scarlett doesn't get to finish her sentence because he's disappeared.

"Nice going, Scar." Artemis snorts, sitting beside Robin and highfiving him. "You just lost another one."

Markers shrugs. "At least Flash is still here…"

"Don't remind me." He mutters, walking up and also taking a seat. "At least the rest of the League is safe..."

Scarlett chuckles. "Yeah… safe… anyways, where are Cammie and Ellie?" She yells.

"Sorry, we're here!" A voice interrupts, they turn to see two girls entering the stage.

"Finally…" Markers mutters, taking her seat besides Scarlett's again.

"We were reviewing my story?" Cammie AKA .. asks.

"Oh yeah, we were." Scarlett replies coyly, a glare forming. "How dare you, Cameron? You said you were going to update, I don't see an update!"


"I don't want to hear any excuses, you were supposed to update!"

"C'mon I-"

"No!" Scarlett shakes her head. "I don't want to hear it."

"This is not reviewing!" Robin yells, interrupting everyone.

"Shut up, bird brat. No one cares what you have to say!" Markers growls at him.

"Can we just review and stop insulting each-other?" Ellie asks.

"Yeah, whatever." Scarlett growls, taking a seat again.

"I don't get it." Arty says first.

"Neither do I." M'gann adds, sitting awkwardly beside Conner.

"Whatever." Conner mutters.

"It is so confusing…" Robin summarizes. "We're read next to nothing, even though I do believe I am a main character. And the main, main character is obviously from the Teen Titans world… and an OC…"

Scarlett crosses her arms, sighing. "I should have brought the TT gang back, shouldn't I?"

Speedy, who was been talking silently to Roy all along, speaks up. "Yes, you should have! I want to give them a piece of my mind for leaving me here with… you."

"I'd say offensive but… you and Roy will look like hobos in five years so I don't care." Markers replies, smirking before high-fiving Scarlett. The two other guest authors take this as a distraction and sneek out unnoticed by all except the Boy Wonder.

"Ouch." Artemis grins. "I feel for you… Roys…"

"No one likes you, Artemis." Speedy snaps.

"Your look alike is a mole." She snaps back, arms crossed.

Both Archers are left speechless, just as Scarlett begins to cry again. "Oh no…" Markers facepalms.

"Why is she…?" Robin whispers at Markers.

"Why do you think?" She hisses back.

"I don't know, I asked didn't I?" He snaps, whispering.

Marker facepalms. "Look around, who's missing?"

"Well, besides Ellie and Cammie who sneaked out unnoticed before Scarlett's sob fest…" He does as he was told, realization hitting him. "… Oh…"

"I thought you were supposed to be smart!"

He shrugs. "Hanging around KF has obviously affected me…"

"No shit, Sherlock." She mutters.

Robin doesn't have a chance to respond as Scarlett gasps. "Oh my…"

Flash raises an eyebrow, turning from his conversation with Artemis to see her shocked. "What is…?" His eyes widen as he sees the knife held against the girls throat.

"Hey, Scar…" Markers began. "I don't want you to panic but… the Joker's holding a knife to your throat… and… after he uh… slashes it… can I get his autograph?"

"Sure, 'cause he won't need a pen. He'll just… oh, I don't know; write it in my blood!" Scarlett hissed.

"I see I wasn't invited to the party, pitty." The Joker sighed. "No matter, kiddies… and Flash… I'm here now!" He beamed, pulling the knife back into his pocket.

Scarlett sighed. "Well, now that the crisis is averted…"

She and Markers both jumped up, squealing. "Can we have an autograph?"

"Crisis averted?" Robin asked, hiding behind the Flash for protection. "The Joker just came into our freaking studio and you think the crisis is averted?"

"Shush it, Boy Blunder. No one likes you!" Scarlett replied, staring at Joker in amazement the whole time. "I just… I love the way you try time and time again to destroy Gotham City, dude. You're like my idol!"

"And then the way you just mess with the League, it's wonderful!" Markers declared.

He bowed in reply. "Well, it's good to know somebody appreciates all my heard work, it really is exhausting." He gave a dramatic sight to emphasize his point.

"Did you hit you head? It's not wonderful!" Artemis growled at the writers, arms crossed.

Scarlett turned to her. "You, shut up. He's staying, seems like he's the only one who can have a little fun around here, got it?"

"Not including me, of course." Alexis put in.

"No, I don't got it." Artemis replied, glaring.

Scarlett smiled sweetly. "Too bad, so sad. I don't care, girlie. Nothing you do can stop this!"

Joker clapped, grinning madly. "Let the games begin!"

To be continued…

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