Chii's cute little voice, unchanged through time, wandered through the empty streets, through the lonely woods. She called for Hideki endlessly, that poor little mind unable to comprehend the realities of the physical and spiritual world.

"Where is Hideki?"

For the nthmillion time, she asked. The world was gray; the person just for her was gone. Where did he go? Chii closed her eyes and remembered.

"Chii, I'm sorry." Said Hideki. He was on old man now, hardly any hair with wrinkled skin. He sat in a hospital bed, breathing his last breath to his faithful Chobit.

"I'm sorry you have to see this. If…if we hadn't lived our lives together, you would not feel this pain now. I…I'm so sorry, Chii…" The old man brought the machine close and gave her the last hug she would receive from him. Chii wrapped her arms around Hideki and hummed.

In her eyes, Hideki was the same. Hideki was Hideki, that's all that mattered. She didn't see aging, she didn't see maturity. She just saw people for people.

"Chiiii…" she sighed. "Where is Hideki going?"

"It's called dying, Chii. I've taught you that." Hideki said, starting to cry. "I'm leaving. I won't be back. Chii will not have Hideki anymore."

"Chii will…Chii will not have Hideki, anymore? Chii doesn't understand."

"Oh, Chii…"

Chii laid in Hideki's old arms throughout the night, well past his departure. The doctors tried to explain what happened to her, again and again, but Chii just couldn't understand where Hideki went. And that was it. She left the hospital and began to walk around, looking for Hideki. And that's all she did. That's all she ever will do.

"Chii is sad," She said, wandering through the woods that seemed endless. "Chii wants to see Hideki again."

The leaves fell, and winter came. She walked through the snow, still looking for Hideki. Then the cold left and spring rolled around once more. Moss was starting to grow on Chii, but she didn't care. She just wanted to see Hideki again.

"Hideki?" Her voice cried, again and again. "Chiiiii…"