I put Bree in my bed and when out to meet the boys. I had to find out as much as I could about Bree. I hoped she was mine. She needs so much help and I know that I have to help her. She is a broken girl and believe me normally I wouldn't help anyone but she looks so much like that little girl I had to give up. If Bree was mine I knew that I would have to look after her and make it up to her. I walked down the steps and I got out my phone. I called Bodie and told him that he had to meet me at the bar. I had to sort out my fat shit of a so-called father first and then I would find out about Bree and if she was mine. I got in my Mustang and drove down the highway towards the bar.

As I entered I saw the boys sat at the back of the bar. In our normal spot. One of my local girls was in here, Ali. I watched as she looked up at me and went to walk towards me. I really wasn't in the fucking mood to deal with her whining in my face. She was nothing to me. I walked straight passed her and sat at the table and got out a fag. The boys were all here apart for Heco. I'd have his ass when I found out where he was. I told the boys that they had to find out more about Bree where she comes from and who the fuck is her foster dad that decides to beat her. I will kill him when I find him. I got up and took the bag of money with me. I had to go and see bones before I went to deal with my other problems.


I awoke on my own in a bed. When I looked around I found out the Billy had stuck me in his bed. I got up and walked out into the kitchen and saw Joe sat there. He looked up at me and I watched as he got up from the table. I looked down at the floor.

"Hi Bree. You want some food?" He asked. I nodded. It was 12:30pm but I really wasn't tired anymore. I watched as he began to cook and made pancakes. He seems alright. I wasn't too sure of him or Bodie when I first met them. But I needed to give them a chance. I find it so hard to trust people after having such an unhappy life. But... now I could have a family that cared about me.

"Where's Billy?" I asked. He turned to me as he put the pancakes on the plates. He got the lemon and sugar out and told me to tuck in.

"He went out. Had some business to take care of. But he'll be back soon. Told me to look after to you. Make sure your ok. Anyway what do you want to do? It doesn't look like your be sleeping any time soon." He said with a laugh. I began to eat my food. Joe seems nice and friendly I knew that I would get along with me.

"Joe, do you think that Billy will keep me around or kick me out... like everyone else does." I said as I looked away. That was the one thing that I was so scared of, someone pretending to care and then kick me out when I think that I am safe enough. All of a sudden I heard the front door open and shut. I heard footstep come into the kitchen and I saw Billy stood there. He didn't look happy. Was it me? Was he going to kick me out?

"Bree, what are you doing up?" He asked.

"She couldn't sleep Billy. I think she scared." Joe said before that I could say anything to him. He looked at Joe then back at me. He didn't look unhappy anymore. He looked worried and confused.

"What. What the hell ya scared of Bree?" He asked. I looked down at the floor and felt his hand go to grab my chin. I moved away so fast that I managed to knock the plate of pancakes on the floor. Billy moved towards me slowly. Joe got up and began to clear the mess up. I backed up into the corner of the room.

"Shh. Bree it's ok. No-one will hurt ya baby girl. Come here." Billy said as he had his arms out to me. I was so unsure of him. One minute he looks unhappy and the next worried. What if he was nice and then turned nasty when I got near him.

"Bree come here. It's ok. What you scared of that Joe was on about darling." He asked. I looked at the eyes. I could see that he was worried.

"Would... you kick me out... when you've had enough of me?" I asked.

"No. Never Bree your part of this family. I wouldn't ever do that to you baby girl." He replied. I walked over to him and he stuck his arms around me. I held on to his top as he picked me up and carried me into the front room.

"How do I know your telling the truth?" I asked. I heard him take a deep breath and pulled me closer to him.

"Just trust me Bree. I wouldn't do that to you." He said as he kissed me on my head. I felt me eyelids become heavier and I fell asleep on Billy once again.


I picked up Bree and stuck her back in my room. I began to take off her jeans and top and stuck her in one of my black t-shirts that drown her. I got undressed into my top and boxers and got into bed. I pulled out the information about Bree that Bodie had found for me and began to look through it. I couldn't believe what I saw. How was I meant to tell her the truth without hurting her? She would hate, wouldn't she?

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