Starts the summer of Harry's fifth year. It's a typical reading the books story but is also AU.

"Fred! George! What are you doing?" Hermione hissed.

The mentioned twins jumped and whirled around. Standing in front of them were Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny who had just come up from breakfast. The twins were standing in front of Sirius's room.

"Nothing!" George exclaimed.

Seeing Hermione's raised eyebrow he further explained, "We just wanted to see what his room is like. It's not like he ever talks about his life before Azkaban."

Harry blinked. It was true. Sure, Sirius talked about his time with James and the Marauders but he never talked about his own life.

"Aren't you curious?" Fred asked.

At this point the four teenager's curiosity was piqued. "All right." Hermione said. "But we need an adult."

Ron looked at her like she was crazy. "Who would come with us?"

"OW! Didn't see that stair. What's up guys?" They all turned and saw Tonks standing there with her hair in her favorite shade of bright pink.

"Tonks!" George said brightly. "Wanna do something fun?"

Tonks grinned. "Always. "

The seven of them slowly ventured into Sirius's room quietly.

"Are you sure this is okay?" Ginny whispered.

"Live a little, Gin" Fred said, walked around taking in all the pictures. He whistled at the pictures of the Muggle girls in bikinis. "Go Sirius."

All of a sudden Hermione gasped. They all turned to look and saw that she was standing in front of a pensive.

"What do we do?" she asked looking into its depths.

Harry shrugged and jumped in, the others following closely behind.

They landed in the Gryffindor boys dormitory. Harry jumped when he saw his dad sitting a few feet away from him. Lupin and Sirius were also in the room.

"They're sixth years." Hermione said pointing to the books that littered the floor.

"Sirius was so handsome." Ginny giggled.

"Why this memory?" Ron asked, after giving Ginny a look. "It's not that special."

"Maybe he wanted to remember the normality of those days." Hermione suggested.

"Or maybe it's because of that." Ron said looking towards the door.

They all looked and saw the most beautiful woman they had ever seen. She was exotic looking with black hair and dark skin. Her eyes twinkled as she stood in the doorway.

"Remmie!" she explained and jumped onto Remus's bed.

"Too much sugar, Kitty Kat?" he asked laying down next to her.

Tonks's eyes widened. How did they know each other?

"What's got you so excited?" James asked.

"An E on Charms!" the girl exclaimed. "And all thanks to you guys! I owe you one."

"Please, like you've ever paid us back." Sirius scoffed, but he was grinning none the less.

"We're best friends Sirius, and that's what best friends do." She stuck out her tongue. "Anyways, here's my address in Australia and you better owl me." She threw a piece of paper towards Remus.

Hermione moved closer and read "156 Mulberry Ave."

The scene vanished and the seven of them were back in Sirius's room.

Hermione looked around at them. "You know what we have to do right?"

Ron and Harry glanced at each other. "Leave?"

Hermione sighed exasperated. "No! We have to find her!"

Fred and George grinned.

"Little Miss. Perfect-"

"-wanting to break the rules!"

Hermione smiled too. "Obviously this girl means something and we need to find her. Let's just go to the address. Tonks?"

Tonks who had been thinking, jumped. "I think you're right. She means something. Probably to Remus. I'll take you guys."

All of them looked at each other with growing excitement.

"Let's do it."

Tonks made a Portkey and in a whirl they were on their way to Australia.