A really dark fic. AkumaKami64 requested it. He really wanted to see the Azarathians suffer and Eragon just standing by doing nothing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans, but I own Eragon.

The city was in ruins. People were dying. There were flames that were consuming everything. This was no ordinary fire. It was demon fire, sent from Trigon himself, who was in a different dimension. He transported the fires to Azarath.

When Eragon heard of this, he immediately went to Azarath. Let's catch you up. The team kicked him off when they found out who he truly was. Even Raven didn't care and that hurted him the most. He was in love with her and she rejected him, not caring of the consequences. That was a month ago. Now, he was just a shell, a shell made for survival. He didn't feel any emotions whenever he killed or the faces gawked at him. He became a machine that was designed to not care anymore.

Now, he was on Azarath. He had happened to appear in front of the monks. One of the monks, Leo, begged him to save Azarath. "Please, please save us, Eragon. You're the only one who can get rid of these accursed flames."

Eragon just laughed a cruel laugh. It scared the monks. Behind his mask, Eragon's eyes burned with hatred and anger and said in a harsh voice," Why should I? All you ever did was cause me misery. Why should I help you? In my eyes, you deserve to die." With those words, he departed, leaving the city and the people to burn and go to Hell.

He then went to Trigon and joined his forces. Together, every dimension and world was at their mercy. Of course, he had to fight the team, but he didn't kill them. He just made them frozen for eternity. While he was conquering places and people, he felt nothing, nothing at all. He was finally became something that Trigon wanted him to be for a while; a machine that doesn't care about what he does, only cares that he does do it.

Yes, I know it was really short. So basically, the monks begged Eragon to save them, but he left them to die and stuff. I don't really care if you flame this. It's just a one-shot that I wrote for AkumaKam64.