Drabble done for another prompt given. This ones a bit older, asking for a blond Cas when he was younger. Once again, unbeta'd. And I'm adding this little bit because otherwise I had six-hundred sixty-six words and I couldn't deal with it.

Of Blond Babies and Angry Angels

Dean got it, really he did. As an older brother it was damn near the best thing on earth to embarrass your younger brother. The best thing next to sex and burgers. But for Cas' sake he was getting a bit worried. Gabriel had been supportive of Dean dating Cas after a period of suspicious glares and death threats, but after that he realized that Dean wasn't going anywhere he backed off. Accepted Dean dating his little brother. Unfortunately with the acceptance of Dean came the teasing of Cas.

It had started when Dean and Cas had been sitting on Cas' couch, watching whatever was on TV while Dean ate a bowl of cereal and Cas had his feet propped in his lap. Gabriel had taken a look at the TV then to the perfectly comfortable moment between Cas and Dean when he smiled devilishly.

"You know this movie use to make Cas cry, right?"

Dean looked up curiously while Cas blushed. "Gabe—"

"Totally. Every time the big dog came on he'd start crying, up to when he was eleven years old."


"He'd have to sleep in my room for the next three nights or he'd have nightmares."


Gabriel took one look at the seething Cas before shrugging and sauntering off. Because Gabriel was the only man Dean knew that could saunter.

Things continued like this for a while. Baby stories, stories of how Cas would cry or through fits or do something embarrassing like shove his face full of cake. Dean found all these stories fairly cute but Cas would turn an unusual shade of red and either storm out of the room or sit and seethe until Gabriel left. It wasn't until Dean was coming over one night to pick Cas up for dinner did things get really interesting.

Cas was still in the shower while Dean waited downstairs, mindlessly picking at a fork that had been left on the table when Gabriel came into the kitchen, carrying a thick book.

"G'evening, Deano," Gabriel said cheerfully, dropping the book on the kitchen table with a large thud. Dean looked up suspiciously.

"Hey. What's that?" Dean asked, leaning over curiously.

"Just a baby book of myself and Castiel." Gabriel said happily, opening to a few photosets and looking at them fondly.

Dean felt bad, he really did. He knew Cas got embarrassed when things about him as a baby came up but as he looked at the chubby faces he really couldn't help himself as he leaned over Gabriel's shoulder. The photos were of toddlers. One, who was distinctly Gabriel, was always hugging or carrying a smaller blond boy.

"Wait, wait, who's the blond?" Dean asked, tapping at the baby's pink cheeks.

"That's Cas." Gabriel said with a teasing smile. Dean blinked, staring at the pictures and sure enough if he looked close enough he could see Cas' miniature facial features surrounded by a mop of blond curly hair. Dean grabbed the book, flipping through the pictures of Cas being born a blond baby, his hair changing to a lighter brown around seven years old.

Dean smiled, "That's so…" He promptly shut up when Cas walked into the room, dressed and hair damp.

"What are you…?" Cas asked, looking over at the book and what must have been familiar photos before jumping over the table and grabbing the photo album, sending Gabriel running. Cas huffed, closing the book and turning to Dean. "What did you see?" He asked threateningly.

Dean just smiled, "You were a blond."