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As Obi-Wan Kenobi walked into the Jedi Temple all he could think about were a few hours of nice meditation, closely followed by a hot cup of tea and the serenity of silence. Since he had been away, he was desperate to relax and enjoy the tranquillity the temple offered.

It made an extraordinary change to the endless sounds of battle and cries he had grown accustomed to over the harsh weeks he had been away tending to the war.

So, of course, the Jedi Master never expected anything to be... out of the ordinary.

Unfortunately for him, it was...

The second that he walked into the large, majestic halls, everything was out of order. Several of the marble busts that had been made to honour all of the lost Jedi during the war had either fallen to the ground in pieces or vandalized in various ways. Pink ribbons were slung carelessly like drapes around the remaining statues that stood proud.

Obi-Wan had to admit to himself that even he, the reserved Jedi Master, found it rather amusing. From the corner of his eye, he could see a youngling of about ten years of age walk through the hallway. Before he could call out to him, an ambush occurred. Several younglings and Padawans jumped out from behind the pedestals of the busts, their tunics displaying a symbol of some sort, and attacked the child with silly string and shaving cream.

Obi-Wan's eyes widened to the size of saucers, astonishment sparkling in his blue irises at the Padawans remarkable and very un-Jedi like behaviour.

"Hey!" He called out to the marauding younglings in his very famous stern tone, as he began to stride towards them, a frown lining his features. The younglings turned their gazes suddenly towards him before yelling at the top of their voices together in surprise, before thundering out of the hallways, each youngling in turn shoving one another out of the way into the graffiti painted walls like a stampede of horrendous Wildebeests, the attacked Padawan being carried away to places unnown.

Obi-Wan was able to capture one youngling as he was pushed against a wall and left behind. The trembling six year old looked like he was about to cry as Obi-Wan walked over to him.

The boy quickly put on a brave face, one that looked very familiar to the Older Jedi Master. A face much like his Padawan used to wear.

The defiant and courageous face of the youngling soon crumbled when The Negotiator stood in front of him, easily towering over the small child.

Obi-Wan gazed upon the trembling boy with his azure eyes. The boy's emerald eyes were wide and trying to attach themselves onto anything but him. His rosy pink lips... so thin were trembling rapidly, as if the boy was standing on Hoth with just his under tunic on, letting the freezing cold air bite at him.

From the corner of his eye, Obi-Wan noticed the symbol that was on the boy's beige tunic just at the corner. The Oily black symbol was formed into an A and an S swirling into each other. They were outlined with the faintest bit of scarlet and gold.

Obi-Wan curiously outlined the symbol then looked at the boy. "Where did you get this? And what does it mean?"

The nervous boy swallowed what felt like a block of ice in his throat. The chilling cold he suddenly felt once swallowing the lump of "ice" his consciousness had created shot like the ignition of a lightsaber blade down his spine, making him quiver.

In a final act of courage - because he knew he was so going to be brought to the Council about this - he set his face into a courageous face of stone and lifted his raven head up to meet his gaze with the council member. His face flinched ever so slightly when his eyes met the calculating and expectant gaze of the Master.

His azure orbs, solidified like ice, were pointed straight at him, striking right through him with the sharpness of a lightsaber blade, seeing straight through him. His ginger eye brows were raised in expectation, and his arms were folded tightly across his torso.

The boy stared at the towering figure for a few more seconds, gathering his final ounce of courage. In the strongest voice he could muster, he muttered, "The other Padawans have it, Master Kenobi," The boy gulped once again, trying to clutch at some more bravery. The boy constantly thought 'heart of a lion, heart of a lion'. "I can't tell you what it means, Master," He continued, his voice shaking slightly. "You must find that out yourself," His voice had lowered in pitch; almost to a whisper in the night. "For we are as stealthful as the night, and silent as the shadows that surround you."

With that, the boy jumped up and darted past the confused Jedi Master and flitted around the corner in desperate search of the other Padawans.

Obi-Wan was going to run after the boy, but realized that it would be useless. The Padawan was long gone. Now if only he could figure out what that kriffing symbol meant. And what was happening to his beloved temple for that matter.

He headed off towards the Jedi Council room to find that it was in shambles. Graffiti covered every corner with Yoda-Speak and cuss words that would make a bounty hunter blush.

Obi-Wan was flabbergasted. Not only was his beloved home in an unruly shambles... but now the chambers were too! The highly respected council chambers... Where the most wisest and most powerful Masters within the Jedi Order would meet.

Confetti string in a tangle of colours like the rainbow were strung all over the place, littering the floor and chairs.

Obi-Wan padded over to his chair adjacent to the doors and leant over to inspect it. It was in utter shambles, with the padding ripped out and thrown across the floor. And once again he spotted the symbol... The same symbol that the escaped Padawan bore. He leant back with a dumb-founded look on his handsome face and ran a hand through his thick ginger hair.

"What in BLAZES is going on here!"

A familiar Force presence came up behind him. He went to turn, but was blocked by two hands going around him: One to his mouth and the other around his waist.

A huge amount of thick goo was dumped on top of Obi-Wan's hair and shortly followed by more confetti and bits of paper, which vaguely looked like a written reprimand from the council that had been shredded.

Obi-Wan bucked the attacker away from him to reveal Anakin Skywalker's bright and shining face staring back at him, the symbol proudly shown on his shoulder.

"Anakin!" Obi-Wan roared in the most menacing voice he could conjure. He was half gasping with each breath he took, his lips wordlessly moving as he tried to speak past his surprise and anger. "I should have known it was you!" Of course it would be him. The A and S. Anakin Skywalker. The fact that no serene Jedi would really do this. But Anakin was not a serene Jedi. He thrived on action. It was honestly that obvious that no one would know it was him causing the commotion. Even if it was right under their noses... until it was too late.

Anakin bowed mockingly and snapped his fingers.

Several younglings, including the one that Obi-Wan had interrogated, came out of the air vents and surrounded Obi-Wan.

"Now, Master, Will you join us or suffer the fate that the rest of the Jedi are?"

Obi-Wan stared at all the Padawans surrounding him. Each of their faces were lit up in glee, rather than the stoic expressions they were being trained to hold. Amusement danced vibrantly in their multi-coloured irises.

What should he do? As a Jedi, he was taught never to give in when interrogated or offered to join another side. But he was, after all, covered from head to toe in paper, confetti, and good old sticky glue - which by the way made his skin very itchy - seemed to make him think twice about that decision.

'I suppose going back to my rule free Padawan days wouldn't hurt too much.'

Swallowing the lump in his throat, though with a small half crooked smile, he croaked, "Fine. I'll join you,"

The Padawans jumped with joy and glee, yelling at the top of their voices, their eyes lit up like all the bright stars in the galaxy.

Anakin's daring smile broke out into a bright, cheesy grin. This was going to be fun.


Anakin gestured for his group, including Obi-Wan, to follow him to their secret hideout. Once inside, Anakin's brilliant plan was laid out.

"First, we surround the remaining Council members. They have moved most of their forces towards the meditation rooms, and have left the Hall of A Thousand Fountains open to a surprise attack. I need several of you to stage a fake attack then the rest of you will ambush them from behind, under the leadership of the best general in the entire Jedi order, besides me of course. I will stay with the fake attack group to persuade them that it is, indeed, an attack. Any questions?"

Obi-Wan was confused. Anakin was having a full out war against the Jedi Temple, using the younglings to get what he wanted. The question was, what did he want?

"And what do you plan on sabotaging them with?" Obi-Wan asked quizzically, bringing a hand up to stroke his chin in thought, quickly removing his hand from the sticky mess the glue had made. The glue was now turning solid, matting his hair. It would take hours to get out. The Jedi Master wasn't entirely certain if Anakin estimated that his line of questioning was a plan to sabotage their own plans. He could assure Anakin that it wasn't. He didn't want to face the wrath of the chaos ruled group.

Anakin flashed his former master a devilish smile, blinking one shining sapphire eye at him.

"You'll find out all in due time, my friend. Though... we do plan on giving a very special treat to Master Windu..."

The gleam Obi-Wan caught in his former Padawans eye made him cringe internally. Who knew what the reckless Jedi Knight was going to do to him.

Anankin threw him a bottle of some sort, while going over to Ahsoka and conversing with her. Obi-Wan looked down at the strange liquid that was in the bottle to see that it was glue remover.

Silently thanking the Force, he applied it to his beard and hair, instantly seeing the results. All of the confetti came out with a swipe of his hand. He looked back over at Anakin to see that his former Padawan had disappeared and left his Padawan in 'charge' of the troops. She was going from group to group of students, giving them instructions and training the youngest of them in the way of pranking. She had a certain impish smile outlining the side of her mouth, and Obi-Wan was itching to find out what.

Meanwhile, Anakin made his way silently to the storage room, being extremely careful to evade any patrols the rest of the council members were making. He was glad he had his former mentor on his side. It would be a shame to have him a victim to the ultimate prank in Jedi history.

Anakin stalked into a storage cupboard nearby and entered it, slowly and carefully closing the door behind him so as not to make any noise. They couldn't afford to let this all blow up in smokes.

"Let's see what we got." He opened each and every box, using the Force, until he finally found what he was looking for.

"Wizard! They even gave me the detonator." He carefully picked up all of the smoke bombs and snuck back out.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" Mace Windu came up behind the Chosen One with much glee. "Anakin Skywalker. I'm turning you in."

Anakin froze where he stood, wishing that if he had the ability, he would form a hole in the ground that would allow him to fall into and swallow his figure whole.

He quickly turned to face the elder Jedi, meeting his stern and cold gaze with a measured one. Dark eyes met sapphire and probed him, seeing straight into his soul. Calculating.

Master Windu stood tall, his majestic brown cloak hanging over his shoulders and shrouding his mud coloured tunic. The cloak was the only thing that allowed his figure to stand out in the shallow light. His broad arms were crossed in front of his chest, and he stared at Anakin with his trade mark stoic gaze.

"Master Windu," Anakin began, adopting an innocent tone to his voice, hoping to sweet talk the Korun master. 'Cos that will ever work,'"I was just, err... checking some stuff out! I thought I lost a spanner in here when I was fixing up that caretaker droid last weekend. I'm... missing a couple of tool kits."

Clearly, the older Jedi was not buying it, for his expression never so much as shifted as the sands of Tatooine's desert.

"Knight Skywalker," He began in a low tone. A tone he used very often with him. "Don't think for a second I am going to buy that. You are coming with me, and you will surrender to us along with your clan."

Anakin, all the time, had shifted his hands behind his back. A smoke bomb was rolling around in his hands. He kept a stoic facade plastered over his fine facial features. Then. An amusing smirk drew lines across his face.

"I'm sorry, Master Windu... But that isn't going to happen anytime soon!"

Right at that instant, Anakin had whipped his hands from behind his back and slammed the smoke bomb into the ground in front of his feet.

Upon contact, the smoke bomb exploded with a loud bang, rattling his and Mace's ear drums, stunning him.

Mace coughed for a few moments, trying to fill his lungs with clear air. He stood up straight from his hunched position and waved his hand sharply, banishing the smoke.

Once the smoke cloud evaporated into the air he was standing alone... in an empty cupboard...

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