Not Actually Mistletoe

"I'm bored," Tony whined for the millionth time that day. There was no case and the paperwork was absolutely shocking. The serial killer case had completely knocked out any hope of seeing daylight ever again. 15 Marines dead before that….was caught.

"Shut up, Tony," Ziva scowled at him, "If you're so bored, go down to Abby's lab. She'll give you something to do." Tony nodded, "Good idea, David. Only if you come with me. I'm lonely." Ziva got up. She had no idea that Tony knew that there was a bunch of mistletoe on that floor. He wanted to kiss her. Bad.

They arrived at the hall, and Ziva looked up at the ceiling. The mistletoe caught her eye, but she ignored it. Better to. If Abby saw her and Tony kissing, even under mistletoe, Ziva would have bruises from the hugs. However, it hadn't escaped Tony's notice. "Mistletoe, Zeeves. We can't ignore tradition."

Ziva sighed and inclined her head. Tony bent forward and their lips met, creating a spark of electricity. Their lips molded into a bout of perfection, and they deepened it. After two minutes of pure passion, they stopped.

"We should go," Ziva whispered. Tony nodded and followed her into Labby.


"Did you hear?" Agent Mark Weatherly told his friend, Agent Sean McCallum, "Agents David and DiNozzo kissed under what they thought was mistletoe. It was actually holly!" Both agents laughed and walked away. Ziva gasped and ran to find Tony.

"IT WAS HOLLY!" she screamed, "NOT MISTLETOE!" Tony nodded, calm, "Yeah, I knew that." Fury met Ziva. "YOU KNEW?" she screeched.

Tony nodded, "In my defense, I thought it was mistletoe when we were going down there. That's why I asked you to accompany me. When I saw it was holly, I didn't bother to tell you."

"Why?" "Cause I've always wanted to kiss you, Ziva. I'm kind of in love with you. Scratch that. I love you."

"I love you too," Ziva whispered and pulled Tony to her. They kissed. This time without mistletoe. They then heard a gasp.

"I knew we should have gone for a different place," Tony told Ziva as they watched Abby's mouth drop open.

Good, bad? I had this idea ages ago, but it kept coming back and I needed to write it. I might write a New Year's story closer to the time.

Peace be with you xxx

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