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AN: Hello! So! I was just on Tumblr and suddenly saw a post with a wish about a drabble about the Klaine Roll. If you are a true CrissColfer fan you know immediately what I'm talking about.
But then I decided to just write it and see where it get me :) I will post a link with the tweets between them at the end!

Here you go :) Just a little one shot! Let me know what you think!

"Did you have a Klaine roll?" my new tweet said. I choked on my apple juice and tied to catch my breath. God, did he really had to remind me of that? Now, when I was sitting in the middle of a full subway? I couldn't help but to think back about the moment we invented the Klaine Roll.

"Alright guys! This is it! You're going to do it for the first time, clothes stay on. Just go with it! We won't use the sound, only the images! We'll see what we're going to use from it. Aaaand action!"

Chris and I were laying side to side on the bed of Blaine. It was a bit awkward to say the least when you had to do a scene like this and got no direction what so ever. We had to improvise it all. How can you make the scene look like we were actually going to have sex when we were still almost fully clothed and just laying there?

Well, here goes nothing, I thought and raised my hand to stroke Chris's face. His eyelids fluttered shut and his lips parted a bit.

"You look absolutely stunning," I whispered, my hot breath ghosting over his face.

It made Chris look up and he smiled softly.

"You're not too bad yourself either, you know?" Goosebumps arose over my shoulder and back, where Chris just lay his hand down.

His thumb was softly stroking my skin and the electric sparks flew through my upper arm. Leaning forwards I nuzzled him and smiled.

"You're adorable," I said and grinned.

"Darren?" Chris said and nudged me a bit with his knee.


"Just kiss me," he said and smirked.

The bastard shouldn't look so damn sexy when he was lying next to me and we were supposed to have teensex that was suitable for minors. He shouldn't. But he did, so I just went with it and dragged my upper body across his to get better access to his mouth.

His lips immediately parted for me and my tongue found his in no time. God, why did it never felt this good with a woman? And I was actually quite sure that it would never feel this good with any other men too. It was just Chris's tongue. It probably was sinful what that tongue could do to a guy like me. A soft moan sounded in the air and I wasn't even sure if it was me or Chris. When we were totally going up in this scene, I couldn't help but think that it was no wonder that everyone thought we two were together sometimes. We weren't. But other actors probably were stagekissing at times like these. And they were probably not enjoying it as much as we did.

A warm hand slid underneath my shirt and lightly scratched my lower back. This time the moan was certainly from me. I just wished it wasn't so hard, that the produces heard it too. Wishful thinking, probably.

Suddenly Chris flipped me over and was on top of me, still kissing me, breathing hard through his nose. Right. Air! I pulled my head back and tried to get some fresh air in me. With Chris his face so close to me I could clearly see his eyes, shimmering like a beautiful star night. He was like magic sometimes. Said eyes were trying to tell me something.

Are you really going to let me win this easy?

With that look I tried to flip him over and before we know it, we were rolling around in the bed, struggling for dominance. A very tiny part of my brain was still wondering why no one said 'Cut' yet, but God, I didn't want it to stop either. While the struggle was continuing, we both did our bests to still look like it was an act of two lovers; stealing kisses, sucking each others neck, collarbone, any part of which my mouth or his mouth could find. I probably would have hickeys tomorrow. But frankly, I didn't care.

Out of the blue we both were stopped. And not by a director's yell. No. We were both stuck in the blankets. We struggled so hard, we were now pressed against each other in the wrapped blanket like a freaking sushi roll. I couldn't help but laugh at it, laying my head in the crook of Chris's neck. Chris started to laugh with me.

"Oh my God!" He breathed.

"I know! We are like a fucking sushi roll!" I laughed harder then before. Chris joined me.

"Oh! You know what that would make us right? A Klaine Roll!" he said and I felt his chest rambling with laughter.

"I would totally have that," I said and bit at the skin that was underneath my mouth.

And with that the humor was gone and Chris gasped for air again.

"Do that again," he said breathless and tilted his head a bit to the right so I had more space to go my way. I complied and sucked it afterwards, running my tongue over his flushed skin.

"I think," Chris said softly. "That we're enjoying this a bit too much…"

And with that I suddenly felt everything. The way our bodies were pressed together. There was literally no space between us. The way my hands were practically digging into his sides. The way our chest were both heaving with excitement. The way our crotches were pressed against each other and that made me feel different parts too. Who was I kidding? Chris must have felt my reaction too. We were enjoying it. But was it too much? I pulled my head back and looked at Chris.

"I don't mind," I said and kissed him softly on the lips. I felt his lips moving to a smile underneath my lips.

"Me neither."

— —

God. That bastard. I opened my inbox and started a new text message towards Chris.

Care to have on now?

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