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Within one minute I had a text back.

I don't know. I'm pretty busy now.

Furrowing my eyebrows I stared down at my phone. Was that a rejection or a joke? If I had seen Chris, I would have known by the way his eyes looked and his lips. But now I couldn't know for sure.

With what? Because I am in a freaking subway, hard, because you tweeted that damn tweet!

I immediately felt regret for sending it. If Chris was rejecting me, this wasn't exactly a bright response. But I really thought we had accomplished something there that night. And the night after. And two nights after that.

Well I'm freaking hard in my own bedroom feeling very busy. So if you don't mind… ;)

My hands started to sweat and my pants were getting ever tighter. Swallowing thickly I tried to give a response, which was a bit hard with shaking fingers.

Do you want me to come?

Fifteen seconds, not that I counted.

Right now I just want to come

A moan, disguised in a fake cough sounded through the subway. And old lady glanced at me with a worried gaze.

I'm ten minutes away from your house

Walk faster then, because I need you Darren. God

I almost jumped out of my seat, wincing slightly of the sudden rush of fabric against my oversensitive dick right now. I had to go out and go to Chris. Nothing else really mattered right now. Stumbling through the check out doors, I decided I could run the last yards towards Chris his house. It actually was a miracle no car, bike, bus, old lady or pram hit me on my way, because I really didn't look where I was going.

My fingers reached the doorbell shaking like a maniac. I was trying to catch my breath from all the running, but the nervous excitement –nevermind the arousal- that was flooding through my body, didn't really help with that.

I received another text message.

Door is open. Just come and get me Criss.

My jaw went slack cause of his words. I knew Chris was a tease sometimes. But this? We never went this far, but god did I love it. Pushing against the door with hesitant hands, I noticed it was indeed open. This was it. Within one minute I would see Chris. Within two minutes I would kiss Chris. Within many more minutes I would make him come. Possibly more than one time too. I skipped the stairs, taking two steps at a time.

When I came in the hallway that led to his bedroom I could already hear moans coming my way. God, he was really jerking himself off then? Some part of me did think he was joking. My fingers reached the door as I slowly pushed it open to reveal my price.

My mouth watered at the sight that was in front of me. There in the middle of Chris his kingsize bed was Chris laying stark naked with his eyes shut in ecstasy and his legs bent up, fist around his cock jerking fast.

"Fuck Chris," I said and tossed of my shirt.

His eyes shut open at that and I was blown away by the lust I saw in his eyes.

"Stop that." I said and looked at him with such wanthe actually did stop. His hand falling useless to the side.

"That's a good boy. Now wait till I got my clothes off," I said, feeling even more aroused with the sudden turn of playing the dominant one while Chris was admittedly playing the sub well.

"Let me do it, please" Chris asked and shuffled to the side of the bed, looking up at me through his eyelashes with blazing eyes.

His fingers were trembling a bit when they went to took of my jeans. He swiftly pulled my trousers and boxer down in one motion. I gasped off the sudden air that hit my cock right away.

"So beautiful," Chris murmured, eyes fixated on my aching cock.

I put my hands in his hair and tugged softly. Chris whined low in his throat and grabbed my hips. Before I knew it Chris was circling his tongue around the base of my cock, making me buck up in his mouth. He didn't even pulled back, he just nudged forward and moaned around my dick, while his tongue was circling around it.

"Fuck Chris, you-fuck-you've gotta… Chris!" I tried to say between my moans and gasps for air. He had to stop! I would come way too soon!

Chris just started to suck harder and moved one hand further down my ass, tracing my entrance with his finger. This made my hips jerk even harder in his throat and then Chris swallowed around me.

"Fuck you feel so good baby," I said with a raspy voice, trying to struggle for breath. But who needs oxygen when you've got a mouth as wicked this around your cock?

Chris softly hummed with appreciation and let his other hand travel down towards my balls, massaging them softly. Every nerve off my body was on fire. There was a familiar tingling in my stomach.

"Chris! God-You're so good! I'm gonna- Chris!" I groaned while feeling my legs turned to jelly.

With that Chris pushed the finger that was just circling my entrance the whole time in me in one go. I cried out and bucked my hips forward in to his mouth, before I felt him swallowing everything.

Chris softly pulled away and lay down on the bed, leaning on his elbows. He really shouldn't look so smug and hot and sexy and guh.

"You're gonna be the death of me Colfer," I said and bend over him, straddling his still hard cock.

Chris just huffed and circled his arms around me.

"Not before you did me I may hope? Because that would be such a disappointment…" he said and licked his lips while looking at my body with a wanting gaze.

I shook my head.

"Never gonna eat sushi again," I said before I attacked him with my mouth, fingers gripping his waist.

Not if I could have him instead.

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