Me: Mer this had to be done!

Rain: What did?

Me: A Scandinavia and the World apocalypse fic.

Rain: Oh….. But why?

Me: Cause it makes for some pretty epic story telling.

Rain: I guess that makes sense.

Me: Now my little creation, please, do the disclaimer.

Rain: HedgieXCat Luver does not own Scandinavia and the World or any of its characters. All she does own is the plot.

It was a quiet morning at the Nordic meetinghouse. Well, quiet for the Nordics.

"Denmark, I thought I told you to refrain yourself from getting drunk last night," Sweden scolded the groaning country, "We have a lot of things to discuss today and I need you at the top of your game."

The drunken man groaned again and lazily attempted to wave the swede away and only managed to lightly slap Norway. Said country chuckled and gently ran his hand through his smaller companion's hair.

Finland sat across the table, glaring at the three of them while he stabbed his piece of toast. He looked at the Swedish newspaper Sweden had laid down when he went to make breakfast, and grunted because he could read it.

Iceland came walking in, a towel around his neck, and sparkling like a diamond in the sunlight. A grin rested on his face as he whipped his shower-wet hair out of his face.

Just a quiet morning at the Nordic meeting house. Just a quiet day on the planet Earth.

At least, that's what they thought it would be.

Me: Yesh, this shall be beautiful.

Rain: It's a little short isn't it?

Me: Yeah, but it's just a prologue, so its okay.