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i'll be gone when the morning comes,
let's not pretend it's love
-Ke$ha, C U Next Tuesday

It's not love.


She's been eyeing her all night as she makes her way around the room, flirting with all non-family members, female and male. It drives Roxanne wild, but she sits there with her teeth clinched tightly and just watches.

Victoire knows she's being watched, and that fuels her. She thrusts her chest out into people's faces, makes suggestive comments, and is overly touchy-feely. She wants her to want her. She wants to drive her mad.

Glancing back at the dark haired girl, she grins when she realizes it's working.


Roxanne downs a bottle of fire whiskey in an hour and stays seated on the bar stool, watching Victoire flirt with James, James! Of all people. She's kind of drunk and knows if she tries to do anything about Victoire and her apparently sultry ways, she'll just end up making a fool of herself.

When Victoire leans over and whispers in James' ear, she gives Roxanne a slow wink and it's all Roxanne can do not to run over there and bitch slap the girl, before pulling her into a long, heated snog.

Roxanne loses herself in a fantasy of that happening, and without realizing it, five minutes later, the said girl is right in front of her.

"Roxanne," she purrs, her lips painted a dark red that goes perfectly with her ash blonde hair and tiny black dress.

"Victoire," Roxanne says, in the same tone. Two can play at this game.

She offers her a flirty smile and leans closer, as if she's going to whisper in her ear, but Roxanne pushes her back.

"You've been working this room since six o'clock this evening. It's eleven now, and I know your game, Vic." She says, scowling at the other girl. She wants her though, she wants her so fucking bad it physically hurts. She's never felt this kind of lust for anyone before in her life and she's convinced it's probably the cousin aspect - the taboo of it all. But it's not just that - Roxanne is a lesbian and Victoire is pretty damn hot.

Victoire offers her a smirk. She lets her thin hand tangle up in Roxanne's wild curls and grins. "But, honey, don't you know?" She leans closer, her painted lips brushing slowly against Roxanne's ear. "You're the main event."

And that's all it takes for Roxanne to lose control.

"Let's get out of here. This Christmas Party is lame anyway." Roxanne says, trying not to be as urgent as she really is.


When Roxanne wakes up, Victoire is gone, and she's not surprised.


For Victoire is was the need to control someone. For Roxanne, it felt good being out of control for once. But it wasn't love.

It was never love.

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