Santana and Brittany walked up the path towards Santana's house. To stay on the narrow path they pretty much were walking on top of each other, but Santana didn't mind this at all, actually she preferred it. They weren't speaking but she could hear Brittany lowly humming one of the songs from the movie they had just seen and could feel Brittany's fingers tapping her hand rhythmically as they walked.

"Hey." Brittany released Santana's hand and danced up the steps and onto the porch. "Maybe after Graduation I can try out to be one of those penguins?"

Santana couldn't help but let out a chuckle. She followed Brittany up the steps. "Brit, I don't think-." Santana started.

"They aren't making a Happy Feet 3?" Brittany cut her off. "Why wouldn't they make a Happy Feet 3?" Brittany's voice sounded frantic.

Santana grabbed her hands and gave her a reassuring smile. "I'm sure they're going to make a Happy Feet 3."

Brittany returned the smile. "Great! Then you can come too, we can both be penguins!"

Santana laughed. "You...are...adorable."

She griped her hands tighter around Brittany's and leaned in closer, Brittany leaned in too. Their lips almost touching.

The sound of someone loudly and intentionally clearing their throat echoed around them. It was so loud and so disruptive of this quiet intimate moment that it caused both Santana and Brittany to jump back. The pair looked towards the sidewalk and the source of the sound.

Santana's heart jumped into the back of her throat.

"Abuela." She called

Santana hadn't spoken to her Abuela since she had been kicked out of her house a couple of weeks ago. Her Abuela walked up the narrow path without even looking at Santana, her eyes, instead heavily trained on the front door. Her path was set on walking right through the girls. Santana and Brittany dropped hands and separated to make space.

Her Abuela rang the doorbell and waited silently.

Santana swallowed hard trying to quench the burning sensation that was tickling the back of her throat. She stared at the ground at Brittany's feet. Brittany was shifting her weight uncomfortably.

It seemed like 20 minutes before Santana's mother finally answered the door. Santana finally looked up.

"Mami." She called affectionately. She wrapped her arms around her mother in a long hug. She looked up and saw Santana and Brittany standing on the porch. She was smiled at the two of them.

"Oh I didn't know you two were back." Her Abuela stood aside so Santana's mother could speak to them directly. Santana and her mother met eyes and her mother's smile faded, she glanced over at Brittany and studied her for a moment before looking back at her daughter.

"Santana, What-." Her mother started.

"De Noche, los gatos son pardos." Her Abuela interrupted.

Santana's mother turned. "Mami?"

"You allow your daughter to make such a spectacle on your front porch?" Her Abuela's voice was dark and angry. "What the neighbors must think."

Santana let her gaze fall again. Focusing harder then ever on Brittany's shoes. Don't look up. Don't look up. She repeated to herself. Santana blinked and felt a lone tear drop down her cheek.

She saw Brittany's weight shift uncomfortably again. She knew Brittany has seen and that she was fighting the urge to comfort Santana, knowing that could only make things worse. Brittany only took several more moments to decide, as Santana watched her foot take a step towards her.

"Santana, you should probably get inside." Santana's mom called out. Santana looked up to see her mother studying the pair. Her Abuela was watching too but as soon as she was in danger of making eye contact with Santana she looked away.

"It was good seeing you again, Brittany." Santana's mom followed.

Brittany took a step down the porch and hesitated as she looked back at Santana. Santana looked up at her and tried to give her a reassuring smile. It was fake and forced and it was obvious, but Brittany gave a half-smile back anyway.

"Santana." Santana's mom gestured towards the door. Santana and Brittany both turned and walked away from each other.

"Mami, I would like to speak to you inside." Her mother said one Santana was inside the house. "Santana why don't you go up to your room?"

Santana took several steps up the stairs while her mother and Abuela disappeared around the corner and into the kitchen.

Santana almost reached the top of the steps but paused when she heard the tone of her mother's voice.

"What was she doing that was so wrong?" Her mother said.

"Kissing that girl, here?" Her Abuela countered.

"You didn't seem so upset when you caught her kissing that boy with the Mohawk." Her mother said.

"Es normal. That is what normal teenage girls are supposed to do." Her abuela said.

Santana swallowed hard. Her knees felt weak under her body. She lowered herself to a seat on the step.

"This is who she is." Santana could barely make out her mother's voice, she wasn't yelling anymore but it still had a touch of sharpness to it.

"No, it isn't. You raised her better." Her Abuela's voice was lowering now too. "I raised you better."

"Get out." Her mothers voice was wavering.

Santana felt another tear roll down her cheek.

"If you can't accept -"Her mother's voice was weak and cracking but she took a moment to regain her compose and the second time her voice was firm and strong. "If you can't accept my daughter for who she is, then you aren't welcome in this house anymore."

"I am your mother." Her Abuela said.

"And she is my daughter." Her mother responded. "You are forcing me to choose."

There was silence for a few moments before Santana heard her Abuela's steps but didn't have time to get up and race to her room. She was half standing when her Abuela reached the door, turned and looked up at her. She didn't say a word as she opened the door, turned away and walked out of the house.