Title: Hope and Fairytales
Disclaimer: The show or characters ain't mine, ok?
Characters: Sun, OFC, Jin, Sun/Jin
Genre: general
WordCount: 476
Summary: Around early Season 2, Sun reflects on her life and relationship with her husband with those of the fairytales she grew up with.

When Sun had begun taking lessons in English, one of the first things her instructor gave her to translate were fairytales.

Hitherto, Sun had always believed the harmless fairytales read to her were of love and glory and of struggle but happily ever afters. And so, to her dismay, she had been shocked and appalled to find that these were not the standard fairytales she was accustomed to. Unceasing heartache, betrayal, and agony traced its way along the edges of these fairytales. Blood and tears; never embraces and smiles.

One day, as her instructor checked over her work, Sun could not help but ask, "Why are these fairytales so saddening? They are surely nothing like the ones my mother read me when I was a little girl."

Setting her pen down, the teacher solemnly looked over to Sun's inquisitive face and responded, "Naïve girl, do you not know that life is not filled with roses and sunshine? Those fairytales are merely constructed stories to appease a whining child's whims. Nothing more."

Of course Sun had known that life was not as blissful as those in her beloved childhood stories. She was taking these lessons in order to abandon her husband and flee to America! Sun knew too well the misfortunes life hurled one's way.

But at the sight of the white flower held highly in Jin's hand as he waited on line gave Sun a sense of hope. What if those happily ever afters truly did exist? Perhaps they were subdued and occurred haphazardly, but one must be there for somewhere her and her husband.

And when Sun and Jin waited patiently for Flight 815, Sun knew this was their happily ever after. Just like in her childhood fairytales, the handsome prince would save her from the evil king and together they would retreat to a foreign, exotic land and live in tranquility.

It was especially unfortunate, then, that their voyage did not land them in the foreign, exotic land they were expecting. The island only amplified Sun's worries. She and Jin had a falling out, one she had hoped she could avoid. She had hated herself for what she had intended to do to Jin – to suddenly leave him heartbroken. Yet, the stories her mother read her once reiterated themselves in her head and urged her to try and reconcile.

A book of translations: one gesture of kindness. A lasting embrace: one understanding of forgiveness. A single final longing kiss before he left for the raft: one symbol of hope for the future.

Now as Sun searches frantically for her lost ring, she remembers Jin … her happy endings … her childhood fairytales of princes and princesses …

And in that beautiful moment where Sun actually finds her wedding ring, all she can remember is hope. And that is enough for her to carry on...

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