**MUST be 18-years-old to read** Contains strong language, sexual fantasies, sexual content.


"Next time, let's do it without the tiger."

Rick Castle's mind was whirling. Wait... Did he just hear that come from Beckett's mouth? Her beautiful, sultry mouth that he couldn't get out of his mind?

Wait... Now what was that look? That 'come-hither' look she just threw over her shoulder at him as she was walking out in the hallway. He MUST be dreaming. He shook his head slightly to blow away the fog. He'd had a similar dream of her just the other night where she had sent him that saucy, 'I want you now' look, and hooked her finger around his belt buckle & slowly but surely pulled him into the interrogation room...His dreams of her were definitely more vivid now after three and a half years of being her partner...

Surely his Detective wouldn't have said, "Next time, let's do it without the tiger."

'Next time?' He swallowed.

As he watched her confidant stride, he was dumbfounded. His mouth hung slightly open & then his lips smirked.

'Move your feet Rick...' his inner dialogue called to him, 'Go after her. Don't let her get on the elevator without you.' He snapped out of his reverie, quickly moving towards the elevator.

"Kate," he called, "Wait up!"

But she didn't even turn around.

'Oh God, this woman is going to be the death of me,' he thought.

He watched hypnotically as the elevator doors shut & whisked Kate down to the first floor. He decided that this time, he was going to take a chance...This time he was going to chase her; this time he was going to incite an emotional response from her; this time she wasn't going home without them finishing their teasing conversation...He was NOT about to go through another sleepless night fantasizing over her beautiful body. Enough was Enough.

He was a man of action. He was Rick, damn it, Castle. He was playboy extraordinaire & could have his pick of any woman in NYC if he put his mind to it… but his mind & body only craved one certain detective with brilliant green eyes & a smile to die for…

He had admitted to himself long ago that his heart was stolen by Kate from the moment she whispered sexily into his ear, "You have no idea," right after their first case together. His heart was stolen by Ms High-strung, determined, controlling, Detective Beckett who loved to tease him, who loved to see him squirm, who loved to make sure he knew SHE was in charge.

Now if he could just get her to focus that determination & control on him in the bedroom...or in the back of her patrol car...or during one of her yoga sessions...OH, the yoga session, one of his favorite fantasies with Kate in her black, tight work-out top, curls cascading down to her shoulders in a high-swept ponytail, the sweat drops lingering on her chest where they glistened & highlighted her perfect, perky breasts…her legs that seemed to go on for miles & ended at the glorious mountain-top of her toned ass…

"Geez, Rick, this isn't helping!" he growled as he felt the blood go south.

She made him feel like an overexcited puppy who hung on her every word, who protected her at every turn, who wanted to be stroked, petted, & played with. (He definitely wanted to be played with… stroked by her, wanted to feel her pet his muscles, and he certainly wanted to do some licking ...)

'Oh damn it, I've lost it,' he thought as he ran down the 6 flights of stairs to the Precinct door determined that tonight she was NOT getting away from him.

He barely caught a glimpse of her black leather jacket as she went around the corner of the precinct door & his heart sank.

'What was I thinking?'


'What was I thinking?' Kate thought to herself. 'What did I just do?'

Maybe being near deaths door & almost becoming tiger kibble had softened her a bit. She knew what she said to Castle would send him over the edge. . . would give him ideas that she really didn't want him to know were in her head. . . but she couldn't help herself. He just looked so adorable trying to weasel out of the words, "If I ever have to be hitched to someone, it would be you." His eyes had that haunted look of a 'deer-caught-in-the-headlights' as he hurriedly tried to explain in that deep voice of his, "No, I didn't say hitched. I said cuffed, not hitched, handcuffed...the coloquial or any other connotation or meaning," those cerulean eyes of his looking straight into hers, dancing with a hint of embarrassment. His eyes were always so expressive.

She couldn't help but smile to herself as she involuntarily said, "For what it's worth Castle, if I had to spend another night handcuffed with anyone, I wouldn't mind if it was you either...Next time, let's do it without the tiger."

She had immediately spun on her heel & sent him that look over her shoulder that she reserved for a secret lover...that half-seductive smile that said, "I KNOW there will be a next time."

She knew that she & Castle were inevitable. She had known it ever since the undercover kiss in the alley that had completely blown her away. She wasn't expecting her response to him... The kiss was so unexpected, so thrilling, so bad-boy Castle, that she couldn't help the slight moan that escaped her throat or her eagerness to join in as she nipped at his full, enticing lower lip…

Oh my God, she couldn't get that kiss out of her mind, even after almost a year later. Just thinking about that kiss got her all hot & bothered...Plus, she really did wonder if all the play-boy hype she'd read about him over the years was accurate concerning Castle's well - prowess. 'Was he as well-endowed as Lanie believed him to be?'

'Oh God,' she flushed, 'these thoughts aren't helping'… Kate Beckett knew the question wasn't, "If' she and Castle would be getting together...It was always, "When would it happen?" And she knew she was the one that held the answer to that question.

Of course, she heard him call out & ask her to wait, but with her thoughts running wild & feeling disheveled over their, "Of course, You're the only person I'd ever want to be hitched to" conversation…or something like that…she wisely decided to ignore him.

But in her heart, Kate Beckett, knew that she was just too chicken-shit to explore her inner tiger with a certain author who already owned her heart…He just didn't know it yet.