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Rick and Kate were spooning. They were tucked underneath her bed covers, a slight sheen of sweat, still covering both of their bodies. She felt absolutely wonderful with her nude ass tucked into his groin.

"I want to tell you something, Writer-Man, but I'm afraid to inflate your already over-sized ego," she elbowed his chest lightly.

"My ego? Where you are concerned it needs some inflating," he said while lifting up the hair off the back of her neck and kissing her there languidly.

She chuckled. "I owe Lanie quite a bit of money now… and since you're at the heart of the bet, I figure you should know about it." He could hear the teasing-tone in her voice.

"Mmmm," he replied intrigued…"let me guess, – betting on my ruggedly-handsome body - on my agility, prowess or stamina?"

Kate nibbled her lip and grinned, turning towards him, "Umm, no." He tucked her under the crook of his arm. She took her finger and lightly circled it in his chest hair.

"It has to be then that I've got Jameson Rook's ass, right? Or I've got Jameson's skill?" When she raised an eyebrow, he immediately followed with, "Now, If I was a controlling, high-powered, career-driven woman, making a bet…"

"Controlling, Castle?" Kate interrupted him, "Are you really going there?" She shot daggers through her eyes… 'I'll freaking show him controlling…but wait, he'd enjoy it too much so it wouldn't be a punishment.' She sighed.

"Oh, but Detective, your controlling nature is something I truly find sexy about you." He lightly kissed her nose, confirming her previous thoughts, damn it. "And that controlling adjective was mostly to describe Lanie…Don't you remember us interrupting Esplanie's argument at that seedy motel? Lanie definitely has some control issues." He grinned.

"Nice save," she breathed under her breath.

"Yeah, yeah," Kate muttered, "so I guess you saying that Lanie and I are a bit controlling is not necessarily an untrue statement." If it was possible, his grin widened. 'Jeez, I hate that I adore a smug Castle.'

"Now hush, while I think…" He put his finger over her lips. She went to bite it but he successfully pulled it away. "If I was a type-A personality, female public-servant, what would my bet be where a famous, womanizing author is concerned?'

She slugged him playfully, 'He is so damn cute when he scrunches up his forehead like that when something perplexes him.'

"How metro-sexual of you, Castle, to be thinking like a woman," she said half-jokingly.

"I am sooo going to make you pay for that comment, L-A-T-E-R," he spelled out for her.

"Got it!" His face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. "The bet is, 'Does Richard Castle wear boxers, briefs or is it the favorite choice from his groupie female fans, goes commando?"

His face fell when Kate shook her head 'no', her eyes twinkling.

"Alright, go ahead, tell me about the bet. I'm through guessing." His bottom lip dropped slightly into a pout.

She threw her left leg over his to snuggle closer before speaking, enjoying rubbing his torso.

"Well, I'll give you a hint, … Lanie bet that you'd be a 'talker' in bed, … which by the way I completely agreed with."

"Who me, a 'talker'?" He grinned coyly.

"Yes, you, Mr Castle, cunning word-smith and renowned author." She ran her fingers along his ribs. "You love to spin your wild theories during our cases and love pushing my buttons. You don't know how to filter your responses and rarely shut your mouth when the situation warrants it."

"I object," he whined, "not about loving to push your buttons as that is certainly the highlight of my day." Kate swatted him. "I do object though about the insinuation that I don't have control of my mouth." He looked at her greedily.

"No insinuation about it. You …"

"Oh, I'm going to have fun proving you wrong," he interrupted."When I put my mind to it and the need arises, I can definitely close my mouth…" his voice tapered off, "And close it on the most delectable places…Would you like me to demonstrate that talent again?" he asked suggestively.

"You certainly need a lesson or two in -" she paused momentarily, knowing he was hoping she'd say something totally inappropriate, "tactfulness." She grinned from ear-to-ear, as his face fell.

'Oh, how she loves tormenting me,' Castle thought.

"I could gladly teach you a thing or two about that," she said authoritatively.

"You can teach me anything you want, anytime you want, Kate," he drawled, "as long as it's combined with an activity where I get to say 'apples'."

"Uggh, you're incorrigible!"

His delighted laughter filled her bedroom. He snuggled in closer to her as he gathered her into his body, caressing her hip.

"Now back to inflating my ego…Why do you owe Lanie money?"

"I'm tempted to leave you in the dark now. It would serve you right for being such a wise-ass."

The lost, puppy-dog expression was back on his face. "What if I promise to be a good boy, … a really, really good boy. Would you tell me then?"

His hands were roaming skillfully, and Kate's body was eagerly starting to respond again.

She grinned at his pleading, "But Rick," she said demurely, "what if I want you to be a naughty, dirty boy?"

He choked, his mouth dropped, his heart galloped. 'Did Kate Beckett just say she wanted me to be a naughty boy?' The woman, after all these years, could still astound him with her verbal repartee.

"I'm going to have to keep a journal now … Fantasy #36, just fulfilled, with KB telling me she wants me to be a dirty boy. ..that can definitely be arranged you know." He sent her a devilish smirk, eyebrows waggling.

"And how many fantasies, pray-tell, do you have in that infuriating, infatuating mind of yours?" she asked innocently.

"At last count, one-hundred and three," he said hurriedly as if it was something he thought about on a daily basis… "but I'm positive, Kate, that if you'll let me explore your inner tiger, that that number would multiply exponentially," his voice trailed off seductively.

"My inner tiger, huh? Oh, I don't know about that, Rick - kky," she purposefully drew out his name. "I think I'm more of a Siamese cat… a rare, loyal breed, and much more suited to play with you, KITTEN."

His eyes widened as she suddenly moved to straddle him.

"I thought we'd already agreed…You are never, ever, to call me Kitten," he croaked as she moved her hips erotically. His body responded at full mast within a couple of seconds.

She winked, "I'll call you whatever I want … You better get used to that and quick," she said in a slow, sultry tone.

Rick groaned as he knew he'd let her get away with that one. Who could argue with a hot, naked, Katherine Beckett?

"We, of course, would have to do some further research on the matter of your fantasies multiplying exponentially…How about we test that first guess of yours where Lanie's and my bet is concerned?…I believe it had something to do with your ruggedly-handsome body having the stamina to keep up with me?" She ground down on him again, torturing him.

Castle's eyes widened even further, and he gulped. He nodded enthusiastically.

"God, you're sooo easy Castle," were the last words Kate uttered before she shoved her tongue down his throat.


Kate Beckett was many things…a hard-nosed detective, a bad-ass cop, the consummate professional, a respected boss, a partner you could always count on to have your back, an empathetic woman who could relate to other victims, a daughter who had saved her father from alcoholism, but for Rick Castle, his favorite Kate Beckett was the self-assured, alluring, confidant woman before him now. The woman who let him worship her, treasure her, bring her to the edge of ecstasy and then object as he gently backed away, teasing her so thoroughly that she'd begged him for completion. . . and a begging Kate Beckett was a dream-come-true.

"Well, that's never happened to me before," she stated, blushing, as they faced each other, lying on their sides. "Three orgasms in less than an hour…That's a new record for me."

'Jesus, what this man does to me… He can turn me into a quivering bowl of jello. I'm done forLanie is going to have a major celebration when she finds out about this.' Kate smiled to herself.

Rick felt honored; it was the ultimate compliment for any man. "Well obviously, all you needed, was a certain author who understands how to map out your body, understands how to thoroughly study your topography, explore the unknown planes and angles, who knows how to read you like a book and turn the pages perfectly," he teased, and then paused, not quite sure how to proceed with his new train of thought…

"I don't know if this is the right time or not, Kate," he said hesitantly, in a serious tone, "but I need to tell you what I'm feeling, what's in my heart…I don't need you to respond. Just hear me out okay?"

"Okay," she whispered, as she gazed into his sky-blue eyes, thrilled and afraid at the same time to hear what he had to say.

'Shit,' Rick thought, 'What have I started here? She's going to break my heart.' He took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his already disheveled hair.

"You're not a one-night stand for me. You're not just another notch on my bedpost." He lightly grazed his lips across hers. "I've never felt this way about any other woman…Not Gina, Meredith or even Kira. I haven't been with another woman since I got back from the Hamptons with Gina…I've been waiting for you, Kate."

Kate was astonished to hear as much, even though she suspected that might be the case. She took her thumb and traced his thick eyebrow, looking adoringly into his expressive eyes.

"I think only of you. I dream only of you. You consume my thoughts, KB," he continued, as he brushed a tendril of hair back from her cheekbone. "You're the only woman I ever want to be intimate with again. What I feel for you goes beyond love. I don't even know that there's a word created yet that describes the way I feel…" He hesitated for a brief moment and said awkwardly, "God, I'm acting like a romantic fool," obviously unsure of himself. He looked away from her mesmerizing green eyes.

"No, NO, Rick. You're not." She placed her finger over his lips. She was touched by his insecurity and even more blown away by the sincerity of his words. Her heart soared. "Now, it's my turn…"

'I can't let him think for another moment that I don't return his feelings…this man who would sacrifice anything for me, including his own life to save me…What did I do to deserve such devotion?'

"I know what you're trying to say, Rick…and, and I feel the same." She said from the bottom of her heart. She took his hand in both of hers and brought it to her lips. "You finagled your way into my life with your arrogance, brashness and little-boy antics. You brought fun and laughter to my job, where before, it seemed that I was just slipping down the rabbit hole. You make the work day bearable." She started kissing each individual knuckle on his hand. "I couldn't ask for a better partner. I don't want anyone else to be my partner…at work or in my personal life. You're it for me, Rick. You're my one and done."

Rick leaned into Kate's ear and whispered seductively, "You've just made me the happiest man on earth." He drew out his tongue and licked the outer lobe, his hot breath sending shivers down her spine. "How about we try for another record, Detective?"

"God Rick, you're insatiable," she smiled. "It's going to be difficult for me to walk tomorrow."

He grinned wolfishly. "Now we can't have that can we? I'll just have to curb my appetite and concentrate solely on you." He kneeled between Kate's legs and put both his hands to the sides of her waist. He bent over and lasciviously licked her from her belly button down to the tip of her black, pubic hair. 'Christ, she even smells like cherries down here too.' He thought briefly, stirring the flames of his own desire even further.

Kate moaned as his masterful tongue found her clit. 'I should have bet on his stamina,' she thought wickedly. 'I had NO idea.'


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