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Chapter 3: Mastery

Itachi ducked under yet another swipe as his eyes recorded the movements of his opponent. The man's sword techniques weren't too remarkable but his form was perfect and he was indeed very skilled.

Additionally though he was also very fast and physically powerful and it took all of Itachi's concentration to keep up and stay a step ahead.

"To think," the man muttered, pausing in his swift dual strikes. "A master at your age…"

Itachi ignored the man and took the reprieve to create some distance between them. It would take some quick planning and clever strategy to defeat his current opponent.

"Tell me," the man started as he readied his body to attack again. "Who trained you?"

Itachi's body tensed in preparation. "That is of no concern to you."

His dark skinned opponent smirked and launched himself at Itachi again, continuing the fight with even greater intensity.


Mikumo watched from nearly a kilometer away as her student fought on equal ground with a master; a low-grade, fairly unremarkable master, but a master nonetheless. It was even more impressive because the master in question used weapons, and while Itachi was extensively trained to defend against them, it was generally more difficult to fight someone with weapons as opposed to someone barehanded.

Mikumo still couldn't quite believe it though. Her student—the boy she had put more than eight years of work into, the boy who had exceeded any and all expectations, the extraordinary, prodigious child she thought of like a son—was already at a master's level, or at least it seemed that way.

He hadn't mastered the Kushinada style yet, but his abilities in combat were obvious and his unique familiarity with his KI was indeed something to see. If nothing else, the fight she was witnessing at the very moment was proof enough that Itachi had fallen into the league of masters.

She felt equal parts extremely proud and angry. Proud, because she could now say with confidence that her first disciple was her greatest success in life; because, in the end, very few (if any at all) could say that any of their students had reached this high a level in only eight years of training.

Angry, because she hadn't noticed it until now, and because if her student wasn't at that level, it was very likely that he would have died when the sword master attacked him initially.

Of course she knew that Itachi was extremely skilled, but she hadn't thought he would be able to fight evenly with another master. Had her judgment really been so poor?

Now that she thought back, her occasional spars with Itachi had been getting progressively more difficult to get the better of, even though they both didn't truly give it their all. Even among masters, Mikumo knew she was one of the very best. Her prowess in the martial arts was such that even the strongest were wary in her presence.

Perhaps because of her own skill, she hadn't quite accounted for Itachi's growth. She had been trying to simply raise him to her level without really considering what level he was on at present. This fight certainly opened her eyes though, and she would make sure to watch more closely from now on.

As it was though, she would have to get in touch with her informants and figure out who it was that had lacked mentioning the hire and arrival of a weapons master. If their reasons weren't adequate, she had no qualms about killing them immediately. Their incompetence could have potentially cost her Itachi's life, and that was simply unacceptable.


Itachi would have been somewhat amused if he wasn't currently fighting for his life against a weapons master. The man was starting to become visibly frustrated at his inability to land a single hit with either of his dual-swords.

While the man thought that Itachi was the superior in speed for that reason, he was mistaken. Itachi knew his body had not yet reached the pivotal stage in which true mastery of self was earned. The fact was, his body was not yet even fully developed and a few more years were still necessary for the drastic physiological-chemical changes induced by the special training he went through to come into full effect.

This was true for every extremely skilled martial artist. Every master's body was significantly different from the average human's. This was due to the continuous use of KI throughout the body and the extreme training every master goes through to reach their full physical potential.

Itachi was most certainly ahead of his peers in this respect—and rightly so—but his body had not yet gone through those changes completely, and he knew this for a fact. What kept him ahead of the weapons master now was not an advantage in speed, no, it was his eyes.

Rather, it was his select few unique ocular abilities that he retained from his past life. They weren't as potent as they had been from his past, obviously, but they were still there to an extent.

Activating his Sharingan had more or less been a feeling he had become almost unconsciously accustom to back in the Elemental Nations. Even in this new life, he could still acutely remember the feeling of activating his eyes, and he could still consciously control their abilities to a point like he could way back. It was almost like some kind of muscle memory, actually.

Thus, with a significant bit of concentration, he could almost completely mimic the most advanced form of the Sharingan's ability with slowed perception and extreme analytical supremacy. His ability to do this had gotten even better due to his training in the past years and he could now use his eyes as an asset without actually having anything particularly special about them.

It was for this reason that Itachi was able to avoid being cut limb from limb against his opponent who was clearly the superior physical fighter. The man was becoming agitated simply because Itachi's face showed no hint of concern or emotion while he dodged. In fact, he looked almost impossibly calm.

Itachi was actually forcing himself to remain completely focused on the swordsman though, and his calm mask was only in place because of his extreme concentration. Perhaps it was also because he was most comfortable with an entirely neutral expression as a result of the habits he had made in his past life, but it was mostly because he was so alert.

As Itachi finished analyzing the swordsman's movements completely, his plan of attack was quickly formulated. The man he was facing off against had a sword style reminiscent of an ancient Thai method he had once read about in his most recent travels to Southern Asia.

It was composed for the most part of quick, overwhelming slashes that incorporated random jabs at the expense of the user. It was made more dangerous by experts with the ability to trick their opponents with false and subtle movements that were more controlled and much more difficult to anticipate than any simple feint.

Fortunately, Itachi could see through the man's false movements with his eyes, which no doubt probably annoyed the master swordsman further. It would have been an impressive style to anyone without visual abilities such as his, but as it was, Itachi only saw the man's subtle feints as wasted movements—and thus a lucky advantage to him.

He was eventually able to read through the man's usual combination attacks and he had already accounted for seventeen different advanced feints that the swordsman was now starting to repeat and go through again.

He was soon much more comfortable fighting against the dark skinned swordsman, the man's techniques now all engrained in Itachi's mind. His strategy was quickly ready as soon as the swordsman came in for yet another series of jabs.

The swordsman's repeated jabs ended as he entered into the fourth feint. Itachi was ready, carefully moving his body in such a way that it mirrored the forward movements of the dark-skinned man's feint. He eventually slipped through the opening left in the man's guard as a result of it.

The swordsman had no time to react as Itachi went through an incredibly quick set of hand signs in the fraction of a second it took for the opening in his guard to show itself, three seals weaved in total, and thrust his smaller hand forward towards his opponent's forehead. His right hand still holding the partial tiger seal, Itachi's index and middle fingers came to rest on the swordsman's forehead for even less time, but it was more than enough.

Even as the dark skinned man immediately jumped away, throwing one last slash for good measure (though Itachi dodged), his body quickly started to seize up. He grunted as he looked up to glare heatedly at Itachi.

"Wha-what did you do t—"

His question halted as he immediately felt a searing pain all over and inside his body, as if he was on fire. He promptly fell to his knees as his body seized up further in a futile attempt to ward off the increasing levels of pain. He struggled not to scream.

"So it worked…" Itachi muttered quietly as he stared down indifferently at his foe. He mentally sighed, deciding the master swordsman probably deserved an explanation. "To put it simply, I manipulated my KI in such a way that as soon as I was able to touch you, it directly targeted and hyper-stimulated the areas in your brain responsible for interpreting pain. The brain is the "central hub," as it were. If one can influence the brain, they can affect the entire body."

"Y-you b-bastard kid…" the swordsman managed to voice before his body started to go through convulsions, his mind gradually starting to lose consciousness.

Itachi looked down at the man without remorse. He has a very high pain-threshold, he observed silently. Most people would be screaming themselves raw, and likely would have lost consciousness immediately. It was surprising that the swordsman could withstand so much pain and not be immediately incapacitated.

Still, Itachi thought, the "genjutsu" was successful. It was a touch-genjutsu, which wasn't actually a foreign concept back in the Elemental Nations, just not all too common. Some actually used them as a stepping stone to more complicated genjutsu, in fact.

In this world though, touch-genjutsu were about all Itachi could use, and even then, he could only use them when touching an enemy's head, otherwise the KI he inserted would dissipate as it moved throughout the body. Furthermore, he had to maintain contact to insure his KI moved in the correct pattern to correctly affect his opponents' brains.

The hand seals he'd performed just previously though insured the KI would assume the correct pattern in his adversary's brain even after losing contact, though it would dissipate soon. It was enough time, however, for the swordsman to lose consciousness. The KI in his brain eventually dissolved enough for the now unconscious man's body to go slack.

Itachi sighed softly as he finally relaxed his still tense muscles. He was glad his gambit had paid off. He'd only used touch-genjutsu with KI to cause loss of certain or multiple senses in former opponents. He'd only ever theorized using it as a means to cause extreme pain.

With chakra, it was much simpler. He would never have had to touch his opponent in the first place and on top of that, he could've manipulated the man's sense into believing whatever he'd wanted him to experience. Touch-genjutsu with KI on the other hand was significantly more crude.

It could, although, be more potentially devastating both physically and mentally. Chakra was much more smooth as it manipulated the brain. KI in contrast seemed to be more damaging, as Itachi had observed when he'd experimented on some of his opponents in the past. The swordsman, for example, would probably find it difficult to move even after all of Itachi's KI had been dispersed, and Itachi wasn't even certain of any possible long term consequences, if there were any.

Still, Itachi was satisfied his technique had worked as intended. He was eager to see if his newly developed techniques could be utilized further and the potential they had. He hadn't been lying earlier, after all. The brain was where everything truly took place, where reality was interpreted by the observer. If he could manipulate it to make someone lose sight or sound or feel pain, what else could he do? The possibilities were vast.


"What a dangerous technique…" Mikumo said to herself absently, still in slight shock from the abilities her disciple displayed.

She had read his lips as he explained what he'd done to the sword master. That technique he seemed to have developed and created on his own was actually somewhat frightening. To think he only needed to quickly touch his opponent after weaving those signs…

Even if he was limited to touching only the forehead, as it seemed, it was still an incredibly dangerous technique. If he honed his speed enough, he could probably take down most master class fighters without exerting much effort at all. Mikumo looked contemplatively at the writhing swordsman as he obviously struggled to stay cognizant. It reminded her of the memory suppressing technique she'd once seen Fuurinji Hayato use when she had been much younger, if not more advanced.

Itachi had certainly come far. She already knew his focusing hand signs were useful, but to actually use them in battle to such an effect…it was sobering, the kind of damage he could inflict. She was aware that the brain was the center of everything. If Itachi could make someone feel pain with but a single touch to the forehead, could he not also cause their brain to stop sending the signal to keep the heart beating? Or for the organs to stop functioning normally? Or even for them to stop breathing?

"What a fearsome skill indeed…" She muttered ominously.


Itachi sat in traditional seiza across from Mikumo as she not so subtly questioned him.

"In the past I assumed you simply had superb reflexes and a natural aptitude towards high speed movement, but lately I've started to doubt that," she started, sipping her tea serenely.

Itachi's expression remained calm and impassive, something Mikumo always approved of in any situation. It was her belief that one should never show their true emotions, lest their opponent gain an advantage over them and exploit those emotions. Itachi already knew this discipline well, and in fact he'd learned of it since before he had turned six in his previous life.

At any rate, Itachi was actually somewhat disappointed that it had taken so long for Mikumo to confront him about his abilities in regards to his eyes. Perhaps she had known about it but couldn't explain it? Still, he nodded to her assumption.

"During our most recent spars I have noticed that your pupils move around quite rapidly within their sclera. Am I correct to assume that you are somehow…perceiving time more slowly than is normal?"

Itachi again nodded, silently contemplating her response. She'd probably long ago noticed the rapid eye movement and had only recently started to closely analyze and ponder upon his abilities. Sure, she had done this before, but at those times, she had made her own assumptions based on what she could directly observe, not on what Itachi experienced or his own empirical findings.

This was as a result of her own perception of Itachi. She saw him as the student and herself the master. She did not know of Itachi's unique circumstances so she had therefore assumed she did not need to consult or scrutinize him too closely. It was as though she was molding a sculpture without looking at it, expecting it to end up as the shape she had in her mind, and then finally opening her eyes and discovering that it had unexpected features and additions—additions she did not add to it.

Itachi was mildly impressed though. Not surprised but certainly impressed. She had made the correct assumption in regards to his eyes through only watching and observing his reaction times in correlation to his eye movements.

Still, Itachi could only assume this was because of his recent fight against the master swordsman he had defeated only a few days ago. He had suspected she would have some means of watching him while he performed those missions. He could deduce that she had either not expected the swordsman to show up and was surprised that Itachi managed to defeat him, or that she had been the one behind the swordsman's appearance and had not expected Itachi to defeat him.

Itachi doubted the latter and felt more inclined to believe the former. She was now much more interested in his development and the origin of the distinct abilities he had displayed in that fight. Mikumo was now most likely looking back in her memory for past information and evidence that would explain his ability to defeat a master class opponent.

It was speculation, but Itachi was fairly sure he had been around Mikumo long enough to understand her motivations and reasoning. Being able to do such a thing had been one of the most crucial things a Shinobi could know back in his previous life.

Mikumo finally spoke, ending his train of thought. "I see…when did you develop such an ability…and why did you not inform me of it?"

She didn't show it but Itachi knew she was suspicious and probably confused. It wasn't usual for one's disciple to suddenly become mysterious and have unique abilities that the master was unaware of.

"I had mastered this ability approximately three years ago, though I had experimented long before that," Itachi answered before taking a slow sip of his tea. "I did not inform you because it was my intention to keep this ability a secret."

Mikumo's eyes narrowed ever so slightly. "And why is that?"

Itachi raised his right eyebrow slightly. "The less that know about any given secret, the less risk there is of the information becoming compromised at some point. I did not keep this from you with any distrustful intent, I simply did not wish for my technique to become understood or recreated as a result of others' knowledge of it, even you, master."

Mikumo pondered this silently as their conversation came to an end, though she inclined her head slightly to acknowledge Itachi's answer. She had expected great things from Itachi so his development of the technique wasn't so surprising as his intent to keep it a secret.

It was a wise decision, she supposed, but the fact that he kept it secret from even his master worried her slightly. She looked at Itachi then, noticing his composed visage, the tea he sipped just as serenely as she, his perfect posture and the almost regal nature of his striking features.

And suddenly, she realized.

Itachi was no longer a boy, but a man. Mature as he was, he had still been a child when she had first chosen him as her disciple. Somewhere along the path they had taken together, he had changed, and it seemed she may have been too caught up to have noticed it. From boy to man, and even from disciple to master, as his last fight apparently proved.

She smiled then, and sadness seeped into her thoughts. Their path was soon coming to an end, it seemed.


Six Years Later

Itachi observed the meeting below him with the porcelain ANBU mask he'd crafted strapped comfortably against his face. He was in the shadows of the ceiling in a foolishly dim lit room, studying the actions of the high level Chinese gangsters below. He was in the back room of an illegal gambling house, waiting for some bit of interesting information.

He'd been doing similar such things ever since he'd left Mikumo's tutelage about a year ago, when he had turned twenty-one.

Itachi had often witnessed the many resources his master had possessed and realized quite soon after he'd left that he couldn't simply rely upon Mikumo for help with such matters. He had first considered starting some sort of business venture but he had learned quickly enough that such a means of gaining resources was too time consuming and unreliable in the short-term.

He had quickly decided that the best way to gain resources was through the procurement of monetary funds, and the easiest way to procure monetary funds was through theft. Of course, he wasn't simply going to steal large sums of money from just anyone. Thus started his ventures into the organized crime of China.

Itachi usually utilized his skills in espionage and infiltration to simply rummage through wealthy mobsters' homes, bypassing their "State of the Art" security systems fairly easily and then basically taking anything of value.

Sometimes they would have safes or even vaults in their homes filled with their most precious possessions which Itachi would either break into or spy on long enough to find out the actual combinations through the crime bosses' own hands.

Not having much else to really do, Itachi would then find some way to incriminate his targets with damning evidence presented anonymously to the Chinese authorities. He was sure he'd gained a reputation of late but he didn't much care for such things.

He'd already acquired millions of Yuan, the Chinese currency, and had a large stockpile of beautiful jewelry and art. The large amounts of money were usually filtered into off-shore accounts with the help of some shady bankers that had a tendency to look the other way for some extra cash. He was considering putting some money into stock investments now that he had the necessary funds to make significant returns.

Right now he was spying on the most powerful gang leader in the Anhui Province. This man, referred to by his underlings as 'Boss Cheng,' and more commonly known to the masses as Chao Chen Cheng, was widely respected for his cunning intellect and his "knowledge of many things." At least that's what Itachi had been able to gather from both the man's rivals and allies alike.

Personally, Itachi felt the man to be a bit too boastful and indeed even his name was boastful. But he could perhaps be counted as more intelligent than most, if not all of his past targets. This was because Cheng had hired martial artists that seemed to be at the level of masters, as far as Itachi could tell.

He counted four and they were all outside the room he had snuck into. It hadn't been particularly difficult to get past them, though. He had studied all of the locations that Cheng frequented in detail, this gambling house included. The gambling house wasn't grounded completely and had many small supports that held it up about twenty five centimeters from the ground.

Itachi had been able to utilize this feature and sneak in from underground without the notice of the men in the meeting or the masters directly outside. The room was dark and large and Itachi had long since perfected the art of near absolute silent movement so it wasn't very difficult. Just in case the masters outside were skilled at sensing KI or some other form of detection, Itachi had suppressed his own KI to negligible levels and even shielded his scent from easy discovery.

Still, even without such precautions, Itachi was fairly confident he could defeat all four if he was careful about it. He didn't wish to test that theory out, however, and thus continued to listen in on the meeting below.

As if by fate, there was a large crashing noise that seemed to emanate from outside, followed quickly by loud gunshots. The men in the meeting below Itachi immediately left the room, probably to go hide in some safe room located in the house or perhaps some secret escape route. The master class fighters outside the room seemed to disappear from their positions towards the commotion.

Itachi quietly sighed, deciding it would be more prudent to see where Cheng and his associates went. He would have to be careful though; there was a huge KI that had just appeared with the turmoil outside. Probably another master, though this one was probably on a much higher level than the ones Cheng had hired.

Itachi silently dropped to the ground before stealthily leaving the room and following the messy trail the gangsters had left behind. It wouldn't be too hard to find them.


Itachi arrived out the back door of the gambling house to witness an odd sight. A few meters in front of him laid the three other men that had sat in on the meeting, apparently unconscious. The gang leader Cheng seemed to be in shock, staring numbly at a small blonde girl that didn't look older than eight standing over the three men in a defensive stance.

Itachi quickly deduced that the girl must have been the one to defeat the three men, which had shocked Cheng. It was surprising, sure, but certainly not unheard of.

Before he could do anything else, he felt a powerful presence speedily heading towards the girl. His eyes widened, realizing with slight urgency that one of the four masters from before was aiming to attack the child. He quickly intervened.

He raced toward the girl, his extreme speed making his form nearly invisible. He grabbed her bridal style and jumped back further just as the other master's feet crushed the ground the child had just been standing upon. The girl blinked, just now noticing where she was and looking at where she had just been standing a fraction of a second earlier, her eyes slowly widening.

Itachi paid no attention to this though, his focus primarily upon the seemingly ruthless master in front of him. He was pale skinned and very muscular, wearing what looked to be a kenpo uniform of some sort. He sported a bored look upon his angular face.

"Another master hmm? I wonder what you two are doing here?" the Chinese master asked, though it seemed he was only musing to himself.

Itachi immediately realized that a different (yet another) master was most likely responsible for the disorder outside earlier. Before he could think about the implications of this and the girl he'd saved, he felt a discrete presence trying to sneak up behind him. Though his body revealed nothing, his mind whirled with plans based on what the other master behind him would try.

The master behind him lunged, apparently trying to attack Itachi's head. His plan decided in short order, Itachi allowed the man to get close before using the three step illusion technique to appear as though intangible. As expected the attack seemed to simply go through him.

Itachi, now behind the second master, quickly stopped the suppression of his KI and used a fundamental Kushinada Aiki technique. The man seemed to suddenly stop in his movements before trying to turn around only to be crushed to the ground with extreme force, as though by gravity. As if that wasn't enough, Itachi swiftly brought up his left leg and promptly stomped down forcefully, crushing the felled master's right ankle, insuring he'd most likely be out of the fight now.

This all happened within the span of three seconds, the only ones realizing exactly what happened being the other master and Itachi. The master that had attacked Itachi from behind seemed unconscious, and Itachi wondered for a split second if he'd over-done it with his aiki technique. He shook the thought off, not truly caring either way; he wasn't dead, at any rate.

The master that had attacked the blonde girl had lost his bored look, now replaced with something akin to intense focus and repressed giddiness. His stance was now offensive.

"Oho! The masked man has some tricks…" he began with a cruel grin, his eyes crinkling in excitement.

Itachi quickly put the small blonde girl down. He glanced at her, wondering if she would be a hindrance to the fight.

"Leave to a safe distance. This man is beyond your capability," Itachi said succinctly, hoping the girl would listen.

She seemed to hesitate but eventually nodded and took off towards where the gang boss was still standing. Itachi hoped she wouldn't apprehend him. Itachi still needed the man out of prison for a little while longer.

The Chinese master rushed at Itachi, attacking with multiple swift palm thrusts. Itachi observed his kenpo style as he calmly dodged with apparent ease. In all honesty his opponent was fairly slow in comparison. Itachi was certainly glad he had been trained in a style with a strong focus on speed.

The Chinese master seemed to be using classic Baguazhang, one of the most popular martial arts in China. Itachi had a significant bit of experience fighting Bagua experts so he didn't have much trouble and was able to successfully predict most of his opponent's movements from what he knew of this particular style.

The Bagua master grew angry as he continuously failed to hit Itachi. "Damnit! Stop moving!"

Itachi almost smiled at the young master's impudence, though he seemed at least five or ten years older than him. He decided he'd been on the defensive long enough. He performed a more advanced version of the three step illusionary technique, his form suddenly seeming to split into three.

The Chinese master seemed somewhat panicked as the three forms of his enemy surrounded him. He jumped back, only to feel an oppressive force somehow hold him in place. He felt light, as if his mass had been by some means reduced.

Itachi quickly rushed through hand signs after he'd caught the Chinese master in his aiki technique and placed his palm upon his opponent's forehead, forcing his molded KI into the man's brain.

The Chinese master's body immediately went slack as his brain stopped sending conscious electrically signaled commands to the rest of his body. His face was left looking panicked as he lay slumped on the ground with complete paralysis.

Itachi relaxed from his tensed state as the fight ended and looked over to find the girl staring at him with shock and wariness. The gang boss seemed terrified.

He looked back down at his beaten opponent. "Don't worry too much. The paralysis will wear off in a few hours, though it is likely you will have difficulty moving long after, perhaps even the rest of your life. Anyone that would attempt to kill a child with such ill-intent deserves nothing less, however."

Itachi sighed as he looked away from the downed master's dread-filled eyes. He didn't use these special techniques lightly as he'd figured out not too long ago that they had a physically damaging effect on the victim's brain. And brain damage didn't heal very well.

He then looked to the roof of the building where he could feel the massive KI he'd felt earlier. It was suppressed to an incredible degree but it was simply too large for it to escape Itachi's finely honed senses.

"You may come out now. I mean you no harm," he declared calmly.

A huge man suddenly appeared next to the young girl. He was well over two meters tall and incredibly muscled. He seemed fairly old but Itachi did not miss the extreme vitality and immense power the man possessed. He had blonde hair, just like the girl.

"The techniques you used…" the man began cautiously with some seriousness. "Would you happen to be a practitioner of the Kushinada style of Jujitsu?"

"I'm surprised you recognize it," Itachi answered with some interest. "It is relatively obscure."

"Hmm…" the large man began, seeming to consider something. "Thank you for protecting my granddaughter. I was here only after you defeated that first Chinese martial artist, and witnessed the rest as it happened. The technique you used on that other one though…I did not recognize that…"

Itachi nodded, easily realizing the man was fishing for information. "You wouldn't have. I created it very recently from my research and understanding of KI. I do not use it, or techniques like it, lightly."

The older man nodded, seeming to scrutinize Itachi for a moment. "Was it really necessary to use such a technique?"

"You heard my explanation," Itachi answered with a small shrug. "Besides, he will be able to move around quite easily in a few days. His days as a master, however, are most likely over unless he finds a very skilled healer in injuries of the brain."

The large blonde haired man seemed to accept this explanation with some relief and nodded in recognition. He understood it as a serious setback for someone as physically capable as a master martial artist, but it was a pretty reasonable punishment for someone who had attempted to kill his last remaining relative, his precious granddaughter.

"Hmm…" the blonde man hummed for a moment. "I think there is something I can interest you in…"

Itachi realized the old man was asking for his name. "I am Itachi."

"Ah yes, Itachi. There is a certain dojo in Japan…" he began with a smile.


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