Disclaimer: [insert standard I own nothing and Marvel/Disney owns everything disclaimer here]

Congratulations! If you happen to be reading this you've been exposed to some sort of radiation, been electrocuted while participating in a science experiment, or just so happened to have been born with mutant powers (and you did not die a horrible death or become a crazed super villain in the process). This is SHIELD and the Avenger's guide to super-heroics as written by yours truly, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Why me? Well I've been around the block a few times, I've had some experience teaching the next generation, I started defeating wackjobs with Mommy issues bent on taking over Manhattan at the age of fifteen…and I think this is supposed to be my punishment for annoying Fury when we crossed passed on our last Avengers excursion (well come on, you try not making fun of that eye patch! The material writes itself!).

So before I warn you about just what you've gotten yourself into, I'm going to take this time to explain just how this little guide will be set up. Each chapter will cover one vital aspect of the Super-Hero gig, either describing in detail how something's done, detailing something that you will need to have along the way, or just dispensing some plain, old fashioned, not quite downhome advice. So if you want to just cover this thing in naughty drawings before turning it into a series of paper airplanes, now's your chance. I'm not stopping you. Although Professor Pym of the Avengers Academy, and Professor X, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Wolverine, and Kitty Pryde of the X-Men all inform me there will be a test and my "cruddy intro" will be the only thing not included. Make of that what you will.