By Siren

What if an Escaflowne fan was transported to the world of Escaflowne in Hitomi's place? Would things turn out differently? How would she react? Um, maybe I should talk in first person, since the fan is gonna be *me*. ^_^ Be prepared for 21rst century humor and antics. This fanfic is dedicated to my close friend, Jenn. WE MISS YOU!!!! Now, on with the show. ^_^


Oh my God. I watched the ending of my favorite anime series, Escaflowne. "That girl didn't even kiss Van goodbye! And why didn't she just stay there? She could visit home sometimes! Ugh. I hate bad endings," I muttered. I've been a fan of Escaflowne ever since I first saw it on Fox Kids. But, being the idiots they are, they canceled it. So, my mom got me the japanese, non-edited version for Christmas. (A.N.-THANX MOM!!!!^_^)
Standing up, I brushed the rabbit hay off of my knees. "I should probably vacuum this place soon..." I think to myself. I pick up my rabbit, Emma, and put her back in her cage. While I complain outloud about the ending and how I would do things differently, Emma looks up at me curiously. "God, what were they _thinking_ with that ending?! Millerna and Allen suck face, and it turns out that he's not even gonna marry her! But when it comes to *true* love, they only hug!" I yell. While rambling on and on, I fail to notice an eerie glow appearing from the sky. Emma's ear's twitch as she senses the stange occurance. Sighing, a run a hand though my chin-length hair. "Ugh. What am I saying? My complaints won't change anything..." A shudder makes its' way down my spine as I feel the breeze on my neck. Without turning around, I know something is different. Emma is crouched in her cage, shivering as I am.
I turn around, only to be met with a bright light. Oh my God, I think as I feel the ground disappear beneathe me, I'm being abducted. (I'm not a very smart Esca fan, huh?)

Argh...what hit me? Whoever decided to play that little prank is gonna pay dearly as soon as I wake up. Opening my eyes, I come face to face with something familiar, but new. I scream, and push myself away from it. It's a wolf-man, dressed in medevil clothing. His ears flatten against his head at my high-pitched scream. "Keep it down lass, you'll wake the whole kingdom!" he hisses. I blink. Now I _know_ I'm crazy. We don't have kigdoms in Jersey! ...Right? I'm a little slow in the history department. "Who or *what* are you?" I ask. He tiltes his head at me curiously. Doing what I always do when I'm nervous, I put on my 'pissed off predetor' expression. (Jenni R. said I looked pissed when I first went to my middle-school, but I was actually just nervous.)

Despite my best attempt at pissed, he chuckles. I frown. "Is something funny, poodle puff?" (Hey Jenn, LOL) His laughter stops abruptly, as does my breathing. Oh crap...I think that joke was a lil' bit extreme, cause he looks mad. And I don't think he's a vegetarian. Oh...when will I learn to *think* before I speak??? I attempt an apologetic smile. I think it must've sucked, 'cause his expression didn't change. (I never was very good at apologies.) "Um, where am I?" I ask. His stone-hard gaze didn't waver. "Come with me." His voice is gruff, and edged with anger. I stand up and he grabs me roughly by the arm, practically _dragging_ me with him. "Hey, you don't have to pull my arm off!" I yell. he just pulls me harder.

By the time we got to out destination, I was winded. I practically had to run to keep up with him, or I'd lose my arm. He nodds to a guy dressed in...armor? A gate opens, and I'm dragged inside. He pulls me into a room, and shoves me against the wall. "Wait here." I snort, rubbing my sore arm. "Is that an order?" He gives me that look again. Eep. When will I learn to keep my sarcasm to a minimum? My mom always said my mouth would get me in trouble. He leaves the room, shutting the door behind him. I hear something click, and realize it's a lock. "Great," I mutter. "I'm locked in a dark, dimly lit room, and a dog-guy is pissed at me. What's next: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table?" Then I remember. People were hung for misconduct in this time. And I think I am now the queen of misconduct. Oops. Uh-oh, wolf-boy's back. He peers at me, and snorts in disgust. "You'll be seen tomorrow," he tells me, and leaves. My mouth gapes in shock. I run to the door and pound on it. "Hey! You can't keep me here, I'm an American! Not to mention, from Jersey! We...have the Sapranos and other various mofia orginazations!" .....I don't think anyone hears me. Or cares. Oh well. I look around for a bed. All I see is a small pile of hay. That brings my thoughts to Emma. "I hope someone feeds her while I'm gone."

Ow. "Get up, wench!" someone yells. My eyes snap open. Wench?! Who the hell was he callin' wench?! I gasp as a sharp pain siezes my side. The jerk kicked me! Ooh, he is gonna pay. "I said get up!" he yells again. I sigh and stand up. "And I was having the best sleep of my life too," I say sarcastically. I barely slept at all that night. Cement, dirt, and hay do not exactly count as a five-star hotel in my opinion. Ugh. I'm still here. It wasn't just a nightmare. I look up to see dog-boy's face. What a lovely sight to wake up to. "Hello to you too," I mutter. He just opens the door and ushers me out of the room.
He pushes me down several corridors until we finally arrive at a huge room. A long table is in the center of it, with many regal looking people sitting at it. Among them, is a boy that looks familiar. But his back is to me, so I can't tell. Dog-boy clears his throat, gaining there attention. "Here's the outsider," dog-breath growls. If I could, I'd growl back. Instead, I just stand there, looking at them blankly. "Hi," I greet them, and once again attempt a weak smile. They begin to whisper among themselves, and I can't help but roll my eyes. God, they are *so* uptight. Definetly not my kinda people. One of the men stand up, and scrutinizes me. "Is she a commoner? I do not recognize her clothing at all. Where was she found?" I smirk, crossing my hands over my chest. In my opinion, my outfit isn't all that bad. It's simple, granted, but okay. I'm wearing a long-sleeved black shirt and jeans. Not bad.
"I'm from Jersey, and my president is gonna be *so* pissed at the way I've been treated," I say. The people gasp. I frown. What did I say that was so shocking? Even the boy with his back to me tenses. "Young ladies should not speak in such a crude manner," he tells me. My eyes narrow. I know that voice from somewhere, I just can't place it...Deciding to forget about it, I shrugged. "That's so sexist. Guys can talk in a 'crude manner', but girls can't? That's a load of crap in my opinion." "Nobody asked for your opinion," the boy snaps. "And I never asked for your's," I throw back at him. He smirks and turns around. I gasp, my eyes wide. Oh my God.

It's Van Fanel.

To Be Continued...