I finally found one! Who would have thought that there were so few vending machines in a huge city like Rapture? I was thirsty for three hours now, so this was a relief. I put in my dollar and an orange soda dropped in. I was about to reach in to get in, but I heard a loud, but low pitched, groan, a Big Daddy. Every citizen in Rapture knew to stay well out of the way of Big Daddies, but this hallway was large enough for two of them. I saw the huge tin man round the corner, a Bouncer. The many viewports, or eyes, were a cautious yellow, meaning he wasn't pissed, but he was ready for an attack. Then I saw her. A little girl, couldn't be more than seven years old, was riding on the back of his helmet. They stared at me for a full five seconds without moving. Suddenly, the tin man's eyes turned bright red, and he charged me, his drill spinning. I dove out of the way, but slammed into the wall. Before the Daddy could regain his footing, I held up my hands for him to see. In one hand I held my wallet; I hadn't put it back in my pocket. The little girl jumped down from his head and ran over to the machine, pointing to the grape flavored soda. I actually was able to work it out, the Little Sister, as they were called, had wanted a soda, but the Daddy was broke, so he tried to kill me for my wallet. The only thing that kept the Daddy from charging again was the fact that his Little Sister was dead center between us. I tried to resolve this peacefully, "Hey, little girl. Do you want a soda?" she smiled at me and nodded. I knew better than to interact with a Little Sister, especially when the Daddy was right there. I put my wallet on the ground, after retrieving a dollar for myself, and kicked it. It slid across the ground to the tin man's feet. He knelt down, not looking away from me, and drew a dollar. With every step towards the machine he took, I took a similar step backwards. It removed a dollar, put it into the machine, and pressed the grape button. As the little girl tried to retrieve her soda, the Big Daddy searched through my wallet. It let out a fair tempered groan and set the wallet on the ground. The little girl had gotten the bottle, but couldn't open it. When the tin man tried to open it, it shattered. With a roar of frustration, he picked up my wallet again and removed my last dollar. Please don't waste it this time. The Daddy hit the button, the girl retrieved the soda, but this time, the Daddy rolled the bottle across the floor to me. He emitted a low moan and pointed at the bottle, then me. Yeah, I got it. I slowly knelt down and opened the bottle. The little girl started walking towards me, but a growl from her protector stopped her. Slowly, he approached me with his hands raised above his head, almost like me. I fully extended my arm, waiting for him to take the beverage. He slowly took the bottle from me, but then shoved me onto the ground. It was clear that the only thing he wanted was to make sure the bottle didn't break. As the pair was about to leave to big guy turned to me and tossed something at me, my wallet. I snatched it out of the air and the little girl seamed to translate for me, "Daddy says thank you, he will not attack you." Without another word, or groan, they lumbered off. I couldn't wait to tell the guys at school about this.

"I can't believe it! There is no way you met one of those monsters and lived, especially over a soda!" Malcolm was ranting as usual, but he had a point about it being hard to believe, but as if the timing couldn't be any better, an alarm sounded. The alarm meant that a Big Daddy or Big sister, female versions of Big Daddies that were Little Sister at a time, had entered the building. The doors sealed shut and steel plating slid over them. It was a solid twenty minutes of silence, but then something hit the door and the glass shattered, but the plating held. Another blow, the plating dented. Who pissed this thing off so bad it tracked them? Another blow and the plating gave way as a huge and heavy Bouncer walked in. He revved his drill, keeping everyone at bay. I didn't see a Little Sister with him, was that why he was so pissed? Wait, what's that in his hand? We were all pressed against the wall as far as we could. He slowly approached the wall me and my friends were pressed against. He shoved his helmet up close to inspect our faces. I had my eyes closed. If something was going to happen, I didn't want to see it. The thundering steps got louder and louder. They suddenly stopped, and as I opened my eyes, my heart almost stopped. Four inches from my face was the Daddy, but something was off. His visor was green, a friendly face gesture barely ever seen, yet alone directed at someone other than a Little Sister; it was never seen, EVER. Everyone stared at me and the tin man. The Daddy backed up a little and held out his hand. There were two dollars in his palm. He pressed his hand forward, wanting me to take it. I wasn't thinking when I responded, "Keep it. If your Little Sister needs a drink again, you already have money for it." the Daddy stood motionless for a whole minute, then put the money in his belt. When I thought it was over, the Daddy extended his arm slowly. His palm was sideways and his visor was still green, did he want to shake? With extreme hesitation, I took his hand. We shook as if we were old friends, the way Daddies were made, we could have been. Then as loudly as he entered, he left, and the warning was over. The rest of the class was spent staring at me, and the other classes were spent spreading the word.

When I got back to my apartment, I nearly had a heart attack. The door was smashed into splinters. I cautiously walked in, unaware of their presence until it was too late, "Hello, Donavan. How are you doing?" Seated at the dinner table were two Big Sisters. One kept her helmet on, a green glow in her circle of a visor, and the other was enjoying a cup of my Green Tea, my best stuff, "I didn't do anything, I swear on my life." I held up my hands again, same as last time I encountered one of these metal police. She laughed and stood up, I was slightly taller, "Oh, don't worry. You have no reason to be afraid of us. We've been watching you for some time now, including your run-ins with that Big Daddy and how well you handled the situations." I lowered my hands, but still cautious, "Then why are you here, besides a cup of my best Tea." She pushed a chair towards me, "Please, sit. We have something to talk about." I made a fresh pot of Green Tea and poured two cups and refilled the friendly one's cup. I offered a cup to the other, but politely shook her head. "Donavan, we at Ryan Industries think you would be perfect for a new breed of Big Daddy. We know the public has a negative view of them, but we guarantee you a peaceful existence as well as plenty of ADAM if you accept." I let that sink in as I drank my Tea. Me? A Daddy? Now that was a scary thought, "And what if I refuse?" the one with the helmet spoke, "You have every right to refuse, it is your option." I thought about the pros and cons of this decision, it wasn't worth it, "Well, I don't mean to be rude, but I must decline your offer." As soon as I finished my sentence, they sprang at me, flipping the table, and grabbed my arms, "The other option is that we take you by force." I was heavy set guy, but their needles were as threatening as they were, no need to bury them in my chest. One of them made a comment about my parents, but I didn't catch it. Any mention of my parents drove me to an insane rage, and it showed. I flung the one with the helmet towards the window. It shattered and out she went. The other jabbed a needle into my neck, a sleeping drug? My rage kept me going, and I could see a metal hand gripping the window ceil. I could feel my body shutting down. I stumbled, limped, and then crawled over to the window. I was a heavy set guy, always was, and six foot six to boot. I grabbed the Big Sister's wrist just as she lost her grip. I was slammed into the wall and pieces of glass punctured my skin. The pain bought me several more seconds of consciousness. With the last of my strength, I flung her into the room and onto the bed, and then lost all senses, out like a light.

During the procedure, I awoke several times, but the one I remember was when they had at least a dozen syringes in my chest, "His body just won't accept them!" doctors were running back and forth, and a metal hand caressed my face. I turned my head over to find the Big Sister from before, the helmeted one. Seeing I was awake, she jolted backward a few feet. "Oh shit! Hurry, he's awake!" a doctor yelled. Three ran over and slipped a mask over my mouth, and I was out again.

"Omega is NOT ready for the protector program! He just sits there and takes the punishment, not even bothering to protect the replica." Dr. Suchong stressed. I was restrained against the wall as Suchong and Ryan talked in front of me. "What augmentations were rejected, Dr. Suchong?" the doctor was panicking, that much was obvious, "The Emotional Restraint serum and "Blank Mind" tonic." Ryan waltzed up and knocked on my helmet, "So, it can think for itself and feel more than rage, interesting to say the least. Tell me, how did you stumble across this subject?" Suchong was now sitting in a chair, "We were watching him ever since he saved a Little Sister from a rampaging Big Daddy. When the Big Sisters went to collect him, he flung one out the window, only to pull her back in before passing out." Did I really do all that? I couldn't remember much, except for the operation. Ryan waved a figure over, a Big Sister. I noticed the scorch marks and knew this was the one I was training with everyday, against my will. I pulled at my restraints, making the concrete crack at the top, but that was all I managed. The Big Sister had sprung back at the sight, always on edge. "It seems he still has a grudge against her." Suchong mused. Ryan waved over a Little Sister and a scientist. He asked the Big Sister to remove her helmet, she did. I don't know why, but the girl seemed very familiar and young. Her snow like face covered with smudges and dirt. Her bright yellow eyes constantly looking at everyone in fear, and her black hair hung to her shoulders. All in all, she was decent to look at. He reeled back his hand and smacked her so hard she fell to the ground. She rubbed the bright red mark on her cheek. I didn't like that. I tore at the restraints and this time they fell. I dropped onto the floor, about a foot drop, and pinned Ryan against the wall. Since I could only speak in whale song now, I used my own form of sign language. I raised my drill, pointed at the Big Sister, and then tapped my chest. "I see, she is yours to kill then." I dropped him and thudded heavily to where the girl lay on the ground, but I kicked something. I glanced down and saw her helmet. No, I wouldn't kill her; I didn't even like fighting her. The helmet gave her this blood thirsty murderer look, that was what I hated. I knelt down and gripped it. My drill was gone now, stored away as the Alpha Series could do, I handed it out to her. She hesitated, thinking I was up to something, but seeing no evidence of such, accepted it. Once it was in place, I extended my hand, palm up. Again, she hesitated, but took it none the less. With a gentle pull, she was flung off the ground and onto her feet. She clearly hadn't expected the sudden air time, and braced herself on me. I heard a sound like a party popper going off and turned towards it. It was the scientist. On the ground, the Little Sister was crying, a mark on her face. Everything suddenly had a blood red tint, the room, the chairs, beds, Suchong, the scientist. I may not have protected the life sized dolls they wanted me to, but I damn sure wouldn't let harming a real one pass. The Big Sister stepped forward to confront him, but I was already charging and sent her into a wall. I scooped up the Little Sister, threw her onto my back, and revved my drill as it formed again. The scientist tried to run, but wasn't nearly fast enough. The drill tore through his stomach and went further still. I had him pinned against the wall and my drill met his spine. I withdrew my drill and rammed it through his skull, pinning the corpse to the wall. I turned towards the little girl, who had jumped off. She stared at me in fear. I took a step towards her, but she backed up to the wall. I knelt down in front of her; the mark was almost gone now. I let a sigh of relief escape my mouth, she was alright. I caressed her cheek as gently as I could, trying to comfort her. When it was clear that wouldn't do anything, I went and pulled the Big Sister out of the wall, she also stared at me. Ryan had an amused grin on his face, "Not ready for the protector program, huh? Dr. Suchong, I believe this fine young man could be the definition of it."

The Big Sister seemed to frequently visit nowadays. During one of our sparring sessions, she leapt into the air and came down on my helmet. I smacked her with the drill, sending her flying. She rebound off the wall and barreled into me. The force of her impact made me stumble backwards and into a hole. There was a rebar sticking out of a pile of rubble. It impaled my shoulder on impact and blood pooled around the wound. Our goals were to leave each other alive, to see how well we could fight. She jumped down to help me up, but froze in her tracks and stared at my wound. I uttered a grunt of annoyance to get her attention, but she stood there. She then started shaking, like she was having a nervous breakdown. I groaned in concern, ignoring the piece of metal sticking through my shoulder. Sometimes it was like both Big and Little Sisters could understand a Daddy, other times they shut us out completely. With a great amount of effort, I stood up, leaving the rebar in the ground and soaked in my blood. She had now curled into a ball in the corner, like she was scared. I looked around and saw a black cloth sticking out of the rubble. Black was perfect for what I needed. I tied the cloth around the wound after applying medical aid and sat next to her. She was leaning against a window, still in a ball and scared. I had never seen a Big Sister like this, especially her. I could always tell if it was her because she had an indent in her midsection from when we first met after I woke up from the operation. Her chest was heaving, her head was frantically looking around, and she was shaking like crazy. I placed a hand on her shoulder, damn she was shaking. She snapped her head to me, her visor a bright yellow. While her eyes were on me, I walked to the rebar, picked it up, and bent it in half. I then tossed it aside and flexed. It was my best way to say "It'll take a lot more than that to kill me." I offered my hand and at this point in time we were so used to helping each other up that there was no hesitation, she grabbed it. She was still shaking and when I got her to her feet, she lost her footing five times. On the sixth time, she clung to me just to stand. I was getting irritated, so I just picked her up in both arms. I looked around and learned there was stairwell leading to the floor we were on before. I walked to the supervisor, who greeted us before he saw us, "Hey, you two done already? Who won this time?" I shoved him into the wall with my shoulder, the red tint now returning. I growled and pressed him harder, shaking the Big Sister gently. "I see." He stepped aside after I released him and I kicked the metal door off the frame. I placed her on the nearest gurney and pushed it one handed to a doctor, who examined her without her helmet. He was uncomfortable to be working on one killing machine while another loomed over him, "It seems she is in a state of shock, probably to an unfamiliar sight or fear." Fear? What the hell for? "I'll need to examine her more closely to figure out the details, could you step out for a second or two?" I looked to the Big Sister for support, but she nodded. I lumbered away and waited right across the hall, waiting for the door to open. "Well, look who it is." Alright, now I know that those two Big Sisters had something to do with me. One had no helmet, her tan skin and bright eyes complimented her red hair. How she had tan skin down here, I'll never know. The door opened and The Big Sister I had taken here walked out, her helmet under her arm. The three stared at each other in disbelief, "Alexis?" the one they called 'Alexis' had a quiet voice, "Hi Jessica." Jessica pinned Alexis against the wall by her neck. The one with the helmet just stared, but I rose to my feet and stopped mere inches from them, growling and seeing red. Alexis wasn't much, but she was the closest thing to a friend I had, I wouldn't let someone hurt her, "Shut it, tin man! I still owe this bitch!" That did it. I stopped growling and swung my drill, connecting with her chest, and sent her flying into the wall. I must have hit her harder than I thought because a trickle of blood came from her mouth. Her eyes stared at me in disbelief, "He shouldn't be able to do that! He shouldn't care what we do!" in a fit of rage, I roared so loud that scalpels fell off tables, gurneys shook, and doctors flooded the hall. Dr. Suchong wondered in between us, "Well, Jessica and Heather. Have you two come to pick a fight with my best creation so far, or just to make life hell?" Jessica, still stuck in the wall, was furious, "Why was he able to hit me for trying to get some payback?" Suchong just laughed as if she was a clown stuck in the wall, "My dear, his body rejected both Emotional Restraint and Blank Mind. Basically, he is a normal, 17 year old man, but in a giant metal suit. His body isn't even mangled much." Her frustration had turned to fascination in a record of three seconds. Mine, however, would not wear off so easily. "Tell me, Omega, if you can, why did you break their squabble?" I let out a grunt, my "none of your business" expression. The doctor who had examined Alexis walked up to me and gestured for me to kneel to his level. I did so and he whispered into my helmet, "The reason Alexis freaked out is because she is scared of large quantities of blood." As if on cue, the whole city shook. The PA system activated, "ATTENTION: ALL BIG DADDYIES AND BIG SISTERS ARE TO REPORT TO ATLANTIC EXPRESS IMMEDIATELY!" we ran to the nearest train, I left most in the dust my boots emitted. I ran into the train and nearly flipped it. The Big Sisters followed and two Bouncer Big Daddies piled in as well. I slammed the lever forward and sat down next to the control panel. I couldn't sleep, most Big Daddies were insomniac, but the Big Sisters were allowed to sleep. This was proven by the fact Alexis was leaning on my arm. Her helmet was still under her arm. I slowly removed it and secured it to her head. "Why do you care?" I looked across the car to see Heather, her visor a greenish yellow. I let out a long, whale like moan. What I had tried to say was, "She was a Little Sister once, and she has been kind since I awoke." To my utter amazement she responded, "I see, but I was there when this happened to you. Remember that." I was never one to be asking questions, why start now? A few minutes later, we arrived at the station. I shook Alexis and her pheromones suggested she was embarrassed to me leaning against me, but I couldn't tell. We all piled out into a crowd of at least 70 Big Sisters and 198 Big Daddies. Andrew Ryan and Subject Delta, another Alpha Series, were there to greet us. Ryan shook hands with the Big Sisters, me and Delta bumped drills, our usual greeting. When standing side by side, no one could tell the difference between us, except for height, but only by three inches. Another way was that Suchong had painted the letters DS on my left hand for some reason. Ryan walked up to a microphone, "I have called you all here because we have a big problem. A spliced up man has taken everyone in Atlantic express hostage with explosives. I need you all to do what is necessary and kill him, at all costs." I didn't need another reason other than he had hostages. Delta and I walked to the door, "It appears we have our first strike team, Omega and Delta." Delta tensed up and readied his drill, facing the crowd. Two Big Sisters stepped forward. I could tell by their pheromone signature that they were Alexis and Jessica. I placed a hand in front of Delta, they were OK. He got the idea and calmed down. "Oh, and their accompanied by two Big Sisters, excellent." We got ready, but someone placed a huge gloved hand on my shoulder. I turned to find a Rosie offering me a Rivet Gun. This was also rare, so I figured that Ryan had given a telepathic order for someone to hand me and Delta a gun, as he also grabbed one. I silently promised I would return it, even though he didn't know. We opened the door and stepped in. there was multiple paths to take, Alexis stepped forward, "We should split into teams. Me and Omega go right while Jessica and Delta go left." Her quiet voice just begged challenge from Jessica, "Whoa, why do you get to do with Omega? I wanted to have a talk with him." I tried to cut in, but they cast me the evil eye, Delta just shrugged. "I should go with him because you don't even know his name!" I lunged forward and grabbed Jessica's shoulder, my visor a yellowish red. "Yeah, we've met before. You're name isn't Omega, its Donavan. Donavan Santiago. The reason I know this is because you threw Heather out a window. I had to figure out who you were because a Big Daddy candidate throwing a Big Sister out a window for no reason is quite aggressive, even for you." I didn't remember anything like that, but it was all I had to go on. They started arguing again, so I growled to get their attention. I pointed to both of them, then to the left. I gestured to Delta and me and pointed right. "No, you may need our skills. We will come up with something." By the time they come up with something, the splicer would kill himself out of boredom; I need to speed this up. I grabbed the both of them and threw them to the left. When they got up, I grunted in frustration and pointed to the left. They said nothing, just stared at me, and I walked to the right, waving Delta to follow. True we weren't stealthy; you could hear us about ten yards away, so we pulled the Mindless Daddy technique. It was where we wandered around banging on random vents and moving on. We knew all the Little Sisters were in the splicer's grasp, so we weren't expecting one to pop out of them. Delta gave a sharp grunt to get my attention. I turned to see a Little One, another name for Little Sisters, sitting on his shoulder. We heard shrieks that pierced our skull, "Big Sister is in trouble!" the Little One yelled. I motioned for Delta to keep the girl safe while I went on ahead, he would catch up later. A few rooms and hallways further up, I saw a group of people and Little Sisters tied up in the corner, shaking. I recognized a few of them, teenagers, a boy and two girls, but I couldn't place where I knew them from, it was driving me nuts. I placed this in the back of my mind and peaked around the corner. There was the splicer; a revolver was pointed at someone in front of him, Jessica. How they had been caught, I'd never know. Jessica was on her knees and the gun was pointed at her head. Alexis was across the room, pondering what to do. I don't know how I managed it, but I was able to move silently right behind him. "Move and I'll fucking kill the bitch!" the man was yelling. I grabbed him and spun him around. When he fired, he missed Jessica and hit my chest plate, but it didn't go through. I shoved Jessica with me foot to get her out of the way and close lined the splicer. He fired a few more shots and the dinged off my helmet, but one tore through my stomach, I ignored the pain. I drove my fist into his jaw, I felt it shatter. He fired his last shot and caught me in the hand, but it fell to the ground. I laughed, but it sounded like a series of grunts, and brought my gun down on his skull. I helped Jessica up, but she had bruises covering her face. I couldn't help but wonder what happened to her helmet, she never wore it. I threw her onto my back, despite her protests, and went to the hostages. It turned out they were only crowded around the explosives and not strapped to them, which made this much easier. I used the Rivet Gun to cut them all loose. The Little Sisters hung on all on my limbs and even my helmet. The people gave me nervous smiles, but the three I thought I recognized slowly walked up to me, "I guess Big Daddies aren't all bad." said the red headed girl. The one with the purple haired one got right in my visor. I'm serious, her hair was bright purple. "You think Don could be one of these guys?" before she could get her answer, Delta called me over with a droning moan. I tried to remove Jessica, but she hung on to my neck, "No way, you put me here and I'm not leaving, big man." Teenagers, always a pain in the ass. Delta and I shook hands on a job well done. By this time, Ryan's security personnel were swarming the place, questioning people, assessing wounds, that sort of thing. All the Big Daddies and Sisters had returned to their posts, but we had to wait for a train. Me and Delta had to sit on different benches so we wouldn't break them. Heaving at least 250 pounds of metal plus what we each weighed was enough to make the ground vibrate, so sitting on the same bench is unthinkable. The Big Sisters' suits were way lighter as were they in general, so the both sat with me. Delta didn't seem to mind the attention I got, but I knew he wasn't a mindless Daddy. He was like me, able to think, to feel. I looked around and saw it was December 20th. Damn, time went fast. People were going crazy buying thing they didn't need and hiding them from other people, but for what? I would have to look into this soon. Jessica jabbed me in my bullet wound. With a grunt of pain, I jerked her arm back, she held a bloody bullet, "I know that wasn't the best touch, but I suppose we're even now." I gave a groan, "you had no reason to owe me anything, I owed you for my name." is what I meant, but she showed no acknowledgement in understanding me. I leaned back and closed my eyes. I couldn't sleep, but I could always rest my eyes. The train came after thirty minutes. I picked up the sleeping Big Sisters and we entered the train. I was surprised to find Heather driving. When we were situated and the train was moving I sat across from her, "Can you explain why everyone was acting like they stole something?" again, she understood me, "A holiday called Christmas is coming up in five days. It's when you give presents to others as a surprise." I thought about this, but another question came up, "How do we celebrate? Do we get a day off or something?" she giggled at that, "No, Big Daddies don't celebrate it. They don't even know it exists, except for you and maybe Delta." That one stung a bit, but I tried to show it didn't bother me, "Do Big Sisters celebrate it? You at least should, given all the work a Big Sister does." Her visor turned a yellowish green, almost unnoticeable, "We usually pin our jobs on a Big Daddy of our choosing and relax for the morning, and then we're allowed to wander the city without armor in the afternoon." I leaned back, wondering who she would pick for her jobs, "Good, you deserve it. They do too." I groaned, gesturing toward the sleeping girls in metal. I had sat them next to Delta and he looked uncomfortable as Alexis leaned against him.

The next morning, I was constantly thinking about this Christmas thing. After the daily tests, I grabbed a notebook and pen and walked up to Dr. Suchong. I tapped his shoulder and showed him what I wrote. "Hmm, I believe we can work something out." The note asked if I could earn some money from jobs around Rapture. Suchong ended up testing his Plasmid Daddy project on me and Delta, but Delta already had his by the time I got there. He was very dizzy and lightning engulfed his left arm. I'm not going to describe what it felt like, but it threw my metal ass to the ground and I lifted everything that wasn't riveted in placeā€¦ with my mind. For participating and surviving his tests, Delta and I received $150 each, more than enough. Suchong allowed me to skip combat sessions today, hopefully Alexis would understand.

The days flew by and before I knew it, the 24th came. Delta wandered into the Daddy Barracks with a small girl on his helmet, a Little Sister! He showed me a note from Gil Alexander, the true hand behind the Daddies. It said that the Little Sister was Eleanor Lamb and that he had been assigned as her protector, getting him out of the Big Sisters' choices for pinning their work on us. I congratulated him and handed him a box I had bought the day before. Eleanor opened the box and took out what I had bought him at a Gatherer's Garden, the Decoy plasmid. He uttered a moan of appreciation and wandered off. Thirty minutes went by until Gil himself walked in, "Good news, Omega! You have been chosen by three Big Sisters to do their duties for tomorrow. Here are their schedules." He handed me three pieces of paper. The names brought a mix of surprise and misery. It was Heather, Alexis, and Jessica. All three had assigned me with their jobs. Their first jobs were to patrol the city until noon. Nothing happened, but I used this time to purchase a few items. A small doll for Delta to give Eleanor, a box of Green Tea for Jessica, (god knows why) but something was nagging me. I didn't know enough about Heather and Alexis to get them anything. Alexis seemed cut off from the other Big Sisters, so I got her a doll as well, in case she needed a friend. I couldn't think of anything for Heather, so I bought an envelope and put $60 in it as well as a note. A Big Daddy walking out of a store with colorful boxes handing on his belt was rather odd, but no one questioned a metal monster about what he carried. When noon came, I was walking back to the train station. As the train opened, at least ten girls in long white nightgowns stepped out. I assumed they were the Sisters without armor and scanned their faces. I found Alexis and stopped her with my hand, scaring her half to death. I handed her the present with her name on the wrapping paper. Once she had a hold of it, I lumbered into the train, rocking it slightly. I was about to close the door when I heard light, calm breathing. In the back of the car, two Sisters had fallen asleep against each other. I recognized Jessica and I assumed the other was Heather. I shook them awake. Jessica was out like a spent light bulb, but Heather woke up, "What? Are we there already?" her blond hair hung over one eye and reached the base of her neck. Her skin was so pale that she seemed like an attractive ghost. I carried them out to the bench and placed their gifts in their hands. "Christmas present" I groaned. Heather was now fully awake and observing where she was before noticing what I had given them. That makes three down, one to go.

End of Chapter 1

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