Set me free

"Now you be a good boy while I make dinner, okay? And I'll even give you some chicken! And I'll bring you some dip! But you'll get your white wittle whiskers dirty, but that's okay, because I'll get them clean, because you know why? Because I wubb you!" –Amelia, Castiel's owner squished him in her arms, while the cat gazed into nowhere completely unaffected by her words of affection.

It was Christmas evening, and it was as boring as ever.

He decided to set on the rug, by the warm fire, and began cleaning his fur viciously, trying to get that human's smell of him.

The human did feed him and take care of him, but it was such a bothersome creature, always pulling him by it's chest, coddling him, squishing him, pulling his ears.

And when he scratched it or bit it, the human had the nerve to be mad!

It'd put him outside on the porch, and mumble something.

It's how he met Dean, the raccoon.

He found him rummaging through the garbage.

He was startled by the unidentified creature and tried hissing him away. It pulled its head out of the garbage can, its eyes gleaming in the night, looking amused, not in the bit scared.

And soon a friendship blossomed.

Dean was the trouble maker of the duo, and Castiel was his conscious.

But now, on this cold winters night Dean was nowhere to be seen. His owner, Amelia the it, as Dean called her, found out that he had been playing with the raccoon, and permitted him from going outside anymore.

He missed Dean, even though he didn't want to admit it.

He cleaned his paws furiously, trying to concentrate on cleaning himself instead of the raccoon.

Which was fruitless, as he heard knocking on the window.

He hopped to the window, faster than he was willing to admit, tripping in on himself.

Plastered on the window's glass stood Dean, his paws smacking the glass, as if confused over the sudden border between the both of them. His eyes widened, pleased to see his friend.

"Come out, Cas! You wont believe what we'll find in the garbage this time!" –His voice came out muffled through the glass. He looked back to the kitchen to make sure that gruesome human wasn't listening.

"Cant." –He responded shortly, his wide blue eyes, downcast with sorrow.

"Why not?" –The raccoon seemed pissed at being denied.

"Human says you're bad influence." –Castiel replied sadly. He lifted his paws up to the glass and against the imprint of Dean's own bigger ones.

The raccoon stayed silent, eyeing their paws, their touch denied by the thin sheet of glass between.

"Do you want to go with me?" –The raccoon said hushed, almost embarrassed.

"Yes." –Castiel wiggled his tail in excitement, Dean's own tail copying the movement.

"Then wait."

And Castiel did, even though he was nervous about Dean's plan, he trusted him.

Soon enough, he saw Dean creeping through the floor, crawling quickly over to him.

"Dean?" –Castiel meow-ed in pleasant surprised.

"Shush." –Dean growled playfully, and scooped the little black cat in his arms, not minding its protests.

They spent the night hunting for food, playing in the snow, creeping into people's houses.

In the end they laid together, Castiel on top of Dean's back licking his fur clean, while they both watched the fireworks erupting above them.

"Cas?" –Dean voiced sleepily from below.

"Yes?" –Castiel stopped mid-lick to answer.

"You want to be my mate?" –Again he heard that drop of shyness that was ever so rare to witness in Dean.

"Yes." –He said decisively, purring in contempt as he settled more comfortable over the bigger creatures back.

They made quite the pair.

So I've been having this idea FOREVER in my head, and I just HAD to get it out of here! I dont know I always wanted a kitten!cas, raccoon!dean fic, and damn it I was gonna have it! :D