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She watches as he walks past her, with all his regal glory, sauntering along the velvet carpet. It endson the magnificent thrones, the middle of which he will be seating on after only a few more steps. She looks at his form, embedding it to memory: His combed-back blonde hair, his lean muscular form, his cape fit for a king—

She feels something so very light bubble inside of her and she is so so proud of him she feels like she is going to cry. She never does though, lest he will never stop teasing her about it.

He soon reaches his seat—one deserving only for the ruler of the land—and he stands before his subject: Handsome, strong, and proud.

Their eyes meet—emerald to cerulean—for one second and they smile.

This is it.

He is finally the King.

CHAPTER I: The Landing


Merlin Mitchell looked blankly outside the circular window only inches away from her cheeks. The beautiful scenery was the only thing that occupied her mind at the moment, and she did not care. She was going to live here now, it was best to brainwash herself into liking it. Her father lived there anyway, so maybe it would be easier.

Well, that was what she hoped.

Merlin lived her whole 17 years in Mobile, Alabama… with most of it with her mother. She sighed in an attempt to shoo the twinge of pain away. How she longed to see her again, to be surrounded by the motherly aura of assurance and protection she gave her.

Along with her mother's memory came the instinctive lifting of a strand of metal, hidden under her shirt. It was a pretty silver necklace with a huge emerald ring dangling gracefully as it hung.

The ring was said to be a family heirloom from her father's side, as her mother continually emphasized years before she passed. It was the most precious thing her parents left her, and it was not because it was pretty.

Her mother said it was especially made for her, which was odd since the ring was about several hundred years old. She just assumed that because the color of the stone matched her pea green eyes perfectly with its golden shoulder matching the golden-brown shade of her hair as well.

After staring at the expensive-looking artefact for several minutes, she gently placed it back to its hiding spot. Still, she could not stop holding on to it even when it was already covered with the cloth of her shirt. She continued to feel its form until she heard one of the cabin crew announce their landing.

And just like that: Her anxiety was washed away.

Like magic.


The airport was bustling with life, its structure full of movement. Merlin pulled her luggage mechanically as she looked around a different-looking airport until she reached the way outside.

She tried to ignore the unexplainable feeling she was having the moment she stepped foot on the country. It was a feeling of imposition. She usually hated being forced, but for some reason she didn't mind this one at all… which was why she tried her best to shake it off.

She smiled the instant she caught a sight of her new home. It held a totally different atmosphere than America. The place gave a feeling of tradition, culture, and familiarity.

'Familiarity?' She asked herself perplexed at that last thought. The last time she checked she had never been here before.

Yes, she had always questioned why her parents never took her in Europe when they were still with her considering her father actually lived there. But she always shook the curiosity away since her parents went too deep into brooding every time she gathered the courage to ask.

There was also the fact that her parents were obviously in love and spent their time together to the fullest. So she had no idea why they separated and why the topic was Taboo.

She was about to continue her trance when she noticed a few people staring at her.

How long has she been standing there?

She felt her face heat up and she flinched, quickly walking to the bus stop, hoping she wouldn't get anymore embarrassed on her way to her father's house.


Merlin stood there in front of her new house… or rather Mansion.

She knew about her father being a renowned scientist, but she never knew he was this rich. The man never really liked to brag, but now she knew how much of that was true.

She walked back to get a clearer view.

'It is obviously inspired by Medieval architecture. How cute.' She thought rather impressed and amused.

She was impressed because the Architect combined both Medieval and Modern Architecture so elegantly. It was mostly a modern design but it had a number of circular shapes and decorative arcades placed in all the right places. She was no Architect but she knew the one who designed her father's house was a genius.

She stared at it for a while longer, before letting out a grin. This was amusing because, well, she and her family seemed to have a knack for Medieval stuff. She in particular having interests on the Arthurian legend. She did not believe them; she just found them highly amusing. Her friends always wondered how much interested she was on the story yet treated it like some sort of joke.

She sighed at that though, mind inevitably going to her friends. She missed them and she just continued to stare at the building as if it could shake off any homesickness.

This was her home now, after all.

And she could feel it—the multitude of questions she tried to forget was slowly, but surely, creeping up back to her consciousness.

She breathed in, and decided to knock the door. And there was silence until she heard a faint creak coming from in front of her.

A tall good-looking man of about 40 excitedly opened the door, his pure black hair a bit longer and his bright cerulean eyes shining in glee. His excitement didn't turn to disappointment as the person outside the door was the one he was waiting for, for who knew how long. They both grinned widely at the sight of each other. He raised his arms for a hug and she gladly walks to him for an embrace, immediately after the door was fully opened.

"DAD!" She yelled happily earning herself an ever tighter bear hug.

"Hello dear, I'm glad you arrived safely and on time. I wish I could've accompanied you on your way here though…" He muttered. He offered, but Merlin knew by intuition that he had a lot of work to do so she assertively declined.

"It's fine, Old man." She answered and then looked around, this time to marvel the interior. She whistled.

"I didn't know you had this much money."

"Well, if you didn't refuse my expensive gifts all those years ago you probably would've realized."

"I like your books better."

He laughed. "I bet you do. Ah, speaking of Science… Congratulations!"


"You got the scholarship to the Imperial College!" He announced, beaming like the sun, and her eyes widened in similar delights.

"Really? Awesome!"

"But… are you sure you're going to take double Majors? University is much harder than High school."

"How rude, dad." She smirked. "If you could do it, so can I."

He chuckled heartily.

"I know you can." Merlin scoffed and the comment.

"For a genius, you sure are inconsistent." She stated with an eyebrow raised. "You're so weird…"

He scoffed. "Speak for yourself, kid."

After their little chat beside the door, the butler took her things and then her father guided her deeper into the house. She looked around and saw furniture that her mother would've loved. It had been six months since her death, but she still couldn't shake the feeling that there was something off with her death. They all said it was natural cause, and it wasn't that she didn't believe them… there was just something—a piece—missing.

She looked at her father who was opening the lights and ventilation in the living room; he seemed to have gotten over it somehow as well. She wondered if he pushed his friends away. She certainly did. She just allowed herself to contact the outside world again a few weeks before her departure to another country.

Merlin stared at nothing in particular. Now that it happened some time ago she was beginning to think of the events objectively to some degree, rather than mashing the memories all up to make a huge incoherent blob of images. An image of her father at the news of her death popped up. Her eyes widened in recollection.

Her father was definitely devastated at her mother's death, she could see it clearly—especially now that he was in front of her. He was devastated—yet he was not shocked. She could tell, because her father was rarely surprised: so his expressions when he was surprised were always notable.

Ben immediately noticed the change in the atmosphere.

"Merlin?" He asked with uncertainty in his voice.

"Dad, why weren't you shocked when Mom died?" She asked bluntly, trying to keep her anger in control.

"What are you talking about?" He responded, trying to feign innocence.

"Don't lie to me dad. You know that won't do you any good." She muttered. He didn't say anything.

"How could you even consider she wouldn't make it? Maybe that's why she died! How can you keep on living when you know your own husband believed you will die?"

Neither of them spoke for a while and her father looked into her eyes, and they both knew she would in no way back down from this. It could only go downhill from here, and it would depend on his choice on his steep it would be.

"It was no longer a matter of the mind, my dear. Both of us knew when her time will be, and we weren't wrong."

"Excuse me? I'm not sure if I heard that cor—"

"You did." He cut her off.

"What the bloody hell are you talking about? That you knew WHEN her life is going to end?" She responded incredulous at what she was hearing. Her father frowned deeply.

"It's fine that you don't believe it yet but—" He breathes in some air, and she flinches at the sudden surge of authority. "Don't make it sound as if I don't feel anything about it."

Still, she eventually cleared her throat, taking advantage of the silence that ensued afterwards."I'm sorry." she said, still couldn't shake the feeling of anxiety off. "But why do I feel like I'm so deep in the dark?"

He did not answer.

"But you really have to tell me what the hell is going on dad!"


"What?" She asked with an eyebrow raised.

"You'd have to find out for yourself."

"What kind of answ—"

"The moment you stepped foot in England, Merlin, signified the start of everything." He said prophetically sending shivers down her spine. She did not know what her father was saying, but she felt a part of her understood it. She looked at her father imploringly.

But it looked like no one was about to tell her what was going on...

The next day—2:00am in the morning to be exact—Merlin found herself groaning. Apparently, a day after she landed in the airport was the start of classes, and her father remembered during the most horrendous time of night.

'He sure does forget the most important things. How can he know all those formulas but not the start of school?' She asked herself, rather grimly. They made sure about it when they read the acceptance letter (precisely at 2:15am). The old man probably just saw the 'You are accepted' part of the letter and disregarded everything else.

Merlin sighed just before getting a glimpse of her new school. After examining the building, she decided that she liked it. She looked around seeing that most of the students were freshmen like her, albeit a year or two older.

She continued to follow the crowd. Soon enough she saw a sign and teachers leading the students to their respective faculties. She looked around and saw the sign 'Natural Science' and immediately gestured to go there. She managed to dodge most of the people in the way… except one.

But fortunately the said obstacle had enough reflexes to save her from a very humiliating fall.

"Sorry. I wasn't looking… are you hurt?" He asked her so anxiously that she abruptly shook her head in assurance.

"I'm really, really sorr—"The boy abruptly stopped talking as he managed to look at her. He stared at her for a while as if absorbing every detail of her face; Merlin stared back with a mix of curiosity and puzzlement. They stared at each other for a while. Merlin decided to look at him from head to toe. He was a tall boy with Jet-black hair wearing a blue polo shirt, slacks, and huge eyeglasses.

And there was also something very familiar with him.

He probably thought so too as he was gaping at her rather rudely.

"Excuse me?" She asked mystified at the boy's antics. The boy blinked and immediately shook his head.

"Have we met before?" He asked her and she shook her head and told him she just arrived in England a day prior.

"Ah. I see…" He muttered with a hint of disappointment that shocked them both. She just shrugged and decided to introduce herself despite the guy's weird antics.

"I'm Merlin. Nice to meet you."

"Merlin..?" He repeated and tilted his head away in wonder. The name was definitely pinching something inside him.

"Yeah…?" She responded lazily.

"Isn't that a boy's name?" He asked, not knowing how to answer.

"Yeah." She replied sending a surge of relief through him. He just avoided looking like a stupid fanatic. He decided to continue the topic.

He scratched his cheeks. "Why…? If you don't mind me asking…"

"I have no idea." She replied almost immediately, and he blinked.


"…" She stared at him waiting for something…

"Yes…?" The boy reacted at the sight of her stare.

"You do know that there's this rule stating that you have to introduce yourself to someone if that someone politely did so."

"Ah." He uttered and chuckled nervously. He stretched his hand for a handshake. "I'm Lancelot. Just call me Lance." He stated, smiling.

She gladly takes it with a smile. "Nice to meet you."



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CHAPTER II: The Stirring
Merlin arrives at school and bonds with a very familiar ebony-haired lad.


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