The Huntsman, The Scarecrow

& Four Monkeys

A Matthew Reilly Fan Fic Featuring Jack West, Shane Schofield and all their friends, plus a few more.

AN: All of this is set AFTER FGW and SCARECROW. I also do not own any of these characters created by the very talented Mr Reilly.


On Ellis Island Shane Schofield had settled into the day to day boredom of training wanna-be Marines, thankfully he had his old comrade in arms Mother. He was happy, to an extent. As happy as he could be after losing the woman he loved to a guillotine's blade. He had nightmares every night about it.

But today had heralded an oddity; he and Mother were called into the CO's conference room. The room was dark, half the lights were off and the blinds were drawn. The CO was there, as were two men in suits, one Schofield recognised the other he didn't and a fourth man who was right in the darkest part of the shadows, appeared to be dressed in civilian clothes, a jacket and jeans with well worn boots. The CO greeted them. 'Welcome Captain Schofield, Gunny Newman. I believe you already know Mr Fairfax,' David smiled at Schofield; they had been through a lot together. 'this is Agent Smith, he's with the NSA.'

'Hello Captain, Gunny.' He said politely but with no feeling.

'And finally we have Major Adams from,' the CO pause to turn and look at the man in the shadows, 'just where the hell are you from Major Adams?'

'Colonel I am afraid that is well above your pay grade.' Major Adams answered flatly his accent British but defiantly wasn't middle class nor educated, 'hell it's even above Agent Smith's pay grade.'

This was all very weird. Schofield cast a sideways glance at Mother; she was clearly thinking the same. Even David Fairfax was unsure as to what was going on. The British Major gestured for Agent Smith from the NSA to begin his briefing; 'Colonel Jones, Captain Schofield and Gunny Newman over the past decade there have been several astronomical events that have threatened to destroy our planet... twice, once in 2006 and later in 2008.' He let it hang in the air, 'but they have both been adverted by a small international team lead by an Australian Captain named Jack West Jr. Details of what happened are thin on the ground but he succeeded beating coalitions of 'Old Europe', the Caldwell Group which had the ear of Administration at the time and the suicidal Japanese Blood Brotherhood. Now it has come to light that Capt. West is being targeted by the Blood Brotherhood in an act of revenge. They have dispatched four assassins, known as the 4 Monkeys to kill him and retrieve the Pillars in his possession. The Government would not like to see that happen.'

'Where do we fit in then?' Mother asked.

It was the British Major who answered, 'I have put together a team to ensure Capt. West is kept alive and the Pillars in his safe keeping. I have 3 places on my team. You are two of them and the last is a person of your choice.'

'No need, my little Scarecrow causes enough destruction for 2' Mother said.

'Thanks Mother, but I still can't understand why you want me and Mother.' Schofield asked.

'Simple you have quite a CV, the securing and destruction of a 'spaceship' in Antarctica, recuing the President in Area7 as well as taking out a corrupt general and a rouge unit and stopped a bunch of greedy rich fuckers creating a nuclear holocaust. Oh and most importantly you sunk a French submarine, several state of the art fighters and an aircraft carrier. The French hate your ass and that impresses me.'

'That's all well and true but what about Mother?' Schofield asked.

'Well I can't ask the Scarecrow out to play without asking his Mother permission can I?' Adams smiled.

'Damn fucking straight Major!' Mother boomed.

Chapter 1

The modified Blackhawk chopper thundered low over the barren outback, completely invisible to radar thanks to its sloping angular bodywork and black radar absorbent paint job it was designed to covertly insert troops behind enemy lines. Schofield checked himself over for the 10th time, Mother sat beside him in the Blackhawk, 'Nice to be back into the game isn't it Scarecrow?'

'Yeah I guess it is Mother. Hopefully no gorillas.' He said half smiling.

'You still miss her don't you?' Mother asked softly.

'How can I not miss her Mother? I loved her more than anything in the world.' Scarecrow replied down heartedly, a small tear dripped down from behind his trademark wrap around shades. Mother wiped her gloved hand across his cheek removing all trace of it.

'I miss her too hot stuff.' Mother said smiling, despite her callsign (Motherfucker) she could be very kind and mother like at times.

Major Adams strode across the cabin towards Schofield and Mother, 'Captain, we're 5 minutes out and there is a sandstorm brewing. Sort yourself out and get ready to insert.' He said confidently. Schofield studied the mysterious Major Adams. He wasn't too tall, smoked a lot, fairly handsome in a rugged sense. He was dressed in body armour. Looking something like a Storm trooper from Star Wars but instead of being white his armour was standard British Desert pattern camouflage. He was armed with a HK XM8 prototype rifle with an shotgun underslung on it, 2 pistols in drop leg holsters and most curiously a rather large sword on his back. He wore a pair of sunglasses and a well worn dusty yellow shermagh wrapped around his head.

The rest of his team where dressed in a similar fashion; hi-tech armour, monocles, and shermaghs. One was armed the same as him, only one pistol though and a shotgun on her back and a M203 grenade launcher on the rifle, another had an XM8 LMG prototype. The pilot had an MP7, the final member of the team was also a woman. All she carried was a pistol, a big Desert Eagle like Schofield carried. She was short and had fake cat ears permanently on her head, she also seemed to be very close Major Adams.

'30seconds and we're gonna be in that storm Trig and then another minute until target zone.' The pilot said into her intercom.

'Ok boys and girls time to rock and roll!' Adams said pulling his shermagh over his mouth.