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"It's been a while since we spent time like this," said Cornelia as she lay on her back, the rays of sunlight streaming through her hair as her head rested upon her sister's knees. It was rare to have some time alone with Euphemia, having the burden to look after an occupied area with revolts constantly putting pressure on the economy. "There have been a lot of unexpected events since we came to Area Eleven." Lifting her hands up, she gently squeezed her sister's sides causing the princess to squeal childishly. "Haven't you put on weight from doing desk work?"

"Geez, Cornelia," whined Euphemia, the pink haired princess turning her attention to the garden that surrounded them. "Don't you think this garden resembles it? Queen Marianne's imperial villa?" These words forced Cornelia's features to harden slightly as she looked over her shoulder at the trimmed garden that she and her sister sat in.

"Since you mentioned it," said Cornelia analysing the area around her.

"Suzaku also took me to another rooftop garden recently," said Euphie which somewhat irked her sister's concentration. She didn't particularly like Euphie hanging around with an honorary Britannian but she didn't voice her opinion against it. Euphie was a much more forgiving sole than she was, and she wanted to keep it that way.

"Really, where was this?" asked Cornelia.

"At the school that Suzaku goes to, don't worry we went on the weekend so nobody would see me. It's not complete yet but I've seen the plans, they are identical to the Queen Marianne's garden, but only a certain spot." Cornelia rolled over to look at her sister as Euphie continued. "It's the spot where you, Nunnally, Lelouch and I used to play while Queen Marianne watched over us, the spot where Nunnally and I would argue about who got to marry Lelouch. You and her majesty would laugh at the way that Lelouch would blush and run off so he wouldn't give an answer."

"I remember," said Cornelia wearing a brief smile. "What point are you getting at?"

"The plans were written out by the Vice President of the school council, a teenager about my age," said Euphie at which point Cornelia's eyes widened in shock.

"Who was it?"

"It was made by a boy called Lelouch Lamperouge."

"Lelouch," repeated Cornelia trying to prevent herself from quivering. The fact that there was a possibility that her brother was alive almost felt like a stake was being driven through her heart. If it was true, then why hadn't they been heard of until now? Why hadn't a full scaled rescue mission been deployed in order to find the young prince and princess after the takeover of the area? "What of Nunnally?"

Euphemia's face twisted into one of sadness and Cornelia quickly realised that her sister had not been bold enough to ask the critical questions. A phone ringing quickly brought the two sisters back to the awareness of the world. Picking up her phone, Cornelia answered it not bothering to look at who was calling. "What is it?" she asked in a tone not befitting a princess.

"Ah Princess Cornelia, it is an honour to talk to you in person," replied the voice down the line.

"I ask you again, what is this call about?" said Cornelia trying to sound professional.

"We were calling on behalf of the museum wondering if Princess Euphemia would be available to choose a winning painting for the beginning of Arts Week set up by Prince Clovis," explained the man.

"No," replied Cornelia.

"But...but, but... is this not what Prince Clovis would want?"

"Tomorrow there is something much more urgent to attend to that I am certain our brother would appreciate a lot more than a winner for his arts show," replied Cornelia before disconnecting the call, not giving the man a chance to respond.

"Sister..." said Euphie in a soft voice as Cornelia was ringing another person.

"Darlton," she said down the line.

"Yes your highness, what do you need?" replied the knight.

"What does my schedule consist of tomorrow?"

"At the moment there is the execution of Tohdoh the Miracle worker alongside any possible threats that may come afterwards," replied Darlton.

"For any violence that comes around I want you and Guilford to handle it, as for the execution of Tohdoh have it postponed," she commanded.

"Postponed?" relied the confused voice.

"Postponed, because by the time the newspapers come in two days time there will be much more important news than the execution of a single eleven."


Lelouch sat upon a single stool as the class looked up at him, his mind replaying the newfound facts of the previous day's encounter with Mao and the relevant information about Suzaku he had learnt from it. The thought that a ten year old boy would go and kill his father in an attempt to end the war was something unheard of yet the son of the Japanese Prime Minister had done just that. His head tilted slightly to look at the honorary Britannian, something which was quickly picked up.

"Lelouch, don't move your face," said one of Lelouch's friends in Rivalz. Lelouch quickly was reminded of where he was as he sat in the centre of the rest of his classmates as they sketched his body onto their drawing pads as part of Arts Week.

"Sorry," said Lelouch as he tried to get back into the same position only to be corrected in his posture, his face now smiling at the women in a way which melted some of their hearts.

"The emotional look was better," said one of the students.

"Would it help if I took his shirt off?" suggested Rivalz which saw several random objects thrown at the blue haired teenager who was retreating to a corner of the room. As the barrage of objects ended he lifted his head to look outside just to see an entourage walking through the front gate. "Is that..."

"Attention students, everybody is hereby required to attend an emergency assembly in the hall, all lessons are herby postponed until further notice," came a voice over the intercom, causing all of the students to look around confused.

"Is this a drill?" asked Nina considering she had only just gotten to class.

"That was the student president's voice," said Shirley as she put down her artwork as her classmates did the same. "I wouldn't be surprised if this was for no real reason."

"Still," said Kallen with her weak persona in play, "There'd have to be some reason."

"Well we'll find out shortly," said Suzaku smiling as he started heading out of the room, following everyone else. Lelouch however was looking on from where he sat, his mind calculating again. The only reason he could think of for the student president to do something like this is that something big had come up, what however was the real question.

The walk down the hallway was filled with the noise of boisterous attempts of people trying to reason why they had been called away from class but each one sounded more preposterous than the last. Upon reaching the assembly hall the sound was doubled but it was to be expected as Lelouch made his way to the centre of the back row where Suzaku had sat. "Any ideas?" asked the student council member as Lelouch sat down beside him.

"Not really, still it's the president so anything is to be expected," said Lelouch as he watched Nunnally roll in and get pushed to the front of the auditorium. As the last of the students were seated, Milly made her way to the front of the stage.

"Everybody, thank you for getting here so quickly," said Milly trying to contain her excitement. "Ashford Academy has just received some very important visitors and I thought it only best that everyone was gathered in a single area to see why they were here. Anyways, it is my pleasure to present to you her Majesties, the third and second princesses of Britannia, Euphemia and Cornelia vi Britannia!"

The students tried to contain their excitement as they quickly stood up and saluted as their VIP's made their way on stage. Lelouch froze in place, unable to move from his seat as Kallen cursed wishing she had sat on the side of the isle in order to rush the stage and assassinate either of the two members of royalty. It was strange however as the first thing all of the students' heard come from the two princesses was from Euphemia.

"Nunnally?" she said recognising the wheelchair bound girl, the princess rushing off the stage to embrace the former princess.

"Sister Euphie," replied Nunnally in shock which caused everything to pause momentarily.

"Sister?" shouted all of the students before a few select heads twisted to Lelouch to find him sitting with his head in his hands as he tried to find a way to quickly escape this fate.

"Nunnally, it's good to see you again," said Cornelia comfortingly as she knelt beside her two sisters who were still in one another's embrace.

"Cornelia, it's nice to hear your voice," said Nunnally smiling broadly.

"If possible, I would like to continue this conversation in a more private place, but first," said Cornelia standing upright. "Where are you Lelouch?"

There was a slow silence as Lelouch got to his feet as everyone seemed to shrink around him, looking up at the former crown prince as he stood looking down at his sister. "Lelouch is a prince?" said several people including Shirley and Kallen. The walk down the hall was only for a few seconds but it felt like hours as everyone's eyes focused on him as he walked to the front of the auditorium to stop in front of the crowned princess.

"Lelouch," said Euphie with tears in her eyes as she leapt at the teenager, knocking him off of his feet and onto the carpet beneath him, Cornelia smiling at her siblings as her sister openly cried. Milly watched from atop the stage cheerfully having known of the former Prince's background. However she, Suzaku and Lelouch all quickly realised that things were quickly going to change.


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