Chapter 10 - "I Choose You"

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Lelouch sat within the confines of the lounge area having just witnessed one of the biggest jailbreaks in Britannian history. Down below, Cornelia lead her own private squad forward in an attempt to regain some lost honour but it would go highly unacknowledged in the yet to be written report.

It had all been over relatively quickly, the Black Knights attacked the compound, accompanied by members of the Four Holy Swords, in an attempt to rescue the highest profiled prisoner in 'Tohdoh of Miracles.' Needless to say, like any assault made by the Black Knights it had gone down with precision and with as few casualties as possible. They had stormed the area and busted Tohdoh out of prison, leaving behind the rest of the inmates before making their escape. Their one roadblock however had come in the form of Kururugi Suzaku, the honorary Britannian charging forward in Lancelot to make a difference to the battle.

But as Lelouch had planned, all of Suzaku's attacks came in a standardised pattern; the teenage boy used the same attack system as he had done on numerous occassions like a child using the same combo move in a game system. To most this would go highly unnoticed, but from the encounters between Suzaku and Lelouch the heir to the Britannian throne had been able to analyse it and use the Suzaku's strengths against him.

Lelouch stood up from his chair as he walked to the window, picking up a radio transmitter on the way through. "Cornelia, I'd say it'd be wise to forget chasing Zero for now," he said to his system over the private communication link.

"What makes you so sure?" responded the voice of Cornelia from inside her cockpit.

"The fact that this is Zero we're talking about, if you pursue him much further chances are you're going to fall into a trap of some kind," said Lelouch. For several seconds there was no response but as he watched the Britannian Knightmares come to a halt, he knew that his message had gotten through. He placed the radio on the table knowing that he would be out of suspicion's eye for a while, having been a witness to the battle that had taken place. He was not looking forward to the next day however, Darlton would not be in a happy mood and chances were that his frustrations would be taken out on Lelouch's petite frame during their next training session.

Apart from the devastation that would fill his body over the course of the next day, there were several other things he needed to think about. Due to a slight miscalculation on his part, Tohdoh had managed to hack off the top of the Lancelot's cockpit and reveal to the Black Knights that they had been fighting another Eleven. Not only that, but due to pre-arranged bookings the execution was meant to have been broadcast across Area Eleven to spread fear. Lelouch had planned on using this against the Britannians by showing the strength that the Black Knights possessed. Now however, everybody's thoughts would be upon the fact that Britannia had first off allowed an Eleven to man a Knightmare. It didn't matter if he was an honorary Britannian or not, this would give hope to other Eleven's that there was a future to be had if they followed the rules they were governed by. If there was anything positive to gain out of this scenario it would be that other Britannians could potentially lose trust in their government for allowing a non-Britannian citizen into the cockpit of a Knightmare in the first place.

Lelouch would have to be careful over the next couple of days, there was no real way of telling what would go on. Yet, he had an inkling thought that there would be real danger when Suzaku went to school the following day. While many of the other students would be wary of being around him more so than usual, chances were that one Kouzuki Kallen would attempt to bring her own redemption against the one she had fought against many times prior.

Sir Harold C. Granson

Age: 34

Rank: Commanding officer of the knights of the 4th Eastern Platoon

Martial Arts skill rating: 86%

Marksmanship rating: 92%

Knightmare stimulation score: 90%

Date of joining: 17/06/2010

Sir Charles L. Hudsen

Age: 19

Rank: Knight private of the 6th Western Platoon

Martial arts skill rating: 90%

Marksmanship rating: 88%

Knightmare stimulation score: 93%

Date of joining: 5/01/2017

* Hardly any experience though he excelled through each stimulation and shows signs of becoming an exceptional knight

Dame Courtney G. Summotson

Age: 23

Rank: Knight Private of the 4th Eastern Platoon

Martial arts skill rating: 87%

Marksmanship rating: 90%

Knightmare stimulation score: 86%

Date of joining: 27/07/2013

Sir John R. Hope

Age: 29
Rank: Colonel of the 6th Western Troop
Martial arts skill rating: 89%
Marksmanship rating: 96%
Knightmare stimulation score: 72%

Date of joining: 08/12/2009

Princess Euphemia sat on the end of her bed scowling, rested before her eyes was an oversized folder filled with pictures and names of men and women that her elder sister deemed worthy of becoming her knight. None of them seemed to interest her, sure they were all soldiers who had provided great honour and service to the Brittanian throne but the young princess didn't know a single one of them. How was she meant to form an alliance and place all of her trust in one of them? Wasn't that the whole point of the knighting system? These were all people that owed their loyalty to her sister, sure, they were of the same branch of the Brittanian royal family but everyone on the list would report her every actions to her sister.

She wanted to be herself, she wanted to make all of her own decisions and not regarded as Princess Cornelias' little sister. It was something that she couldn't bare to do, she didn't want to live in the shadows, she wanted to be remembered for doing great things and choosing one of her sister's warriors wouldn't be one of them. A Knight of Honour was meant to be with her almost all of the time and she could not even guarantee that she'd even get on with any of these had a genuine disinterest in the military which meant that unlike her sister, she didn't have the opportunity to get to know any of the men and women down in the barracks.

Boredly she pushed the folder of the end of her bed, none of these people would do and by now she was sick of looking. She just wanted to be normal for once and not have to worry about such boring and trivial things like selecting a Knight of Honour. Her hand hovered over the television remote for a few seconds before she turned it on, immediately it went to the channel which was broadcasting the execution of Todoh the miracle worker and the girl sighed. Her sister and brother were there currently, she had begged to join Lelouch but Cornelia had firmly refused and said that she needed to decide on who to have as her knight in order to attend such events. It was then when disaster struck and the young princess watched in horror as her brother was forced into the safety of one of Cornelia's men and her sister rushed off to fight those that disrupted the execution.

It seemed to be the black knights, she recognised the cape of the infamous Zero as he set Todoh free before Cornelia's eyes. Once again she sighed, knowing that her sister was going to be in a bad mood tonight. Minutes seemed to pass quickly as she now watched Todoh in the Knightmare Frame he recently acquired against the frame called the Lancelot, the fight seemed to be evenly match until the end. The young princess gasped as the miracle worker hacked of the top of the Lancelots cockpit before he retreated with the black knights. The whole of Britannia now could see that it wasn't a Britannian piloting the Knightmare frame, no, it was Suzako Kururugi who turned a sheepish white colour when his face was revealed to the world.

It was then when Euphy truly decided who her Knight of Honour was going to be, none of those men or women she could trust but Suzako... she could. Suzako has been there for her and she couldn't doubt his loyalty. He was perfect, it was though he was born for this role. She couldn't see anyone else being there beside her, though now she had to just convince him somehow and then she would need to gain her sister's support. That was what she was dreading, though this wasn't about Cornelia, this was about her safety. If only she could count on Cornelia's support,yet she still held onto stereotypical views of the 'numbers'. To her, this felt right, Suzaku Kururugi excelled at everything that a Knight of Honour should. He was perfect.

Her throat burned with anger as stared at that face, she knew him all along and she could have taken that damn Kururugi boy out a long time ago. If only Zero left him to be executed, then she would never have had to fight that boy in that machine, if only she knew that it was him who caused her all of this trouble. Was this why Zero was so keen to save and recruit him? Was he aware of Kururugi's piloting abilities? Surely not, or he would have said something to her, she was Kallen Kouzuki, one of his most trusted recruits and his Q1.

If it wasn't for Zero's command to retreat, she would have finished what Todoh couldn't. The man, though a legend and an inspiration to her, was a fool for pausing after seeing his ex pupil fighting against him. Kururugi could have finished him, though he had to be surprised that his identity was out to the world. She couldn't wait till she saw him at school tomorrow, then maybe she could finish the job she'd been trying to do for a few months. The old prime minister's son was going to fall, either from her hand or the hand of Britannia itself.

Justice had to be served.

Suzaku couldn't believe it, here he was in the Viceroy's palace waiting for Princess Cornelia to take action. Word was that the Britannian nobility wasn't too fond of the idea of a number piloting a Knightmare Frame, not just any Knightmare Frame but one of the most powerful that had ever been created. If he was in their position, he could see why this revelation might cause an uproar, to them he was just another eleven and possibly a terrorist. Though he wasn't and the princess knew that he was one of the only ones capable of piloting that expensive frame. Time seemed to go slowly, he watched as her personal assistants answer the constant ringing of the phones before moving in and out of her office to explain the many situations that were occurring right now.

"Suzaku!" He heard a petite and familiar voice yell from a distance. The young Japanese boy turned his head to the opening, there standing in the middle of the archway was Princess Euphemia, looking slightly out of breath.

"Princess, what are you doing here?" He asked as he stood from his chair and knelt before her. He rose shortly after as he gazed into her lilac eyes.

"I want you Suzaku." She gulped as she felt more then his eyes move onto her. Sweat dripped down her face as her hands trembled as the eleven boy looked shocked. She was also panicking, but all that mattered now was Suzaku's response, she didn't even notice the crowd which had gathered to witness the spectacle. "I want you to be my Knight of Honour."

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