E/O Challenge: Grill

Gotta Be More Specific

The neon sign advertising "Joes Bar and Grill" flashed intermittently as they entered. Disembowelled bodies lay slumped over tables or sprawled on the blood spattered floor. The low-guttural growl emanating from the kitchen indicated that the monster had not left; was still snacking on human flesh.

Crashing through the half-open door they opened fire, peppering the jet-black-furred creature with silver bullets. Moments later it was dead, human features already beginning to reappear.

The Winchesters stared at what little remained of the bar's owner.

"I bet Joe wishes he'd been more specific about his "all you can eat" challenge," Dean smirked.


I know, I know – I'm sorry. Not very original use of the WOW, but my muse is feeling lazy this week!