Tezuka x OC

Tezuka sighed as he glared at the 'Closed' sign on the door. It seemed like everyone was closing up early on Christmas Eve so they could go and be with their families. His family was all the way back in Japan while he's stuck in Germany. His flight earlier that day was cancelled, so now he's staying in a hotel downtown in hopes to catch a flight in the morning.

Still, Tezuka was irritated that all of the indoor tennis courts were closed so he couldn't even do anything to pass the time. The courts outside were covered in ice and snow so he wouldn't be able to play anyhow. It seemed as if the world had conspired against him in an effort to keep him from practicing.

With one last glance at the empty building, Tezuka forced himself to move from his spot to walk towards the park. Even if the courts were iced over he could still enjoy the peace that the area would give him. Surely everyone would be indoors enjoying the night's festivities with their families.

"Careful girly, I just might bite back," a rough voice threatens from the alley Tezuka was about to pass.

… He did say surely.

"Try it!" The girl's voice snarled as she struggled in the man's grip.

"Come now, it's Christmas Eve so you should spread the love," the man whispered creepily as he leaned closer to the girl.

Tezuka stepped closer to see that the man was scruffy, possibly drunk, and more than twice the age of the girl he was holding up by her throat. The girl was probably around his age with blonde hair and she wore a light blue winter coat with a white scarf. He looked at it for a few more seconds before he had had enough of the man's gruesome antics. He quickly made his way to them.

"Back off," he threatened as he stood protectively in front of the panting girl.

The man grinned maniacally, unperturbed by the interruption. "Now now, we can share," the man with beady black eyes suggested which boiled Tezuka's blood,.

"Leave," he said calmly while his eyes burned with hatred toward the middle-aged drunk.

Without another word and only one hateful look, the man scurried off and Tezuka turned towards the girl who was standing behind him. She opened her eyes to reveal a hazel color which surprised him. He had expected a blue color, much like other Germans in this area.

"Thank you for saving me," she said in English.

It was then that Tezuka realized that she wasn't German. "Aa. Are you American?" He asked, also in English.

She blinked, surprised that he had deduced that so quickly. Smiling, she told him, "Yes. I take it that you're not German either."

"Yes, I'm Japanese," he replied while he looked over the injuries she sustained from the attack. "Does your neck feel alright?"

Surprised again, she touched her neck. "I think I'll be fine. It's probably just some bruising."

"Aa," he replied, allowing her to lead him out of the alley.

She turned to her savior and stuck her hand out. "I'm Amelia Koshner," she introduced herself.

"Kunimitsu Tezuka," he said as he shook her hand.

She smiled thoughtfully. "Kunimitsu... What a cute name!" She blushed lightly upon realizing that she had said it out loud. "Oh! I hope I didn't offend you," she looked at him worriedly, but he shook his head no and his heart skipped a beat when she smiled at him again.

"Good," she breathed as she led him down the road towards the park. "Would you like some coffee or anything?" She asked as they briefly stood outside of a vendor stall.

He politely declined with a shake of his head, but she ordered two coffees anyway.

"Just in case you change your mind," she told him before sipping out of one of the cups.

They walked further into the park and sat on a bench overlooking the frozen pond. All of the trees and grass had snow covering it and he couldn't help but compare it to a winter wonderland. In Japan, they didn't have these kinds of trees and Tezuka would miss these moments.

"So, why are you out all alone on Christmas Eve?" She asked him before taking another sip of her coffee. Tezuka only replied with a small stare that said 'Why don't you tell me why you are'.

"Oh don't give me that crap," she irritably replied. "If you won't tell me then why should I tell you?"

He sighed, instantly reminded of Kikumaru and his childish antics. Although this girl was more mature than his teammate he couldn't help but give in. "My flight was cancelled."

Amelia's eyes widened in surprise. "The flight back to Japan? I suppose that's possible with all of the hale we've been getting recently. Were your friends and family upset?"

Tezuka's eyes widened at a fraction. This girl was worried about his friends and family without even knowing them. Would she be concerned if she knew he was living alone in Germany as well?

"They're fine," he replied dully and she pouted.

"My family would be freaking out if I was stuck in a country without anyone I knew," she told him, annoyed. "But when they're here with me, they don't seem to care what I do," she mumbled sadly.

Tezuka frowned at his companion next to him. Family should always care about you, no matter where you are. Sometimes his teammates worry about him enough for his family ten times over. He idly wondered what Inui's data would be on that.

"Oh, they love and care about me," she quickly explained at seeing Tezuka's frown. "But sometimes they just don't understand me and I need to get away. Like today for instance, I told them I would be staying at a friend's house. They don't know I don't have any friends yet, because we just moved here two months ago."

Tezuka was surprised that she was purposefully out here alone. What was she thinking? She had nowhere to go for the night and still decided to come out here anyway! His thoughts stopped when he heard her speak again.

"Kunimitsu," she whispered quietly. "Am I such a pathetic person to not have any friends?"

He frowned down at her. She wasn't pathetic; just lonely. He was in the same position as her once before and now he felt drawn to her. What was it that made him stay even though he could've left at any point? Was it because she was attacked? Did he feel a responsibility? Or was it because his heart was telling him to?

"No," he silently told her with a single look.

"Maybe I don't need friends," she decided.

"Everyone needs friends, but sometimes... we need a little more than that," he reassured her. Again, his heart beat raced when she looked at him and smiled.

"How much is a little more?" She asked as her cheeks turned a light shade of pink.

"Saa," he said while his lips turned up in the corners. His eyes conveyed to her what he couldn't speak: 'We could find out'.

Her smiled widened as she handed him the extra coffee and wordlessly said, 'Let's start with this'.

Both of them felt their hearts beat at a fast, but steady pace as they talked quietly throughout the night, not minding the cold one bit. When they departed, with the promise of meeting once again when Tezuka returned, they both thought that this year was the best Christmas ever.