Well I'm back with the next chapter in my story series. This next story is going to be more mellow instead of just plain chaotic. I have put a lot of thought into what this story is going to cover. The main focus point being Twilight's pregnancy, that's pretty much the story right there, but there are other focus points as well but those are pretty much irrelevant at the moment. This story is rated M purely because I don't quite know where I'm going to go with yet. A key component in understanding the story is to read the previous story as it ends where this one begins. Write a comment and tell me what you think. So with that all established, I'm just going to start with the story.

The road home was horrible. Twilight walked with her head down and tears in her eyes. Nopony had said anything to her as for the purpose of trying to calm her down. "Twilight are you sure you don't want to sleep?" Fluttershy asked in a sympathetic voice. Twilight said nothing but merely shook her head to say no. Her heart was heavy and her mind was full. It was like a big part of her life had died. Who has she kidding, that's exactly what happened. She didn't know what to think or say. She continued to walk along side her friends as they made their way back to Ponyville. She suddenly felt woozy and felt her feet fall out from underneath her. She collapsed to the cold forest ground. "Twilight," everypony had yelled as she fainted.

When she awoke she felt the ground shift. Opening her eyes fully now she had seen that she was perched over Big Macintosh's back as they traveled home. "Um… Big Mac can you stop for a second so I can get off," Twilight asked as she stretched her legs. "Sorry Miss Twilight but Fluttershy told me not to let y'all off ma back." He said back to her. She decided again that she was going to try and fall back asleep. As she closed her eyes, she felt the cool wind blowing across her coat which made her shudder. After a few minutes she finally fell into a soft sleep. As he carried her, Big Macintosh felt her shake and whimper while she slept. "Uh…Fluttershy," he said nervously as he stopped walking. Fluttershy turned around and started walking toward him. She looked at the sleeping Twilight as she was shaking violently. "She's having a nightmare," Fluttershy said. "Should we wake her up?" Rarity said walking back to see what everypony was looking at. "Maybe we should just let her sleep." Fluttershy said still looking back at the unicorn on Macintosh's back. Twilight was now tearing along with the whimpers and shaking. "We can't she's sufferin'," Applejack said. "I can't even imagine what's happening in her head." Fluttershy said.

Inside of her mind, her most traumatic memories were running rampant. The only things that she could see were the horrible events of the past hours. She was basically reliving the night knowing of the terrible events to come and still couldn't do anything to stop or change them and that was killing her. In her dream she watched Red Dawn get stabbed and have his wings shattered by Abyss and like always she could just stand there and watch it happen right in front of her eyes. As he was about to stab her, Red Dawn would propel himself into him, cause the two to fly out the window and fall to their deaths. She would then listen and hear Red Dawn speak to her before he died. She then would then relive the whole thing all over again.

"Twilight wake up," Pinkie said as she gently shook Twilight as to wake her up. Twilight felt sweet relief as she was taken from her recurring nightmare. She slowly opened her eyes to see her friends looking down at her. "I'm sorry, was I dreaming?" Twilight asked. "Sugar cube you were having some kind of horrible nightmare," Applejack said back. Pinkie got close to her and put her hoof around Twilight's neck. "Were you dreaming about Re… "Pinkie," Rainbow Dash yelled at her cutting her off. Pinkie shrugged off, knowing that she screwed up. Twilight nodded slightly as she still tearing up. "Twilight do you want still lay down?" Fluttershy asked. "No I might fall back asleep," she had said frightened. "Okay let's get going." Rainbow Dash said hovering off the ground with Angel Cake on her back. Twilight didn't say anything as they walked. Rarity looked back to her and whispered something into Pinkie's ear. "Okay I'll ask Rainbow Dash." Pinkie said bouncing off to where she was hovering. "Rainbow Dash," Pinkie whispered as to silently get her attention. Rainbow Dash returned to Earth. As she did Pinkie went over to her and whispered something in her ear. "Yeah that's probably a good idea." Rainbow Dash said. Pinkie walked over to where Twilight was walking. "Um Twilight," "Yeah Pinkie Pie," Twilight said back still sniffling. "Do you want to spend the night at our house?" Pinkie asked. "Um…Okay," Twilight said walking behind her as they made their way into Ponyville. It was very late when they returned. There were hardly any lights on, a less than six ponies in the street. One of these ponies was Cheerilee who happily made her way over to them. "Hello, I see you got Angel Cake back. Everypony said nothing. Cheerilee starting looking over the ponies before she noticed that one of them was missing. The realization hit Cheerilee like a ton of bricks. She said nothing after that. Pinkie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight began to walk toward their house. As they walked past Cheerilee they stopped and talked to her. "Cheerilee if you really want a foal, there is a little abandoned unicorn filly that really needs a home." Twilight said. Cheerilee began to glow as she walked home to make accommodations for the possible new resident at her home.

As Twilight slept she was having a different dream. This time it was her that was in pain. She looked around and saw that she was in some type of forest. She knew this because she was surrounded by trees. She let out a scream as the immense pain coming from the lower part of her body had begun to grow even stronger. "Somepony help me!" She yelled out, but no one came. She looked around and saw that she was alone. The pain suddenly stopped and the noise that once came from her screams of pain had been replaced by crying.

She woke up and still heard the crying. She got up and opened the door of the room that she was currently staying in. She walked into the hall and saw Pinkie in the hall holding a crying Angel Cake. She saw Pinkie put the foal to her teat. Twilight walked over to her as the sound of crying had been replaced by the sounds of suckling. "Hi Twilight," Pinkie said in a tired voice. It was obvious that she had been sleeping when she was woken up by Angel Cake. "Hi Pinkie, can use your bathroom?" She asked. "Sure it's right in here." Pinkie said pointing to a door with her hoof. Twilight broke into a light sprint toward the door. She went to the sink and turned on the cold water. She splashed some on her face. The frigid chill felt great on her face. All of a sudden a horrible feeling came over her and before she could do anything she threw up in the sink. She groaned when she finished. She felt she was going to do it again. Before it happened again she moved over to the toilet and lifted the seat. Just in time before she vomited again. She didn't know whether she was vomited because off her trauma or her morning sickness that was starting to take effect. In the next room over, the sounds of Twilight had woken up Rainbow Dash. "Is she gonna be alright?" Pinkie asked. "Yeah, if you don't remember you went through morning sickness too." Rainbow Dash replied. "Yeah but never for 45 minutes," Pinkie replied taking Angel Cake from her teat. Angel Cake started to cry. "Dashie she's still hungry and I'm all out, would you mind?" Pinkie said handing the filly to Rainbow Dash. "Nope, not at all," Rainbow said talking Angel Cake and putting her to her teat. "I swear, this the most spoiled filly ever." Rainbow Dash said. "Yep mom runs out of milk, and the other mommy has plenty." Pinkie said back with a light laugh. Pinkie took this opportunity to go see Twilight. Twilight was miserable; she had vomited over ten times and showed no sign of stopping. At this point she was just dry heaving. Pinkie slowly had her way over to her and started patting her back. "Are you alright Twi?" Pinkie asked. Twilight wanted to snap on her but held her tongue. "No Pinkie, I'm not." That's all Twilight said before vomiting yet again. Luckily after that it appeared that Twilight was finished vomiting. She said good night to Pinkie and Rainbow Dash before walking back into her room and lying down in her bed. She thought to herself and examined all the possible things that she could do. While she did this, she felt the foal moving around inside of her. She sighed and said "What are we going to do?" Even though she had more support from her friends she felt lonelier than ever before. She knew that she had to speak with Celestia. Not with a letter though, face to face.

Well there you go Chapter one done. This story is going to be a bit longer than the others, mostly because it won't be just about Twilight, but her friends as well. I don't yet know where this story is going, but I will tell you just be patient, this story will get going soon. Anyway tell me what you think of this with a review. Till the next time I update, Adios.