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Emma's first action after coming in from a night of wrangling bail cheats was to pour herself a glass of scotch. She idly flung her purse on the sofa and lent against the window frame. Across the street was a giant bill board advertising Beauty and the Beast. Dare to Believe in Happy Ever After. She rolled her eyes and drained her glass.

Another birthday alone, she sighed crossing over to her tiny kitchen counter to blow out the tiny candle on her store bought cupcake. Her eyes flickered back to the bill board before she snorted and flicked the candle in the bin.

"Hello?" her door banged just as she took a bite of the cup cake. She frowned and crossed to open the door.

"Hi there," a brown haired little boy grinned up at her before pushing past her. "I've been waiting on you all night."

"Whoa kid! Anyone tell you its dangerous to barge into strangers apartments?" Emma said following the kid confused "not to mention rude."

"You're not a stranger, you're my mom," the boy said seating himself on one of her kitchen stools and taking off his yellow backpack.

And just like that Emma Swan's story really began.


"You can't be serious," Emma frowned at the child with her eyebrow raised sceptically "you're trying to tell me that I'm a princess descended from Snow White and Prince Charming but that a curse sent me here to this world by an Evil Queen to punish them and you're my son who's also a prince?"

"Yeah," the kid, Henry apparently, nodded "obviously I'm a prince since you're a princess and my mom, duh."

"Kid that is just plain crazy," Emma stared him down dumbfounded that anyone could believe this crap.

"I already gave you the tests results. Our DNA matches and your name is listed on the adoption forms," Henry impatiently waved towards the papers on the counter.

"Okay, those I'll give you for now until I can check it out myself," Emma nodded to the papers. How reliable was an internet agency anyway. "The adoption was supposed to be a closed one so i don't know how you got a hold of those papers."

"They were sent to me along with this," Henry pulled out a thick book that had seen better days from his backpack and set it on the island with a thud. Emma lent over to get a better look at the book suddenly glad she had changed. When she had first come home she had been in her red dress that made her cleavage and legs look like they were both determined to win the most skin award along with her fuck me heels. Both things she didn't feel right wearing in front of a ten year old regardless if he turned out to be her son or not. She opted for her more comfortable attire of white tank top comfortable jeans and her long boots that stopped just under the knee plus her red leather jacket because she had every intention of taking this kid home.

"It's just a fairy tale book," Emma shook her head not seeing the importance.

"It's more than that," Henry's voice was begging her to understand "it's the truth," he said earnestly.

The way he looked at her, they had the same eyes. Well not completely, his were earnest and vulnerable. Soft in a way she hadn't been in years. "Okay kid, if you say so," she looked away "I've got to get you back home. Where do you live?"

"I'm not going back there!" Henry snapped "you don't know what my life is like! It's a horrible mess and it's not supposed to be! This is my chance to change it!"

"Things don't change!" She snapped herself whipping her head back to pin Henry with her cutting gaze "life's horrible kid! It doesn't get better! The only thing that changes is the horror! You just have to find the one you can live with!" She stood up kicking the stool back so hard it fell over. She grabbed the story book and the boy's bag that was still in his lap trying to pack his crap away. "Don't tell me your life is hard, sitting there in your nice clothes with your round cheeks and good shoes! You don't know what hard is."

"Yes I do! You have to believe me-!" Henry began to fight with her over the bag and book until they both had a hold of them "this is our chance to change it all and have a happy ending! If only you would-!"

"-There's no such thing as a happy-!" Emma cried out as they both tugged at the book ripping it. She was knocked back as a white light seemed to pour out of the book and punch her in the face.


"...Uhhnnn, oww," Emma groaned as she lifted a heavy hand to shield her eyes against the sun. Her hand flopped down over her eyes and she groaned as she basically hit herself in the face. It all came rushing back to her and she jerked upright "Henry? Henry?"

She looked about furiously. They seemed to be in the middle of a forest road and in the middle of the day judging by how strong the sun shone. She was still clutching a yellow backpack and lying in the white gravel a little further away from her was half the kids torn book. Sprawled on the other side of the road was Henry.

"Kid!" She yelled scrambling up and stumbling over to him still unsteady on her feet. "Kid, are you alright? Jesus Christ still be breathing," she prayed falling down and pressing an ear to his chest.

"Oh thank God," she breathed as Henry groaned.

"What happened?" He asked as she helped him to sit up.

"I was kinda hoping you could tell me," She said looking around the forest at a loss.

"We're here!" Henry shouted suddenly energised and scrambling to his feet with his half of the book in his hand. "Look! Look! It's just like the forest in the book!" He said excitedly flicking through the pages before thrusting his half at her and running to pick up the other discarded bit.

Emma studying the pictures in the book and there was indeed a forest "it looks like every other forest kid, green and with trees."

Henry wrinkled his face at her in an expression she had never seen before. She definitely couldn't be his mother. There was no way she could make a face like that. "Don't be so cynical. Have you a better explanation why we're in the middle of a forest in daylight when we were in your city apartment at night?" He sounded so smug she wanted to clip his ears.

"Well," she cast furiously around in her mind for an explanation but had to give up with shrug "we could be dead," she said in a sudden last ditch effort. Henry looked at her dead pan and she conceded that that had been an idiotic thing to say. "Well what do we do now?" Wait why was she asking a ten year old?

"We find Snow White and Prince Charming," Henry said without hesitating making his way back to her. He took the backpack from her and put the ripped book in it before zipping it up with a determined nod.

"Okay kid," Emma rolled her eyes "this is what we're actually going to do. I'm still not convince we're in the fairy place but we need to find a village or someplace with people and find out where we are. We can make a real plan after that," she muttered the last bit to herself.

"Yeah, sure, whatever," she swore to god that the kid sounded like he was patronising her "this way!" He sat off down the road.

"Hey! Why that way!" She called after him.

"Because we're the hero's they don't get lost," he called back. Yep, definitely patronising. Little shit. She ran to catch up with him anyway.


"...and then when we get to the palace they'll see who we are and throw a big parade and a welcome home party," Henry said swinging a stick he'd pick up somewhere along the road.

"Sure, kid," she agreed automatically still looking around the road. She didn't like the forest. She was a city girl through and through and couldn't shake the feeling that something was hiding in the trees. "Any idea when this is going to happen, I'm starved."

"Here," Henry said taking a chocolate bar out of his backpack and offering it to her "I was going to save it for later but I don't want anything bad to happen to you."

"Oh," she went quiet and took it with surprise. "Thanks," she said looking at him a little stunned. He smiled back widely and continued on swinging his stick.

"Don't worry something's bound to happen. Hero's don't get to go walking in the woods without something happening," she was sure that was supposed to be reassuring from the look on the kids face but it had the opposite effect.

"Look! Something exciting!" Henry pointed forward and she tore her gaze away from him to look.

"Crap I had to say something didn't I?" She said grabbing hold of Henry's shoulder and leading him off the road as four horsemen made their way towards them. They were all riding black horses and wearing black. Not the best thing to wear if they wanted to blend into the forest. Her grip tightened on Henry.

Well she wanted to talk to people but judging them purely on looks these weren't the sort that would be helpful. They drew closer and she could see they were actually wearing armour and had honest to goodness swords and bows on their back. Two even carried spears.

Best case scenario she had been blow across country and landed in a renaissance fair or in the middle of some hard core LARPing action or worst case the boy was totally right and they were in the book and those guys would be the stereotypical bad guys. She eyed the riders and glared. When had she ever been dealt the best case scenario?

"Henry get off the road," She ordered pushing him ahead of her.

"What? Why?" he asked resisting a little.

"I don't like the look of these guys," she gave him a hard jerk to stop him fighting and more roughly thrust him forward into the forest.


"Shit," she mumbled tempted to pick the boy up and sprint into an all out run.

"Stop in the name of the Queen!"

An arrow whizzed past her but they were almost at the trees. Horses couldn't follow them into the trees could they? Pain exploded at the side of her head and she was sent staggering.

"Emma!" she heard the cry a little fuzzily as her vision swam.

"Well done scout," She was grabbed roughly and spun around to face a broad black chest. Her double vision faded so that she was looking at only one armoured man with too much eye shadow and gorgeous high cheekbones that were wasted on men. "What do we have here?"

"They're dressed strangely, sir," A man still on horseback offered.

"You're one to talk," Henry snapped wriggling against the man that was holding him. He was holding a sling so he must have been the same bastard that had smacked her on the side of her head.

"Shut up brat!" The man cuffed Henry around the ears.

"Leave him alone," she growled. She wasn't letting anyone hit the kid especially since she hadn't got to.

"I would be more worried why you were trespassing on Her Majesty's private road," the man holding her give her a shake to bring her attention back to him. He had a stupidly tall metal hat helmet thing so she assumed he was the leader.

"Please," she said trying to seem placating. Not her strong suit. "We were out for a walk and got lost. That's all. If you could put us back on the right road we'd be grateful. We didn't mean any harm."

"Out for a walk?" the leader sneered "to where? the closest village is two days away."

Emma thought furiously but couldn't come up with a name. Her eyes darted to Henry hoping he had some telepathic powers that he just hadn't used yet and could send her a name of a fairytale village. "We've been lost for days. I don't know these parts so well."

The leaders eyes narrowed but it was one of the men still on horseback that spoke up. "Them funny clothes, they could be from the South. Strange fashion they gots down there."

"If they're from the south that means they're Snow White's spies," The leader let go off one of her arms and started to drag her to his horse. "Search them."

She snapped her free hand down on his weakened grip and drove her elbow into the leader's neck. He stumbled back spluttering and holding his throat. The two men on horse back made frantic moves to dismount but she was already charging the guy still holding Henry. "Run Henry!" she cried as she tackled him.


Go! She thought as she wrestled with the much heavier man. She wouldn't be able to hold him for-a boot to her side sent her sprawling and another soon followed.

"Get the bitch!" Came a horse cry before more booted feet rained down.

"Leave her alone!"

"Away, brat!" the sound of a smack was heard.

"Captain look at this! The book! Isn't it-"

"Fire and tar, it is!" there was a sudden stop in the pain before her head was yanked back and she saw the grinning face of the Captain. "You're going to wish we had killed you."

She was always doing rash things. Being impulsive had made her homeless at fourteen and pregnant at twenty but it hadn't killed her. So why stop now? She head butted him and broke his nose. "Bet you wish you didn't get so close to me, huh?" Was the last thing she remembered for a long time.


She had been in enough handcuffs to know when her hands were restrained by them even if they were behind her back. These cuffs felt heavier and seemed to be linked to her feet that were being dragged limply across the floor. Two men held her at either side and she could just about make out the Captain stalking ahead of them his cape snapping imperiously behind him.

"...'s so gay," she mumbled her lips feeling twice their size and weight. Her face was swollen on one side and she couldn't really open her left eye. But she was alive and she had got used to calling that a win long ago.

She was relieved to hear Henry insulting the guards behind her. Not the smartest thing in the world to do. He could be her son after all then.

"Your Highness forgive my interruption but I've found something that I think you would be keenly interested in," the Captains voice took on a smooth quality that he obviously saved for sucking up Emma thought.

"'Keenly interested?' Captain Azzeazal you are more of an idiot than I thought if you assume you have any idea of what would 'keenly interest' me." Now that voice was worth taking note off. It was rich and dangerous wrapped in smooth silk that took on a cutting edge as she addressed the Captain. "But let's hope I've overestimated you idiocy as your wagering your life by interrupting me and my honoured guest by assuming you know what 'keenly interests' me."

"Ah, yes," Emma could hear the Captain swallow as he lost his nerve. But something told her that he couldn't back out now. He thought so too and with a clench of his fist and a nod to himself he stood aside and unveiled her to the Queens eyes.

Evil Queen you've just won yourself a brand new beat up bail bondsman! And that's not all! You've also won her might be, might not, biological son! Careful he's prone to boughts of delusion...just like his mother wouldn't you say?

The game show voice went spiralling through Emma's fogged up head before she could stop it. Maybe she had a concussion. Or was crazy.

"And what's this?" The Queen drew herself upright looking unimpressed with her. That's fine she wasn't so impressed herself. The Evil Queen because who else could it be, dressed in all black including leather pants, a corset and what looked like a cape with matching guards and a sneer that could strip paint? Her luck wouldn't allow her to be anyone else.

"It's not them my Queen, it's what they had with them," the Captain pulled out both halves of the book from Henry's backpack and the Queen gasped.

"It seems Captain," she murmured laying a hand reverently on the books cover "that you are not as big an idiot as I had imagined."

"My Queen," He sounded so pleased at that that if Emma could have she would have rolled her eyes.

"Its ripped and some pages seem to be missing but it is the 'Fairy Tale Anthology.' I thought the light had lost that years ago but lo' and behold here it sits in my grasp," her smile was small and more for herself but sent chills down Emma's spine maybe because of that. "You said they had it?"

Her gaze turned towards Emma suddenly and she wished she was in better shape to meet the challenge. The Evil Queen looked her up and down assessing her and Emma glared back at her the only defiant thing she could do at the moment. The Queen didn't seem impressed.

"And who are they?" The Queen's tone was idle and ponderous.

"We found them on your private road just before the royal orchard, you Highness," the Captain eagerly filled in the story of their encounter. Left out the bit where she broke his nose she noticed.

"They are dressed is strange," The Queen noted after he had finished.

"Well, your pony tail is stupid," she shot back. The Queen's head jerked in surprise at being insulted.

"Seriously?" Henry shot at her. His face conveying that insulting the Evil Queen might not be the smartest thing to do. Well tough, she either had a concussion or a death wish either way it impaired her rational thoughts.

"Obviously guardsman you didn't hit her hard enough," The Queen sneered before turning her back and seating herself in a chair that had been turned to face them. They seemed to be in a parlour of sorts but it was all black and white with the only colour coming from the roaring fire that the Queens back was now to. Another chair was still facing the fire and it was towards that the Queen turned. "What do you make of this Maleficent, dear?"

"Me? Oh, nothing," Came a much sweeter voice that sent all the hairs on Emma's arms to stand up. The other witch sounded bored but that just made Emma straighten up wearily. The guard on her left smacked her across the head at the movement. "I've retired from all this political hoo ha, you know that dear."

"Indulge me," The Queen's voice held steel and it was obvious that there was no choice involved.

"Very well," the other woman sighed with faked indulgence "for my oldest friend of course," she stood up and turned. The other woman was a mass of blonde curls and had a crown of curved horns on her head. She dressed in various degrees of purple robes and seemed to float towards Emma.

"Whoa," Henry echoed her thoughts.

Maleficent smiled at him enjoying his stunned look. "Now let's see what we have here," she said before crouching down. She folded her skirts about herself before she took Emma's face in her hand. "Let her go, you hulking lugs are in my light," immediately the guards released her but she didn't fall forward like she expected she would. Instead she floated there suspended by Maleficent's light touch.

"Better," she murmured softly. Her eyes were a deep dark blue and her lips were pink like they had just been bit. Emma wanted to "ah-ah," Maleficent drew away gently. Had she just tried to kiss-? No! No way. She must have suffered worse trauma than she thought.

"Laying it on a bit thick aren't we dear? They're not used to your cloying presence," The Queen called from her chair and Emma could feel her glare.

Maleficent's eyes flashed with annoyance before going back to their dark waters. "You're just mad I've never taught you that trick." The Queen huffed dismissively behind her. "Anyway," Maleficent said pointedly "let's clean your face up a bit sweetie and see what you are."

Emma could feel a tingling as Maleficent's other hand stroked her face softly. Eventually her head began to clear and she could feel the swelling in her face going down. "There now all better," Maleficent smiled. The smile dropped abruptly and she drew away. Emma immediately felt the loss of warmth and wanted to cry out. Shear force of will stopped her. That wasn't good. She didn't like being told what to do never mind how to feel. She frowned furiously at the other woman who now drew back.

"What? What is it?" The Queen leaned forward eagerly clearly reading her friends body language.

"Look at her, look at her face," Maleficent looked back and forth between her and the Queen. "All of you get out!" She whirled on the guards and there was a blast as they flew backwards. Emma's hair was blown back but the force seemed to flow around her and Henry rather than at them. There was a loud bang as the doors were slammed shut leaving only the Queen, Captain Azzeazal and Maleficent in the room with them.

"There had better be a good reason for you using your magic on my guards, Maleficent or I'll have your head on my battlements friend or no!" The Queen surged to her feet but Maleficent simply drew back her body once again regaining her floating playfulness.

"Oh, dear, after you see the resemblance you will be thanking me that we're the only ones who know," her eyes flickered to Captain Azzeazal "you're still here Captain because that book you hold nullifies all magic. Decide dear if you trust him enough to hear this."

The Queen cast her eyes over the Captain who stood ridged with tension before she nodded. "He has always been loyal to me."

"And I always will My Queen," he said with an oily bow.

Emma did rolled her eyes this time. "Same mannerisms too," Maleficent smiled catching her eye roll she went to stand behind Emma and Emma felt hands run through her hair combing it away from her face. "Now picture this pretty face with those gorgeous cheek bones and scowling mouth but with brown hair and without that likable chin dimple."

"Maleficent," The Queen growled warningly.

"She's Snow Whites daughter," Maleficent grinned at the sudden dead silence "told you it was for a good reason."


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