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This here is a re-write…I've had a lot of trouble with chapter 9 and am going to change things in the beginning stages to fit better. I feel the way his training was going, he was getting to strong, I want to change that slightly.

Naruto proved to be able to come up with genius plans on the battlefield but was brain dead everywhere else, he just wanted attention and to be noticed. What if he decided to do that by becoming the strongest shinobi he could. As Kiri's Phantom Blade.

I also want to say that we all know that Naruto is a chakra powerhouse, he can make hundreds if not thousands of shadow clones, a Jutsu made a Kinjutsu for the sole reason of excessive chakra consumption. So he should be able to throw out hundreds of C and B-rank Ninjutsu with out problems, not to mention dozens of A and a few S-rank.

I am making it eighteen months until the Chunin exams. Chunin are supposed to be leaders, how can you lead C-rank missions when you have only been on a few, or in cannon Team Seven, One.

Sasuke will have his good and bad moments, that is all I will say. Sasuke will hate Naruto. Here is a kid whose dream is to kill someone who graduated top of his class of twelve year olds when he was 6 or 7. The fact that Naruto competes with him when they are the same age will…annoy him.

"Tailed beast talk/Calling out Jutsu/Demonic speech of some sort."

Written text

"Normal speech."


Kiri's Phantom Blade

Chapter 1

And so fell, the sword of fate

Nine year old Naruto Uzumaki, dressed in his rather…unique, orange jumpsuit was walking down the street after failing his review test at the academy. All the while grumbling about his failure.

"Who cares what the Shodaime Hokage's bloodline was, I'll be better than he ever could be without a bloodline. Tch. What difference does what element is weak against fire, make when my Jutsu will be so strong it will over power it anyway!"

Naruto's grumbling was interrupted when he kicked a large rock and stumbled onto his hands and knees. Nobody on the street paid any attention to him, like always.

Normally he would get up and start shouting out loud, just hoping for some sign of acknowledgment, that maybe, just maybe, someone cared.

However, for once he didn't care. Lying on the ground in front of him was several pieces of paper. On the top was a picture of a man with short black hair, a Kiri headband, sideways on his head, bandages covering his mouth and nose, no shirt, and black and white camouflage pants.

The thing that stood out the most though, was his sword. It was big, really big. It almost looked like a giant butcher knife.

Naruto picked up the papers and ran to his apartment as fast as he could.

When he got there he started reading, he had trouble understanding a lot of it for several reasons. The main one, because it was written for high level ninja, not 9 year old academy students. The other being that he usually didn't like to read, he never got acknowledged for reading…

RANK: High A- Low S

NAME: Zabuza Momochi

ALIAS: Demon of the Hidden Mist

UNIT: Seven Swordsmen of the Mist/ANBU

DESCRIPTION: Zabuza Momochi, 2nd strongest of the Seven Swordsmen. Greatest user of the Silent Killing Jutsu to ever come from Kiri. Also specializes inKenjutsuand Water Ninjutsu.

However, avoid a Kenjutsu fight, wields blade known as Kubikiribocho. A seven foot long, Butcher knife like sword

Outside of Kenjutsu, prefers water Ninjutsu. High stamina, Abnormally large chakra reserves.

STATUS: Missing Ninja

CHARGES: Attempted assassination on Yondaime Mizukage at start of Bloodline Purge.

NOTES: Like most of Kirigakure, Momochi is known to be particularly brutal in his battles. At the young age of 9, before he even entered the academy, he murdered the entire graduating class.


-Silent Killing Jutsu: Technique involves moving silently, as well as using advanced senses to kill any enemy before they are aware of what is happening.


-Water Release: Hidden Mist Jutsu: Uses surrounding water to create mist so thick that it is unable to be seen through. Commonly used in collaboration with Silent Killing.


-Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Jutsu: Creates large water dragon that shoots water bullets at high velocity toward target.


-Water Release: Water Prison Jutsu: Traps enemy in orb of water.

NOTE: Physical contact must be maintained with prison.


-Water Release: Water Clone Jutsu: Creates solid clone made of water, possessing 1/10th of original's strength, speed and intelligence.


-Water Release: Great Waterfall Jutsu: Gathers nearby water to several dozen meters above user and sends it crashing onto target.


It was at that moment that Naruto's overactive imagination got flowing. He easily saw himself standing on a lake, a giant dragon made of water flowing around him. Of course, in his hands was a sword that was as big as he was…

With the help of Iruka-sensei and Old Man Sarutobi it just might happen.

Nobody would ever know how much the Shinobi world was changed that day.

Not to much changed here, I just refined what I had.

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