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Chapter 14

Enter the Snake's Den

Mei sighed tiredly as she looked at the team in front of her.

'Damn it! Are they strong enough for this?'

Standing in front of her desk were five of the strongest ninja in Kiri.

'We really are pathetic right now, aren't we? Some of our Genin are stronger than a lot of our Jonin.'

Shaking her head in an attempt to clear her thoughts, Mei took a good look at each of the ninja in front of her.

Naruto Uzumaki- Recently promoted Chunin with vast chakra reserves, impressive Ninjutsu and only Zabuza could wield Kubikiribocho better. Haku Momochi-Uzumaki- Genin by technicality but extremely skilled, very few Jonin could match her full speed and even she, herself had difficulty outpacing the girl when she used her newest Jutsu. Add that to Nuibari and you have one dangerous Kunoichi. Chojuro-He was another very gifted Genin by technicality. Even if it was only for three weeks, he trained under the legendary Mangetsu Hozuki himself, his Ninjutsu is nothing to scoff at and his skill with Hiramekarei was beyond impressive, especially when you factor in his age of only 14. Zabuza Momochi- Enough said, the Legendary Demon of the Bloody Mist himself, an A, borderline S-rank ninja with nearly unmatched stealth and Kenjutsu. His water Ninjutsu is some of the best in the world and the undoubtedly the best of those currently in Kiri and his chakra reserves are only beaten out by Naruto's. Finally, Ao- The only member that wasn't a swordsman, but the best sensor Kiri had. He was a solid A-rank ninja and knew how to beat Orochimaru if it came down to a fight.

Mei sighed.

'I truly hope everything turns out ok… I don't know if Kiri could recover from such a loss.'

"We have discovered the location of Suigetsu Hozuki. The thought dead brother of Mangetsu…"

Zabuza and Chojuro both shifted, paying even closer attention.


'Damn brat…'

"It was discovered that he is in the clutches of Orochimaru, kept prisoner at a base in the Land of Rice-Paddies."

Zabuza spoke up, his voice deathly serious.

"Will Orochimaru be there?"

Mei sighed again.

"It's possible… That is why I chose this team. Your team should have no problem dealing with the soldiers while, if necessary, you and Ao deal with Orochimaru. Each person here, excels at our Silent Killing Jutsu, allowing a wide spread mist to be used without hindering you at all. That is, after all the specialty of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, and one of the true keys to their power."

All five nodded in understanding, but the Genin couldn't shake the slight bit of fear from the minds. They were confident, but not insane. Zabuza however, was grinning like a madman.

*Orochimaru's Northern Base

"So, Sasuke-kun was too much for the Sound Four…"

Orochimaru sat on his throne-like stone chair, his fingers tapping the armrest as he considered everything that would occur.

"I shall wait, if he will not join willingly, I cannot keep him yet. I will only need a month to prepare his body but won't be able to switch for three years. Kabuto, I would like you to put all your efforts in finding a cure for Kimmimaru. I have no doubt that I will need his strength at my side in the future."

Kabuto's eyes widened slightly.

"B-but Orochimaru-sama, I can't…I tried…"

An intense, evil wave of killing intent passed over Kabuto, the silver haired medic could hardly breathe.

"I will assign all of your current projects to Karin. If you still can't do it, then kindly find me a medic who can, and slit your throat to save me the trouble of doing it myself."

The fear was clearly seen in Kabuto's eyes.

"I will get to work immediately Orochimaru-sama."

The Snake Sannin watched, uninterested as Kabuto left. Slowly, a smirk crossed his face as something came to mind.

'I wonder who Kiri will send to their death this time. The last team was oh so pitiful.'

Orochimaru idly turned to the monitor that easily picked up the ravenous beasts roving around the hide out.

*With Sasuke

"Sasuke Uchiha, how do you plead?"

Sasuke sat in the council chambers, his head held high as he was surrounded by several of the highest ranking officials Konoha had to offer. The Hokage was looking at him with a stern expression.

"Guilty, to all charges, Hokage-sama."

The old man looked at the boy in front of him with scrutiny.

"Anbu, take Sasuke Uchiha to the holding cells while we deliberate."

In a flash, two Anbu operatives appeared at Sasuke's side, guiding him out of the room.

The Hokage looked around the room at the officials in attendance, several clan heads, his own teammates, Danzo, not to mention Tsunade and Jiraiya.

"The floor is open."

Shikaku thought for a few seconds before speaking.

"The boy never tried to deceive us of his plans, even going so far as to admit to them when as far as he knew, we had no source of information. On top of that, he submitted to a mind-walk by the Yamanaka clan, which if I remember correctly, was proven to be clean. The boy possesses a lot of hate, but it is all directed at his brother."

Homura countered the lazy genius.

"I for one am not comfortable, putting a potential traitor in the ninja forces; betrayal is an active possibility without encouraging ninja who have a history of it."

*45 Minutes Later

The Hokage waved his arm.

"Anbu, retrieve Sasuke Uchiha."

Not a minute later, Sasuke walked into the room, his head still held high.

"In light of our discussions, we have decided on your sentence."

Sasuke's fists clenched slightly.

"You are to be placed under three months of probation, forbidding you from stepping foot on any form of ninja property, including Konoha owned training grounds. At which point, should you comply, you will be reinstated to Team Seven, under Hatake Kakashi. This will only be possible should you agree to submit bi-annual psych evaluations."

Sasuke nodded, while he was upset, it could and should, have been much worse.

*Border of Land of Hot Water and Land of Sound

Five cloaked figures moved silently through the trees, making no sound, leaving no prints.

The one at the head of the group help his arms out, his team on either side able to see the signs he made. Approximate ETA 10 minutes

No response was needed as the five continued.

The five passed in and then out of a small village, with no one even noticing.

Slowly, one of the five began to pick up speed, coming to the front of the formation and taking position of leader, both hands out to signal the rest of the formation. Halt in…3…2…1…halt

In an instant, the group stopped, each perched on a separate branch.

The 'leader' seemed to scan the area for a few minutes before his hands began working to tell them what they were up against.

Approximately 250 targets ranging from academy student to low Jonin in chakra. No sign of Orochimaru.

The leader held out a hand and pointed at one of the others. He merely responded with a nod.

While moving silently, he dropped to the ground, not making even the slightest noise. Right at the entrance of the base, he places two scrolls, the kanji for water plain as day. Forming the ram seal, he made the proper preparations.

'Sealing Art: Release!'

Water was silently flowing from the scrolls, running down the stairs and into the base.

He silently flashed through a few hand seals.

'Water Release: Hidden Mist Jutsu!'

Soon, all the water from the scrolls was converted into a deep mist and the man performing the task smiled and he pulled the cloak off his body, it would have revealed the golden blond hair of Naruto, if not for the mist.

'I hate these damn things, they make fighting so much harder…How the Anbu does it, I'll never know.'

Silently, another figure approached his side. He immediately recognized Haku and was wondering why she was there.

Her hand went into several hand signs.

I'm relieving you

Though he wasn't sure why, he understood and fell back.

The second Haku approached the gate, she understood Ao's reasoning. The hall was only four feet wide, if Naruto used Kubikiribocho, he would hit the side. Nuibari was much more suited to the task at hand.

Silently, she approached the two guards, who-according to Ao-were probably average Chunin. They had gone back to back the second the mist descended into the tunnel. They were afraid.

"Do you see anything bro?"

The other Chunin was barely able to get his shaking under control to reply.


A grunt was all he got for a reply as one drew a kunai, ready to fight.

Haku merely walked around them, several time and they were none the wiser.

'Forgive me.'

With but a pull over her sword, wire came from all directions, the thin, sharp metal cutting deeply into the nin's skin. However, they could do nothing as they were hoisted up, an excessive amount of blood leaking from their necks as they were crucified, still back to back.

'Nuibari: Wire Crucifixion'

With the signal, of three light tabs of her blade against her shoe, the rest of the team was silently at her side in a second.

Ao, having removed his cloak as well, seemed to be peering around.

"All clear until we get to what looks like a holding room."

Zabuza nodded.

"Good, phase 1, complete, Naruto, begin phase two."

With a nod, the blond focused his chakra into the water system of the entire base, every ounce of water he came into contact with, turned to a thick debilitating mist.

Several minutes later, Ao nodded.

"Good, it worked. There isn't a clear room in this base."

Naruto nodded and released his Jutsu, as long as no one interfered with it, the mist would stay for a few hours.

Though he couldn't see it, Haku flashed Naruto a smile while Chojuro clasped his shoulder. As the five began to run, it didn't take long until they were staring at a giant door that looked like it belonged on a bank vault.

"Ao, what's the situation?"

The blue haired man took a second, scanning everything within range.

"From what I can tell, there are roughly 100 combatants of various strength behind these doors. However, there could be more, my range does not reach the back of the room."

'Something that I will be rectifying as soon as I can get some time for training.'

The members of the Swordsmen seemed to be in thought before Zabuza shrugged, his sword slicing through the giant door like it wasn't even there.

"Standing here won't help at all."

In an instant, the five were ready for battle.

Ao couldn't stop himself from ranting.

"Damn it, back in my day we actually had a plan when we went into battle. Not this half-cocked, sad excuse for a strategy."

One more slice, followed by a kick and the door that kept them from completing their mission was gone.

However, none of them were ready for what they saw, the room was full of…monsters… no two looked alike, each a killing machine in their own way.

Most looked to be based off one animal or another, some seemed like birds while others looked like dogs. However, they each gave off a foul chakra that simply oozed death.

It didn't take long at all for the mists from the two different rooms to collide, blocking off the little visibility that was available.

At first, it seemed as though the beasts were unable to use any sense but sight. They didn't even move when the door was cut down, they only saw them twitch before the mists collided.

*Orochimaru's Northern Base

The Snake Sannin looked at the misty blue screens of the monitors with a frown.

"Hmm, those who failed to overcome the second form of the curse seal, lost all semblance of sanity. They no longer process sound, smell or touch. If only I had foreseen them using the Hidden Mist Jutsu…"

The frown was slowly replaced with a smirk.

"Oh wait, I did. Kabuto, activate the Sound Base's ventilation system."

The silver haired medic who was standing to Orochimaru's side nodded with a smirk. He made his way over to a series of buttons and levers on the wall, moving to one, he switched the lever up.

*With Swordsmen

Ao stood, confused.

"They don't seem to even acknowledge that we're here… What the hell?"

Zabuza was not known for his patience or tact.

"Who the fuck cares!? Let's just kill them all!"

A loud hum got all of their attention.

"What the hell is that?"

Slowly, the mist had begun to thin out, slowly, the beasts were becoming visible.

Ao had his eyes focused up.

"It seems to be some sort of filtration system, pulling the mist out, filtering it and pumping fresh air back in…"

Suddenly, one hundred pairs of eyes had locked onto them, the beasts varied, however they all appeared dangerous and hungry.

Zabuza had a smile of insane glee on his face.

"This is my favorite part! Just sit this one out, I'll show you why they call me the Demon of the Bloody Mist!"

Without waiting for a response, the older man charged, a single swing of his zanbatou and seven of the creatures fell to the ground, cut in half. The red mist of the blood seemed to linger in the air.


A giant, tiger like creature swiped its claws at the 'demon', only to have its arm cut off. The other arm followed, finally the head came next.


In less than five minutes, Zabuza was surrounded by the bisected bodies of every beast-like creature in the room. It seemed as though the bloody mist refused to leave, giving the room a gory atmosphere. The large swordsman was covered in the blood of his enemies, looking every bit the demon his name made him out to be.

*With Sasuke


Sasuke stood, a ball of lightning forming in his hand, across the field were a dozen wooden targets that looked worn out.


Sasuke swiped the attack across and it broke off into dozens of smaller attacks, unfortunately, they went everywhere, and when they hit, nothing happened.

"Damn, I'm getting closer."

After looking at what his last attack did, the last Uchiha made his way over to a tree, leaning against it, he grabbed one of the scrolls from the pile.

Perfecting Shape Manipulation

'I managed to turn the Chidori from just a ball into something like a blade but this attack is seeming incredibly hard.'

The sound of feet hitting the ground caused the boy to look up.

"What's up, Kakashi-sensei?"

The silver haired Jonin smiled.

"Just wondering what you were doing. I thought you weren't allowed to train."

A smirk crossed Sasuke's face.

"Nope, I confirmed it with Hokage-sama. I'm not allowed to train on Konoha owned training grounds. The Uchiha clan technically owns this one."

Kakashi nodded sagely, as though he was aware.

"Ah, yes. I just wanted to make sure you were keeping to your punishment."

Though the last part was said with a smile, it was gone quickly, replaced with a serious look.

"Sasuke, I have no doubt that you will be able to beat Itachi, but don't try until you are ready. You can't help anyone if you're dead."

With that, the legendary Jonin was gone and Sasuke was forced to stand there, thinking about what he had said.

*With Orochimaru

Kabuto looked at the screen with amusement dancing in his eyes.

"Well, well, well…He sure does know how to put on a show, very impressive. I thought you said even all of them wouldn't make it passed the first door."

Orochimaru just glanced at him out of the corner of his eye but it was enough to get the point across.

"I apologize for my impudence, Orochimaru-sama. However, I can't help but believe it was a mistake to not pursue the man further."

The Snake-like eyes of Orochimaru focused on both, Kabuto and the screens in front of him.

"Yes, it was a mistake on my part. One cannot blame me for overlooking the effectiveness of wielding such an ungodly piece of steel. Activate the first trap, things are just getting interesting."

Kabuto knew his next words could be his last, so he wisely kept his mouth shut as he moved over to the wall of levers again, throwing a different one down.

*With Swordsmen

Naruto gave an impressed whistle when he saw the state of the area.

'Man, I knew Zabuza was strong, but that is impressive. I've never seen him like this.'

Ao was attempting to look down each corridor with no success.

"My range is not enough to see the end of any of the tunnels, in the distance I can see, there is only scattered enemies in any direction."

The five found themselves standing in front of the two tunnels, trying to decide which one to take first.

A glow behind them gathered their attention.

Looking back, they saw a symbol on the ground, one they all recognized.

"Exploding tag!"

Each of the five jumped forward, into the tunnels, hoping for some sort of cover.


As they ran, they turned, only to see a wall of fire coming at them, Haku and Chojuro stopped.

Chojuro slammed his sword into the ground.

"Hiramekarei: Unlease!"

Haku flashed through several hand seals as the fire got closer.

"Ice Release: Ice Wall Jutsu!"

In two separate tunnels, the flame was stopped, one by a pale blue energy coming from Hiramekarei, the other by a wall of ice, one of the most powerful kekkai genkai of Kiri.

Slowly, both Haku and Chojuro turned, what they saw concerned them greatly.

Chojuro saw the worried figures of Zabuza and Ao, each holding the hand seals for a water wall, the two glanced at each other and nodded.

"Well done Chojuro. Very quick thinking, I don't know if a simple water wall would have worked."

A blush crossed the blue haired teens face.

Haku turned around and only saw Naruto, his hands, too, in the seals for a water wall.

"Good job Haku, I just hope the others are alright."

The two began to make their way that they came from, hoping to meet up with the others, they were quickly disappointed when they came to a wall of rock.

"The explosion collapsed the base…I hope the tunnels didn't get damaged."

Zabuza and Ao inspected the wall of rock in front of them, Ao did not look happy.

"Hmm, Naruto and Haku seem to be fine, they are at the edge of my range so it is blurry, but they're alive. There is probably 200 feet of rock in front of us, we're not going that way."

Zabuza crossed his arms, a glare on his face.

"If we can't go back, then our only option is forward."

'You better keep her safe, Brat.'

Haku threw her sword through the chests of three of the creatures, quickly coming around and stabbing them all again in the leg. With a pull of the wire, they were pulled together, as they struggled harder, they only succeeded in slowly killing themselves as arteries and organs were severed, cut and destroyed.

Haku turned to look at Naruto who was whistling happily as he walked, she couldn't help but give him an annoyed glare.

"You do know you could help, right?"

One smile later and her annoyance was melted away.

"Why can't I get mad at you!?"

His smile only widened.

"Because you love me!"

Haku shook her head as she continued to lead the way. Though she wouldn't admit it, she was proud that he would let her lead the way.

'He truly believes in my strength.'

Mei had told her earlier, that one of the biggest problems in relationships between ninja, is always wanting to fight in the other's stead, wanting to keep the other safe. This caused a lack of trust between the two, often tearing the relationship apart. However, he seemed just fine with letting her fight her own battles.

With a flick of her wrist, another bundle was made, and there didn't appear to be any more of the beasts.

Naruto continued to walk, by now his hands were resting behind his head, a proud smile on his face. Haku couldn't help but blush slightly.

Ao's palm slammed into another of the beasts' foreheads, liquefying what was left of their brain.

Just as the blue haired Jonin was about to turn around and strike down another of the beasts, Zabuza appeared, a kunai in his hand and a bloodthirsty grin on his face.

The 'demon' rammed the kunai into the beast's neck, practically ripping its head off. The man's grin never wavered.

Chojuro was forced to stand there and watch.

'Not enough room for three people to fight in this little tunnel.'

Chojuro watched in awe as the two A-rank ninja systematically tore through the strange, beast like creatures. Ao with a sense of methodical precision while Zabuza wielded one of kiri's curved kunai like a madman, cutting into muscle and bone before finishing the job by ripping off appendages with raw power.

'I'm getting stronger, but I still have a long way to go.'

The bloody trial seemed to come to an end when the tunnel opened up into a very large room.

Chojuro was looking around with a sense of wonder, he couldn't believe something so large could exist underground, the roof was over fifty feet at the peak, not to mention is was probably two hundred yards wide. It was a giant dome.

"What is this place?"

Zabuza's eyes were narrowed as he too looked around, the bloodthirsty grin never leaving his face.

Ao was, as always the most logical, he quickly noticed the wooden dummies near the back walls and the scorch marks around the area.

"It seems to a training ground."

Slowly, the ground in the center of the dome began to crack, only Ao noticed the flash of a seal in the center.

After several more seconds, the ground exploded in a shower of dirt and rock. In the center of the room, was a simple wooden coffin and Chojuro was confused.

"What the? What is that?"

After not receiving an answer, Chojuro turned to the two men, only to be shocked when they both displayed fear. Their eyes were staring at the coffin with horror. Carved in the center of the coffin was a single kanji, the number 4.

*With Naruto and Haku

Without a sound, Haku landed next to Naruto, she was breathing rather heavily, blood dripping from Nuibari and onto the floor.

Haku stared impassively at one of the beasts, he was currently tied against one of the many cave supports, several wraps of wire, ensuring he doesn't go anywhere.

"Nuibari: Wire Decapitation!"

Haku gave Nuibari a pull, the wire around the creature's neck constricted, blood began to pool and the creature really started to struggle before one sharp pull, and the wire pulled tight, slicing through skin, muscle and bone until nothing was left, the creature's head fell to the ground in a squelch.

The two shared a look before sharing a nod and continuing forward.

The two looked around when they entered a room, it seemed like dozens of giant test tubes.

"What could go in here?"

Haku shrugged as they continued to look around.

"Maybe their making poisons in vast quantities…"

Naruto shrugged as they continued to walk, at least until they walked passed a particular tube.

"Well, well, well, what in the world is a couple of Kiri Shinobi doing in a place like this?"

The voice held no hostility, mere playfulness, like a lion playing with a gazelle. Unfortunately, the lion would need to keep searching if he was after an easy prey.

In an instant, Naruto's eyes became hard.

"Suigetsu Hozuki I presume?"

However, the voice barely even acknowledged his words.

"And not just any ninja, Ninja Swordsmen… Kubikiribocho, always was my favorite, there isn't a sword in this world that has tasted more blood than her. However, I can't ignore the elegant and equally deadly Nuibari. The wielder ain't half bad either, looking good girly."

A growl escaped the lips of Naruto, he obviously wasn't happy with that.

"Oh, got a crush on your teammate? Don't worry, I'll make sure I treat her good."

For the first time, a face appeared in the water, it was foggy and difficult to see but it was there, the smirk was easy to see.

Haku is sure she saw the face's eyes widen when Kubikiribocho cut through his head. Water began pouring from the slash in the tank, when it was finally empty, a figure began to form, right behind Naruto. Naruto didn't bother to move, merely resting the tip of Kubikiribocho against the ground.

Slowly, Suigetsu formed, his finger held to Naruto's head like a gun while his right hand reached around, grabbing the long hilt of Kubikiribocho.

"Give me the sword, kid. I have a dream to reach, and you just so happen to be holding step one."

*With Orochimaru

"Kukukuku, I must say, this is a pleasant surprise. Kabuto, delay the bomb in the holding room. I never expected little Suigetsu to be so against going with the Kiri Ninja."

The silver haired medic nodded as he moved some of the levers around. When he was done, he approached his master, curiosity on his face.

"I must ask, Orochimaru-sama, why did you leave Suigetsu?"

A downright baleful smirk came across Orochimaru's face before it dimmed slightly.

"He is difficult to move. He must be kept in his tank or he will use his Hydrification Jutsu and disappear. That is, after all, how he escaped every time in the past."

Kabuto's cautious nature caused his mind to start working.

'He's is usually so proud of his plans, but now he's hiding something… But what?'

Kabuto's attention made its way to the screen with Zabuza's team.

'This will be a short fight. Nobody in that team will be capable of capturing or defeating the Yondaime.'

*Iwa's Council Chambers

"We have no choice then, we must declare war!"

Onoki looked to the head of the Renga clan with a sigh, his soft, almost disappointed reply cut through the chambers like a knife through butter.

"Has Iwa truly fallen so far?"

The previously loud chambers were silent, everyone was waiting for the Tsuchikage to continue.

"Tell me, Yuukei, how many Konoha ninja did your clan kill during the last war?"

The man stood, showing off his impressive height. He was over six foot, over two hundred pounds of pure muscle. He wore a standard jonin uniform and like most members of his clan, he had brown hair and green eyes.

"846 confirmed, 142 unconfirmed and we ended the careers of 71 of those bastards!"

Onoki nodded, he figured the man would know the exact number, that was the Renga clan for you.

"Would you like to know my number?"

Everyone in the room silently nodded, usually Onoki called the meeting and said what needed to be said and he was gone, however, this time he was going to force the info on them if he needed.

"6814…each and every one of them unconfirmed. There was nothing left of them to confirm."

The entire room was silenced by that. It was amazing that one man, even as passed his prime as Onoki could even hold as much power.

Even the leader of the Renga clan looked shocked.

"We claim that the Yellow Flash was a monster, but his number, is less than half of mine."

The head of the Kamizuru clan stood, his expression unreadable.

"Why are you informing us of this, after all these years?"

Onoki sighed but before he could speak, the doors to the chamber burst open.

Acting like the seasoned ninja they were, everyone in the chambers were ready to attack in an instant. However, they quickly noticed who it was. The Tsuchikage's face went red with anger.

"What the hell is the meaning of this, Kutsuchi!?"

The teen stepped forward and bowed to his the old man.

"I apologize grandfather, but when Kurotsuchi told me what this meeting was involving, I knew I had to speak up or Iwa could be making a huge mistake!"

Onoki and the rest of the councilors looked at the boy like he was crazy but they shrugged and allowed him to speak.

"Tell me something, if you were walking through a hospital and came across the wife of Naruto Uzumaki and she was about to be kidnapped, tortured, experimented on, and probably killed, would any of you lift a finger to help?"

The silence was deafening and the answer was obvious.

"Before the Chunin exams, I doubt I would have either. If you don't mind, Grandfather, I'd like to make this my mission report as well."

Onoki was confused; however the fact that Kutsuchi spent the invasion in the hospital was a little disconcerting for the old man. He simply nodded to the boy.

"After I had lost to Naruto Uzumaki in the Chunin exam finals, I was transported to the Shinobi hospital where I was treated for several broken bones, severe electrical burns and chakra exhaustion. When they were done, I was fully healed, but still needed to recover my chakra. That was when I heard the explosions and battles begin. I heard what sounded like combat outside my room and grabbed a kunai. The assailant turned out to be an Oto ninja under the guise of a Konoha Genin. He took several minutes to go over the gruesome experiments he was planning on using to try and obtain my Dust Release when someone arrived. I was shocked when it was Haku Momochi-Uzumaki, wife of Naruto Uzumaki and daughter in-law of the Yellow Flash. She saved my life, if not for her, I would be in the clutches of Orochimaru. Since that moment, I have been questioning everything I believed I knew about this world."

Everyone in the council chambers seemed to be lost in thought, digesting the information they just received.

"Before I take my leave, I just want to say one more thing. This is something I have come to the conclusion on. The battalion that the Yellow Flash introduced his attack on, how many men did it consist of?"

One of the elders spoke, their voices far away, obviously deep in thought.

"Just over 9000."

With that, Kitsuchi walked to the door, only pausing for a second.

"If the Yellow Flash had the ability to kill everyone on the battlefield in seconds, then tell me, why did only 2700 die that day?"

With that, the teen was gone.

Onoki continued to stare at the door, his mind racing.

'Hmph. Maybe you will be taking this seat after all.'

*With Zabuza, Ao and Chojuro

Chojuro was looking between the coffin and then to the two Jonin, they seemed genuinely afraid.

"What is that?"

Ao barely managed to get the words out of his mouth.

"Orochimaru's Impure Resurrection Jutsu. It summons the dead. The Snake Sannin used it to summon the 1st and 2nd Hokages during the invasion."

Chojuro's eyes were wide.

"But, this says fourth…"

The two Jonin nodded slowly.

Chojuro's eyes widened.

'The Yellow Flash…'

A snarl crossed Chojuro's face, he knew they would never be able to beat the 4th Hokage.

"No! Hiramekarei: Unleash!"

Chojuro channeled a large amount of chakra into his sword, the hammer was formed.

Chojuro wasted no time and jumped, bringing the hammer straight down onto the coffin, the sound of snapping wood sounded through the room, the coffin was completely destroyed, nothing was left but splinters.

"Did I stop it?"

Chojuro looked back at Zabuza and Ao and they were both looking around for the enemy, when an emotionless voice spoke from behind them.

"Gold Dust Drizzle."

*With Naruto and Haku

Suigetsu had yet to move, his finger at Naruto's head and his other hand trying to pull Kubikiribocho from Naruto.

Naruto's face never changed; however, his left hand remained as his side and went through three hand seals, silently and unnoticed.

"I would suggest moving your hand."

Suigetsu's smirk widened as his finger pressed harder into Naruto's temple.

"Oh, and why is that?"

Naruto wanted so badly, to smirk, but he refused to give the man the credit.

"Because, the Hozuki clan is abnormally weak against lightning jutsu. Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder Jutsu."

Suigetsu's eyes widened but he didn't move fast enough and he felt the hand on the sword go numb, the feeling running up his arm and into his shoulder.

Haku watched with interest as Suigetsu's right arm seemed to start falling apart, becoming like putty.

Naruto allowed the jutsu to fade and bumped Suigetsu with his shoulder sending the man to the ground.

The white haired Hozuki glared angrily at Naruto.

"I'm going to kill you and pry that sword from your cold, dead fingers."

Naruto turned to the last of the Hozuki clan, his face the very definition of indifference.

"I have orders from the Mizukage, herself. You will be returning to Kiri, one way, or another."

Slowly, Suigetsu stood, his face set in rage.

"I'm going to make you eat those words."

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