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Sasuke saw his opportunity when the target stumbled slightly. He quickly scooped three shuriken from his pouch, not even taking a second to aim, he flashed through a few hand seals.

"Shadow Shuriken Jutsu!"

Team Seven was rewarded with a grunt of pain and the spraying of blood.

Chapter 16

Jiraiya's Plan

Kakashi's camouflage faded from the attack, he was rather irritated.

'I didn't know Sasuke know the Shadow Shuriken Jutsu…'

Though he was irritated, he was also proud which won out his irritation.

"Nicely done team."

Sakura seemed to be grumbling to herself though.

"Problem, Sakura?"

She huffed and turned her head.

"I spent all night working up the perfect trap that could be especially effective, difficult to dodge as well as quick to construct using only the list of things I had."

He glanced at the list in her hands and smiled fondly at it, Minato-sensei gave Rin the same exact test once. She could be quite the trap maker.

"Well then, let's see how you did. Walk me through it."

Sakura took to her confident, almost arrogant tone she took whenever she explained something to someone.

"First, we had to force you into this clearing then, depending on where you landed would determine the traps we set off."

In demonstration, she walked over and cut a piece of ninja wire, 13 shuriken shot from the woods, they covered a large area so the odds of getting hit were fairly good.

"Seeing as our mission was to get you to drop your Camouflage Jutsu you would have had to substitute, being unable to touch any of them. That brings us to our second trap…"

She looked at Kakashi with a deadpan look.

"The slinky…"

The group walked towards the only broken branch in the area large enough to substitute with. Coiled underneath it was a tangled up old slinky.

Kakashi smiled fondly while looking at it.

'Rin did the same thing. I think that was the only time we almost got Sensei…'

Sakura began to explain when Kakashi beat her to it.

"When I had substituted with the branch my feet would get tangled…"

Two of the three genin watched Kakashi curiously as he reached down, examining the slinky much closer. They could clearly see the nostalgia on his covered face.

As they stood there, Sasuke couldn't believe his luck… After all, he should still be on house arrest.


Sasuke stood in front of the Hokage's desk as the man scrutinized him for all he was worth. Tsunade Senju was next to him and was boring through his scull with her eyes.

"Sasuke Uchiha, after much consideration, the words of Inochi Yamanaka, as well as the words of several Anbu who have been watching you, I have decided to shorten your sentence."

The smirk that was about to cross his face was wiped out when both Tsunade and Sarutobi sent a blast of killer intent at him.

"Do not begin to think for even a second, that I'm doing this for you, or the Uchiha clan… I'm doing this for young Sakura Haruno. I don't give a shit about what your last name is. However, that young girl has a lot of untapped potential. However, due to her childhood she is very easily intimidated and will not adapt well to a new, temporary teammate."

Sasuke gave a slow nod.

"Until your full 3 months are carried out, I'm placing you back onto Team Seven. You will attend community service working under Ibiki Morino every day after your D-ranks and training. Is that understood?"

Sasuke could only nod.


Sasuke broke out of his reminiscing just in time for Kakashi to do the same.

The Jonin stood.

"Ok, onto the next trap…"

*With Naruto, Haku and Jiraiya

"Well, congratulations. You have her convinced but I'm not going anywhere."

The Toad Sage could only stare at the blonde.

"What do you mean? You don't want to train with me?"

Naruto just stood there, his arms crossed over his chest with a serious expression on his face.

"Not particularly, I mean, don't get me wrong, the month during the exams was very helpful, but I haven't even gotten close to mastering it. I've been doing pretty well on my own, I have plenty of strong sparring partners around here, plus, real missions will get me the experience I lack."

Jiraiya was having difficulty coming up with a good reason for him to go with him.

"I can teach you one of the strongest Jutsu in Konoha's library… It was even created by your father."

Now Naruto was wide-eyed.

"You can teach me the Hiraishin!?"

Jiraiya sweat-dropped.

"Uhh, sorry kid. The Hiraishin died with Minato…"

Naruto looked truly disappointed at that.

"But, I can teach you the Rasengan!"

Naruto was less than impressed.

"Umm, Kubikiribocho is about as effective as that would be…"

Jiraiya got a smug look on his face as he stood up and walked towards a large tree.

"Are you sure…"

In a flash, a Rasengan formed in his hand and he sent it towards the tree. The attack easily broke through the bark before the attack exploded sending wood chips in every direction. The tree slowly began to fall.


In an instant, Naruto's face went serious and his hand wrapped around the handle of Kubikiribocho and he was gone. His blade glinting in the sun as he moved.

He was back to standing next to Haku when the tree hit the ground. However, instead of staying as one large tree, when it hit the ground it was in hundreds of pieces resembling firewood.

"As I said, Kubikiribocho is remarkably effective…"

Jiraiya couldn't believe the skill Naruto wielded his sword with…

'Damn kid… Oh well.'

"Fine, I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this… I really was hoping you would come because you wanted too, but here."

With that, he pulled a scroll from his pocket. Naruto and Haku both recognized the Mizukage's seal.

Naruto wasted no time and grabbed the scroll.

Orders for: Naruto Uzumaki

Mission Type: Training

Duration: 2-3 Years

Location: Unknown

Briefing: Akatsuki has proven that they are not afraid of entering and facing an entire village. Kiri cannot provide you the protection you need until you can stand against their might on your own. In regards to that, Jiraiya has offered to bring you on a trip around the Elemental Nations keeping you hidden from Akatsuki and if they do discover your location, he will be adequate to defend you. Your location will remain secret, even to me. I thought it best to send you straight from where you are so nobody could track or follow you. If nobody knows where you are, the info can't be leaked. If I know you like I think I do, you can bring Haku.

Departure: Immediately

Godaime Mizukage: Mei Terumi-Momochi

Naruto could only look up at Jiraiya in shock, this was clearly ordered by the Mizukage. It just didn't make sense, she had clearly stated that she needed him there until Kiri could get closer to recovery.

However, the Mizukage seal couldn't be forged… this was legit. With a sigh, Naruto spoke.

"When do we leave?"

Jiraiya smirked at his success.


*With Suigetsu in Water Country

Suigetsu sighed as he settled into a seated position, not even caring about the 25 bloody bodies surrounding him. The each wore various types of armor and reeked of alcohol. The camp was set up about half a mile from the small village he was heading to when he stumbled upon the bandit camp. A well-organized one at that. Six cages that each contained a dog or wolf that looked positively bloodthirsty. Not to mention the dozen crude wooden stocks. They were armed for war, clearly preparing to invade the very town he was on his way to.

"At least these idiots were good for something. I was starving!"

The teen broke off a piece of bread and ate.

'Now then, I just need to find a weapon among all this…'

The last Hozuki looked at the pile of weapons in front of him. From first glance he could tell most of them were garbage. He only hopped there was a treasure in there somewhere.

The first one he grabbed was a katana…

"hmm, good balance, decent steel. Let's see…"

After only a little tension the blade broke in half.

"Great, just great…"

He reached for another…

*Several Days Later, in Konoha

The Sandaime Hokage looked over the crowd gathered before him.

"I have served this village for many years. I am deeply ashamed to not have been able to give the ultimate sacrifice to see Konoha prosper, but perhaps I was not meant to perish just yet. Perhaps there is something I must do first. It is with great honor that I present to you, your Godaime Hokage. My very own student; Tsunade Senju."

Tsunade stepped out only the stage area, a light blush dusting her cheeks as her sensei placed his hat and robes on her.

She couldn't help but feel nervous as she looked out at nearly all of Konoha.

"It is with great honor, I take up the mantle to defend this great village. I am your Godaime Hokage and I will protect each and every one of you, with my life!"

The cheering could be heard for miles. The residents of Konoha had no idea of the hard times before them.

*One week later With Mei

Mei sighed, frustrated when she walked into her office. She had been getting excessive amounts of hostility from the councilmen for the last week, ever since she allowed Suigetsu to run. The second she stepped into her office, she noticed something was wrong.

Sitting on her desk was a single scroll…

She quickly drew a kunai and pulsed her chakra twice.

Instantly two of her personal body guards were at her side, kunai drawn.

"Orders, Mizukage-sama?"

Mei stood, silently for a few seconds before speaking.

"Get me the tower guard for last night. Someone was in my office…"

She let the words hang and in a swirl of mist, one of the masked body guards was gone. Only to return several seconds later with a third Anbu.

"Yes, Mizukage-sama?"

"Who entered my office last night?"

The man appeared as confused as possible when his face wasn't visible.

"No one Mizukage-sama, I was personally on duty outside your office all night. No one entered and no one left. The window seals were never breached."

She turned to one of her personal guards, he did not disappoint.

"I sense no lie, Mizukage-sama."

Mei nodded.

She looked towards the two Anbu near the tower guard.

"I apologize for this, it is only protocol but until I know for sure you will have to be locked up."

Though the man seemed depressed, he nodded.

"I understand Mizukage-sama."

Mei gave him a disarming smile.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure you get the best amenities to make up for it…"

The man nodded and was calmly lead away.

Now it was only Mei and her personal guard. She turned to her guard.

"Ao, remove the mask. Can you see anything in it?"

The blue haired man removed his mask before activating his hidden Byakugan, staring intently at the scroll.

"It is difficult to make out, but it seems to just be a letter, I sense no traces of chakra and can see no seals."

With a deep breath, she approached the scroll.

"Mei-sama! You can't!"

Mei gave Ao a glare.


With slow movements she picked the scroll up and opened it.

They both let out a breath when nothing happened. Then she began reading…

*Konoha Same Time

Tsunade unceremoniously plopped herself into her chair. Her eyes lidded with exhaustion.

"I've been Hokage for like a week and already I can feel more wrinkles… How the hell did that old man do it?"

With a sigh, she began going through the paperwork that had piled onto her desk.

After about ten minutes, the secretary knocked.

"Excuse me, Hokage-sama."

Tsunade looked up with a raised brow.


The secretary looked proud as she held up a small scroll.

"You missed this in the overnight box. It may be important. The overnight box isn't used very often."

Tsunade nodded and was about to tell the girl to just put it with the rest, but the girl had a gleam of anticipation in her eyes. Clearly hoping to be praised.

"Thank you very much. Let's make sure it isn't an emergency."

With that, the secretary handed the new Hokage the scroll. With a sigh she opened it.

All over the Elemental Nations two screams of rage could be heard.


By the time you read this, there is nothing you can do to change the course of events that will follow. By this point, I have effectively kidnapped on of Kiri's strongest ninja, my godson. Think what you may, but I did it for his safety. Do what you must, but make sure the alliance remains undamaged. If you must, I even left my old Konoha forehead protector. I understand if I see my picture in Konoha's Bingo Book within the next few months. I have already sent a similar letter to the Mizukage… I plan to keep him completely out of sight and unseen for the next two-three years.

Stay strong

Jiraiya the Toad Sage

Tsunade could only stare at the paper in absolute shock. Not even knowing where to begin.

*With Mei

Mei was glaring at the paper in her hands with enough intensity to turn it to ash, however, she refused to do so. She had to re-read the paper first.


I would like to start off with an apology. I sincerely hope this will not impact your village in a negative manner. Several days ago I approached Naruto and Haku at a small vacation home. One thing that not many people know about me, is that I am a rather skilled forger and when necessary, manipulator. I even have the skill to forge a Kage's seal. Like say, the Seal of the Mizukage. I forged orders from your desk ordering him to accompany me on a 2-3 year training trip, under the guise of keeping him hidden from Akatsuki until he is strong enough to fight them one-on-one. Konoha has nothing to do with this, and the Hokage is finding out as you read this. I can only pray you will not hold them responsible for my actions as I have already formally resigned as a Konoha Shinobi.

Jiraiya The Toad Sage

Mei's hands began to shake as killer intent began to leak from the woman like a faucet.

*Both Kage




Both Anbu guards disappeared as quickly as possible.

*With Naruto, Haku and Jiraiya

Jiraiya could only stare, slack-jawed.



Two separate balls of chakra tore through the trees like they were made of butter.

Naruto turned to his wife with a smile on his face.

"Ha! Can you believe it took him 3 months to learn that!?"

Haku nodded with a smile. They completed the Rasengan in 3 days…

"Yes, for such a high ranking ninja, he appears to be rather slow on the uptake."

Jiraiya's head lowered in depression. They had been like that the whole time, insulting him at every turn.

'Then again, they I did peek on her the first night… That's not my fault, I didn't even know she was in the Spring…'

Jiraiya shook himself awake.

"Well, that was impressive. You both learned the Rasengan in only a few days. I thought I would have a little longer than that to come up with the next stage of training. Let's have quick spar, the ferry to The Land of Wind leaves in 2 and a half AHHHH."

Jiraiya barely ducked under Kubikiribocho as it nearly decapitated him. Only to be face-to-face with the business end of Nuibari.

The old sage tilted his head only slightly, allowing the needle sword to sail safely by.

With movements that belied his age his knee shot into Haku's stomach, she was easily doubled over. Something that Jiraiya used to his advantage, he grabbed the girl by the waist and threw her into Naruto.

Both swords hit the ground with a clang as the teens flew back. They never got the chance to recover when Jiraiya shouted.

"Earth Release: Earth Wall!"

A wall of rock sprouted from the ground and Naruto ran into it, back first.

"Not bad kids, but I been living in this world for far too long to not read an attack like that."

Naruto and Haku stood slowly, having yet to gather their breath.

Naruto's voice was strained and breathless.

"God damn… How the hell?"

Much like Haku's.

"I have no idea, I don't think I've ever been hit so hard. Did you notice?"

Naruto spared a glance at his wife before focusing on Jiraiya and his big, stupid grin.

"You mean that he angled you so that your head would slam into my stomach, yeah."

Jiraiya's smile grew.

"Don't tell me you swordsmen are done already!"

Naruto and Haku both sent the man a glare as they flashed through hand seals.

"Lightning-Water Dragon Missile!"

"Ice Release: Ice Javelin!"

Jiraiya barely twisted his body out of the way when a six foot spear of ice flew by, burying itself completely underground.

However, the giant dragon was bearing down onto him, glowing with energy.

A smirk crossed Jiraiya's face as the dragon grabbed him in its maw. However, he turned to splinters that were rapidly being crushed further.

Naruto and Haku both stood eyes wide. Both heard the familiar sound of swirling chakra inches from the back of their heads.

"Two lessons; 1- just because it is powerful doesn't mean it's tactically correct. 2-You should always watch your surroundings."

Both Haku and Naruto turned around to see a Rasengan inches away from each of their heads.

"Twin Rasengan… You're both dead."

The seriousness in his voice startled Naruto and Haku, both. However, he didn't stay that way for long. Less than a second after the attack dissipated, Jiraiya was smiling again.

"Not bad for an old man, huh? Our ferry leaves in thirty minutes, let's go…"

Naruto and Haku shared a shocked look before following him.

*With Suigetsu

Suigetsu swung his new katana like a madman, easily bisecting the bandit. He was easily tearing through the camp. It was actually the third one.

"Tch. Pathetic. I can't believe how many bandits have made this there home. I figured that Snake bastard could at least keep bandits away."

Without even thinking about it, Suigetsu ducked under a giant warhammer wielded by a man that stood over 7 feet tall. He swung the katana, removing the giant's hands. The man's screams were cut when Suigetsu removed his head.

Suigetsu looked around the small camp. It only held eight bandits, but they were surprisingly skilled. Even a team of Genin could take them, but against average soldiers, they would be able to overwhelm a much larger force.

"They must have a ninja leader. He seems to be teaching them as well. I wonder where he ran off to."

A light growl was heard from the woods. However, it clearly sounded human.

"Do you have any idea how long I spent teaching those Neanderthals!?"

Suigetsu's eyes easily locked onto the direction of the speaker. However, the man was hiding in the trees.

"Ahhh, you're a skilled one. What is your name?"

Suigetsu's eyes never moved, even as the voice changed position.

"It will take more than throwing your voice to confuse my senses. My name is Suigetsu Hozuki! The Second Coming of the Demon! Who are you?"

The area was silent for several seconds until Suigetsu started to turn his head. Easily following the noise of the hiding ninja.

"Your hearing is remarkable. I suppose I can tell you this much… My name is Mizuki, former Chunin of Konoha."

A snort left Suigetsu's lips.

"Chunin!? I was getting all worked up over some old wash-up Chunin!? Gah!"

Just like that, Suigetsu got up to leave.

"I don't think so! Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

Suigetsu's hearing instantly locked onto three poofs of smoke before three ninja shot from the woods, each brandishing a kunai.


Suigetsu didn't even move, he just waited until the clones were upon him before he turned to water.

"Shit! Water Clone!"

Suigetsu quickly appeared behind the three clones, both hands shaped like guns.

"Afraid not… Hozuki Secret Jutsu: Water Gun!"

Three shots later and the shadow clones were gone.

"I don't have all day, how about you come here. If I have to hunt you down, I will slowly rip you, limb from limb."

Up in the trees, Mizuki had to gather his courage.

'That guy just took out all three of my clones in an instant! If only I had been able to get the last ingredient of the Curse Seal!'

With slow, deliberate movements, Mizuki walked out from the tree line.

Almost immediately Suigetsu's eyes were drawn to the chunnin's forehead protector, a music note was in the middle.

"I thought you said you were a Konoha Chunnin…"

Mizuki smirked, thinking Suigetsu was afraid of Oto.

"Ha! I betrayed Konoha and stole the Forbidden Scroll of Seals. Unfortunately, I didn't know about the summoning seal the Hokage had on it. I just barely learned the Shadow Clone Jutsu when in disappeared in a poof of smoke. Since I technically succeeded, Orochimaru-sama allowed me to live."

"Tell me, I'm looking for the entrance to the Eastern Base. Where is it?"

Mizuki's eyes widened slightly. Just enough to make Suigetsu grin.

Suigetsu's pointed teeth sent a shiver down Mizuki's spine.

"You're going to tell me everything I want to know."

*With Mei

Zabuza could only glance between Mei and the scroll in his hands.

"You got to be fucking kidding me! He forged orders from you!? That perverted old bastard is so dead!"

Mei's expression never changed.

"You are to get Chojuro, and you and Ao are going to chase him down. I can only spare you for two weeks and even that is pushing it."

Zabuza gave her a nod with a reassuring smile and he and Ao were gone.

*With Tsunade

"So, you're telling me that Jiraiya thought it would be a good idea to kidnap one of Kiri's ninja. Not just any ninja, but the Mizukage's son-in-law!… I know the man has always been brash, but this was just stupid!"

Tsunade sent Kakashi an irritated glare.

"Yes, I want you to take Asuma and leave immediately. You are to make your way to Kiri and gather any information you can from the Mizukage. I don't know how cooperative she will be at this point. You have 3 months, you need to find them."

Kakashi gave a serious nod. He did not want another war.

*One day later with Suigetsu

"Wakey, wakey…"


Mizuki's head felt like it had been bashed against a rock, probably because that's exactly what Suigetsu had done.

Mizuki slowly opened his eyes, only to see it was dark out and he was hanging upside down from a tree branch. He looked over to see Suigetsu crouched down, dragging a long dagger against a rock, making the blade jagged and dull.

"Good evening my lovely little Sound Chunin… We're going to play a game. I'm going to have fun, and you're going to scream in pure agony. Understand?"

Mizuki tried to spit on Suigetsu but his mouth was too dry.

"Now, that's not very nice. First question, where is the entrance to Orochimaru's Eastern Base?"

Mizuki sent Suigetsu a heated glare.


Suigetsu's insane grin never wavered as he walked over to the bounded man.

"Wrong answer."

Suigetsu slammed the knife into Mizuki's ankle, stabbing him between the Achilles tendon and the joint, the pain the former Konoha nin felt was excruciating.


Suigetsu's grin got even crazier.

"Let's make sure you don't forget what I can do to you."

With slow, rough movements, Suigetsu began sawing the knife back and forth, slowly tearing the muscle and skin away from the shin bone. When he finally reached the knee, the knife broke free and Mizuki's calf muscle was no longer attached.

The man was whimpering in pain as agony flooded his very being, tears were streaming from his eyes as a ton of blood ran from his leg.

"Oh no, I can't have you bleeding out…"

Suigetsu walked over to a small, previously unnoticed camp fire and grabbed a long machete that had been sitting in the fire. It was red hot and gave off an intense amount of heat.


Suigetsu sighed happily as he cauterized Mizuki's wound.

"Now, wasn't that fun... Now, tell me, where are the prisoners!?"

Mizuki's glare had lessened into hate and fear.

"G-go fuck y-your s-self!"

The swordsman just gave the Chunin a dramatic sigh before doing the same exact thing to his other leg.


Mizuki tried to struggle but he had no energy left, he felt as though he was dying. However, he knew he couldn't get that lucky.

Pain could be seen clearly in the chunnin's eyes and pure joy was reflected in Suigetsu's.

"I haven't had fun like this in years! I hope you can keep it up…"

Mizuki's eyes darted around, hoping to see some way of escaping. Little did he know, Suigetsu's insane grin grew.

"I learned interrogation from the best, my brother. One thing he made sure I knew, was to squish any hope the prisoner has of escape. One method is to prove that it's impossible. The other method is to make the mind associate escape with pain. I personally like the second way…"

Mizuki couldn't even scream out when Suigetsu took a handful of salt and rubbed it forcefully all over the man's burned and bleeding legs.

*With Kakashi at the gates of Kiri

"Jonin Hatake Kakashi and Asuma Sarutobi are here to speak with the Mizukage."

The gate squad checked their papers as the hidden Anbu relayed the message to Mei. A sign from the Anbu and the squad nodded.

"You may see the Mizukage. He will guide you."

On the word 'he' an Anbu shimmered into existence, seemingly dropping a high-level Genjutsu.

He wordlessly began making his way to the Mizukage tower with the two Konoha Jonin following.

When they arrived, they were treated to a cold, calculated look from the Mizukage.


It was not a request.

"Tell me, why has one of your ninja, an S-rank ninja no-less, kidnap my Chunin?"

Kakashi stood before bowing low.

"We are not entirely sure Mizukage-sama. However, we were hoping to get any information you have gathered as to their possible direction. We were given 3 months to track them down and return Naruto and Haku to you…"

Mei studied the two carefully before she sighed.

"I sent Zabuza and a team out to search for them as well. I received word that they were seen boarding a ferry heading towards the Land of Wind. Ao and Chojuro should be arriving fairly soon. That is all I have as of now."

Kakashi nodded.

"May we be excused?"

Mei nodded and the two were gone.

*With Jiraiya, Haku and Naruto

"Ugh, this place blows!"

Haku sighed.

"Why did we come here anyway?"

While Jiraiya said nothing, inside he was thinking.

'Ok, with the shifting sand and the breeze, it will be almost impossible to track us by scent. Not to mention all the clones I've been sending out will make it impossible to track us by sound or chakra. Don't worry Naruto, nothing's gonna happen to you.'

A couple hours into their journey and Jiraiya's group came upon a small desert town. Haku idly noticed the town was called 'Oasis'. The name was fitting…

The three settled into a small tempura stand to grab some dinner. They quickly ordered and as they waited for their food, Naruto asked a question on his mind.

"So, I got S-rank ninja after my head. What are you going to teach me so I can fight them off?"

Jiraiya looked over at his godson and put down his tea.

"Well, I'm curious to see if you can do what your father and me never could… Finish the Rasengan. Other than that, you know a lot of different Jutsu, but haven't truly mastered many, if any of them."

Both teens were curious and it was obvious so Jiraiya explained.

"When your father made the Rasengan, he theorized that adding Elemental chakra to it would only improve the attack, possibly exponentially. As for mastering jutsu… well, we ninja use hand signs to form chakra in ways that isn't natural. By using these hand seals we can turn chakra into fire, lightning, wind… you get the idea, add hand seals for speed, size, shape and anything else needed. However, it is possible that once you have used a Jutsu enough times, you won't need to use these hand seals because your chakra will automatically take the form you want just from habit."

Both Naruto and Haku had wide eyes at that one before Haku spoke.

"Like muscle memory?"

Jiraiya's grin grew.


*With Suigetsu

Suigetsu grabbed his sword and removed Mizuki's head.

"About damn time. All that pain and that's all he was hiding… Damn he was loyal to that snake bastard."

Suigetsu merely walked away, not caring that he just left a tortured nin's body hanging from a tree.

Now that he knew what to look for it only took 10 minutes to find the entrance to the most hidden base in Orochimaru's village.

Crawling underneath the root he needed, Suigetsu saw the ladder.

"Just like the idiot said."

The second he hit the ground, two Sound ninja were drawing weapons on him.


Suigetsu ducked to the side, several kunai flying by harmlessly. One quick draw and he removed both of the ninjas' heads.

Suigetsu hardly slowed down as he walked through the corridors, slaying any and all Oto nin that challenged him.

Finally, he came upon the cells. In the cells were dozens of people of various ages and gender. They each wore the same scraps of clothing in pale gray. However, he only saw the one person he was looking for. He was a boy about 11 years old with sandy blonde hair and dark green eyes, two red dots were visible on his forehead.

A single slash later, and the cage came tumbling down. The prisoners shrunk back in fear of the man before them.

"If any of you are from a ninja clan, I'm sure Kiri would like to see you, as for the others, there is a fairly large town about 3 hours south of here. Let's go Kaseki."

Meanwhile, the boy nearly had tears in his eyes.

"Y-you really came… Just like you said you would."

Suigetsu shrugged.

"I told you I would, little bro."

The boy gave a small smile as they left the base, not interested in anything Orochimaru kept there.

*Two months Later Jiraiya in the Land of Earth

Jiraiya watched with pride as Naruto held a single hand seal.

"Water Release: Water Dragon Missile Jutsu!"

An impressive water dragon rose from the stream and smashed into a boulder, destroying it.

Jiraiya began to clap.

"Not bad… You can now do the Water Prison and Water Wall without hand seals and the Water Dragon only takes a single seal… Not to mention, one extra seal and you can add lightning chakra to any of your water jutsu…"

The sound of a screech brought their attention to the side.

They saw Haku holding a Rasengan, a small white blade seemed to be on the outside and Naruto couldn't decide between being jealous and proud. He had spent hours upon hours, even resorting the Shadow Clone training method and he kept getting the same result. When he tried to infuse the Rasengan with lightning chakra, he got a Chidori.

'I know there is a way to do it, I just need to figure it out…'

*Same time Konoha

Kakashi and Asuma both dropped to a knee.

"We're sorry, Hokage-sama. We tracked them all over the place but were never able to find them. I believe they were heading towards Earth Country when we hit our time limit."

Tsunade continued to stare at the two before sighing.

'Kakashi may be one of the best trackers in Konoha, but when it comes to avoiding tracker, there is nobody in this world that is better than Jiraiya… I should have expected this to happen.'

"Fine, you're dismissed. You have a day, then bring in your team for a C-rank mission. It's time they got in the field again."

Kakashi nodded and disappeared a moment later.

Tsunade sighed as she looked at the list of items Kiri wanted in compensation for their betrayal.



Creation Rebirth

Five Elements Seal

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Tsunade looked at the list in dismay, cursing Jiraiya wherever he was. The list wasn't too long, and nothing was so important that it couldn't be done. But each Jutsu was powerful in its own right.

With another sigh, Tsunade called the ANBU to call for a council meeting. This had to be discussed.

*Unknown cavern

A man with spiky orange hair and strange purple eyes stood, staring over a statue. By his side was a beautiful blue haired woman with an origami flower in her hair.

"Soon… We will be able to begin capturing the Tailed-beasts. Just one year."

Konan looked at the man shocked.

"A year? But I thought the Outer Path wouldn't be ready for 3 years."

A slight smirk appeared on the man's face.

"Yes, someone is leaking information and as god, I know who. They will feel they have two extra years to prepare. We will wait until the time is right, when they least expect it, we will move fast and hard."

Konan's face remained as impassive as ever.

"Yes, my lord."

Ok, that's it! I'm just gonna say it, I thought this chapter sucked! There was so much stuff going on I could barely keep it straight. Let's do a run down…

Jiraiya tricked Naruto into going on a trip with him…

Suigetsu found a boy named Kaseki that he knows somehow…

Team Kakashi is about to go back into the field…

Akatsuki only need 1 year, not three…

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