Memories~A MLP/Discord Fanfic

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Chapter One

Twilight cheerily trotted through one of the many gardens of Canterlot. Just last night Princess Celestia had sent her a letter inviting her to join her for lunch. As the letter had said, it was a way to "make up for not having much time together during the Grand Galloping Gala and as further congratulations for defeating Discord."

Feeling eager, Twilight had wasted no time that morning and arrived at Canterlot early. So early in fact, she had spent the last hour or so taking a detour through the gardens. It was peaceful and the air was fresh and clean smelling. The surroundings were very beautiful...until she noticed the labyrinth to her left.

She frowned, remembering the trials she and her friends had had to put up with in that dark, twisting place. It had been the perfect set up for the 'little games' of Discord; Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. She quickly trotted passed it but, as if summoned by her thoughts, Discord's statue appeared on her right. She tried to ignore it. His new statue bothered her for some reason. Maybe it was his expression. A pony didn't have to be very observant to notice his face was permanently frozen in a look of terror.

Feelings of slight remorse rose up within her, for his sake. It somehow didn't seem fair for him to turn into stone again. It made sense and she honestly wouldn't have expected anything different from the Elements of Harmony just didn't seem fair. She started to turn around to go another way when she heard a soft sound. Fear shot through her body, images of Discord suddenly breaking loose again and turning all Equestria upside down filled her mind. She forced herself to approach his statue, just to check on him, and noticed the true source of the sound.

A pony was sitting in front of his statue. She wondered how she hadn't noticed her before. The pony was...gray. Gray as the stone that made up Discord's statue. Twilight had never seen a pony of that shade of gray before before. Her black mane was cropped in a short, severe style and had a few silver-gray streaks running through it. Her tail was the same. She wore a colorless, ragged old cape that covered most of her body so she couldn't see her cutie mark.

The pony looked absolutely miserable. Twilight couldn't help but wonder what terrible thing Discord must have done to her. He had too have done something since that was the only reason why she would think anypony would sit beneath his statue like that. Concerned, she walked up to the pony and said, "Hello there. Is something wrong?"

The pony opened her colorless eyes and gave her a side glance, "No, nothing is wrong," the dark rings under her eyes sharply stood out against the gray, "Everything is quiet and peaceful, just as it should be."

Twilight blinked, "Ah, yes, yes it is."

She stood there, watching the pony who sat in silence, staring up at Discord's statue and acting like she wasn't even there. Finally Twilight said, "Well, I guess I better get going," she started to walk away then stopped. Maybe the pony was just shy. She turned back and tried being friendly one more time, "My name is Twilight Sparkle. What's yours?"

The pony's head shot up and she turned toward her with a deep frown. Her hard gray eyes bored into her's as she pointed an accusing hoof, "You? You are the holder of the sixth Element of Harmony?"

Startled, Twilight backed up a little, "Why yes, I-"

"And you did this to him?" the pony pointed at Discord. Twilight stammered, "W-what?"

Suddenly calming, the pony said, "I'm sorry, that was unfair," she took in a breath then shouted, "You AND your stupid friends did this to him!"

Anger swept through Twilight at her words, "Now wait a minute! What we did was for the good of Equestria! We saved it by defeating Discord!"

The pony snorted, glaring mightily, "But you didn't have to turn him back to stone!"

Twilight yelled back, "I had no say in the matter!"

"So the beloved Sun Princess told you to do it?" the pony sneered, "She didn't want to lose her favorite lawn ornament?"

"No!" Twilight was furious, "It just happened that way! Princess Celestia had nothing to do with it!"

They both stopped, the pony glaring and Twilight panting. Taking in several breaths, the pony stated, "So you had no control over his fate. You were simply used by the elements as a way to focus and direct their power."

Twilight sat down, attempting to control herself, and smoothed down her mane, "That's right. I didn't know what would happen when we used them. We just-"

"Used them to save Equestria," the pony looked away with a downcast expression again, "Please forgive my harshness towards you. I spoke out of anger and surprise, not knowledge."

"Uh," the sudden change of attitude was confusing but Twilight tried to smile, "It's okay, I can tell you're already upset about something."

The pony gazed back up at Discord without comment, tears brimming in her eyes. Suddenly curious, Twilight asked, "Why are you so emotional over Discord? Did you meet him sometime during his escape?"

The pony gave her a thoughtful glance then looked back up at the statue, "What do you think? Should I tell her?" she tilted her head to the side with one ear up as though listening to something, "He says the look on your face would be worth it...but now wouldn't be good. The princess is coming."

Twilight stood up and looked around, "She is?"

She glanced up to see Princess Luna trotting passed a little ways off and lost her enthusiasm. Luna was far nicer now that she wasn't trying to cover Equestria in eternal night but she had been hoping it was Princess Celestia.

"It's just Luna," she said to the nameless pony over her shoulder and waved a hoof, calling, "Hello your highness!"

Seeing her, Luna paused then flapped her wings, taking flight and landing before her with a yawn, "Good morning Twilight Sparkle," she looked around, "Who were you speaking too?"

"You could hear me? Wow," Twilight looked behind herself, "I was talking to-" she blinked. The gray pony was no longer there, "Wait, where did she go?"

She and Luna glanced around but no pony was in sight. Luna shrugged, "I couldn't see anypony before. Who was it?"

"That's odd," Twilight murmured, "She was this weird gray pony. I think she was a friend of Discord."

Luna's eyes widened in shock, "A gray pony? What was her cutie mark?"

Twilight shrugged, "I couldn't see any cutie mark. She wore this cape thingy."

Luna looked disturbed, "Oh dear...did she say anything?"

"Well yes, she did," Twilight said almost jokingly, "She had lots to say once I got her talking."

Leaning in close, Luna whispered, "Did she say she was going to do anything?"

"No," Twilight felt slightly confused, "She was just upset about Discord being turned to stone again."

Luna sighed, "Well if that's all," she briefly shook herself, "Are you going to visit my sister?"

"Um, yes but is there something I should know about?"

"Oh yes," Luna looked around, "You're going to be late."

"I am?" Twilight looked up at the sun then bowed, "You'll have to excuse me princess!"

"One moment," Luna quickly said, "Be sure to tell my sister what you told me. She'll want to know."

"Of course," Twilight felt suspicion take hold, "Tell me, is this pony some sort of past villain I need to know about? She seemed to have some knowledge of the Elements of Harmony."

Luna frowned muttering, "Probably not," then started trotting off, "Just tell my sister about her."

Twilight nodded, "Okay..." and watched her leave, "That was...also odd...oh yeah!" she started running towards the palace, "I'm going to be late!"


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