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Twilight stood before Celestia, trying not to tremble as her teacher stared sternly down at her.

"Serenity's book is gone?"

She nodded, "When I woke up, it was just...gone."

Celestia's eyes narrowed and Twilight burst out, "I looked everywhere! I swear! My friends helped me look for it and we even searched around most of Ponyville!"

"I see," Celestia's eyes closed, "And did you let your friends read the book?"

Twilight gulped and nodded, "Only a tiny bit. They were worried about me when they found me in a trance and I forgot what you said about not letting anypony read it and I-"

"A trance?" Celestia opened her eyes, "Why were you in a trance?"

"Oh, uh, because of the book's magic," Twilight had taken it for granted that at least Celestia would know about what the book did, "I was out for hours."

Celestia gave her a strange look, "Twilight, that book has no magic power. It belonged to Serenity and she had no magical ability. Having read her book, you should know that. Besides, I would know if it harbored any magic."

"But I," Twilight began and stopped herself. For some reason she was the only one to have experienced the magic that she knew was in Serenity's book. Was there a reason behind this? Could Serenity have been trying to show her something? It was always possible that she had found a way to use some limited form of magic after all these years...

Putting on a fake smile, Twilight said, "Of course your highness. I just meant I was ensnared by the book's intriguing contents and my friends were worried about me because I was reading for at least eight straight hours. Then I forgot about you saying not to share it with anypony and I read some bits aloud here and there. Again, I'm really, really sorry princess!"

"Hm, it's alright Twilight," Celestia was frowning but at least she didn't look angry, "There was no harm done in forgetting what I said this time. However I must warn you to be more careful in the future."

"Of course!"

"It disturbs me that Serenity's book was stolen from you," Celestia stated, "It has no power or real value so it cannot be sold and it cannot be used for blackmail against anypony of consequence. I know none of your friends would take it without saying something but I'm afraid I must put them and all those in Ponyville under suspicion and have them all searched."

Twilight hung her head, grateful that that was all she was going to do, but she felt slightly confused. Princess Celestia said there was nothing in the book that could be used as blackmail...but couldn't her actions against Serenity and the other original holders of the elements cause some...problems? Maybe Celestia hadn't read that far into the book...putting her doubts behind her, she slowly followed the princess to her royal carriage.


The search was subtle and only Twilight and her friends knew what was being looked for but the book was not to be found. Celestia was forced to call off the search and did not unleash any severe punishments. A week later Twilight returned to Canterlot, though not to visit the princess.

She stood before Discord's statue, staring at him with a disgruntled expression. She saw him in a new light now and she wasn't sure she was comfortable with it. Through Serenity's memories she had witnessed Discord in many moods, not just what she now realized must have been his 'Oh-my-gosh-I'm-free-and-must-cause-chaos-because-I'm-so-freaking-bored' mood. She had seen him enjoy himself in the company of 'friends', had seen him with his feelings hurt, had witnessed signs of kindness, protectiveness, and even love. He suddenly seemed less of a monster and more of a normal ponybeing...even if he technically wasn't a pony.

There were still her doubts though. She knew very well a pony could be manipulated into seeing and thinking things a certain way through deceptive magic and she was no exception. Had Serenity's book truly been magical? Could it be possible that somepony had used it in an attempt to change how she saw both Discord and Celestia? If so, who? And why? And how? There were no real answers.

So here she stood, staring up at the only being she would feel safe in asking for the truth. She couldn't ask Celestia. What if it was all true? What would Celestia do to her? Discord wouldn't do anything except laugh. He'd have no problem telling her everything she needed to know...

"So...was it all true?" she blandly asked Discord's statue, "I'll let you mess up my library if you tell me."

Of course there was no answer. She sighed, "I'll play a game with you. How about that? It can be a game of tag where anything goes. Except we can't use magic and you can't use your wings. That would be cheating," she actually chuckled, "I bet you would take me up on that. I can see why you literally took my horn away last time I couldn't try to cheat behind your back," she frowned as she remembered Celestia and Luna pinning Serenity down and using their magic to suck the Element of Laughter from her body.

"You know what?" Twilight continued, "How about chess? Do you play chess? Or is that too boring for you?"

No answer.

"Gaaah!" Twilight turned and walked away, "I can't believe I'm talking to a statue...Discord's statue no less...maybe I did imagine it all and I'm just losing my mind. Whoopee-doo."

All was quiet in the garden after she left. Discord's terrified statue stood there, appearing almost comical in comparison to the peacefulness surrounding it. Suddenly the silence was broken by the sound of somepony trotting nearby. A gray pony peeked her head around a bush and, seeing no one around, quickly walked over to Discord's statue muttering, "About time she left."

Eyes flickering about suspiciously, she murmured up to him, "Don't worry, after some more research, I have found a way to get you out of there. Just hang on a little bit longer and you'll be free again...I promise," she gently kissed his dragon foot and moved back. Giving him a last sweet, hopeful smile, Serenity turned and left at a gallop, her smile turned malicious.


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