From Jekyll to Hyde

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Smoke from the burning houses around Monica surrounded her. Her eyes struggled to see through the black clouds that swirled in front of her and blocked the view of her house. With one outstretched hand she carefully made her way to the entrance.

The front door had been kicked in and lay on the grimy wooden floor. All of the family pictures lay shattered on the ground. She grimaced when she saw a trail of blood leading towards the living room. Praying that it didn't belong to her brother she followed it with a morbid expression on her face.

Her feet seemed to drag behind her as she carefully stepped through the threshold and froze. Amused green eyes and flashing orange hair greeted her cheerfully while she paled and frowned.

"Have we met before?" the man asked twirling his golden cane in his green gloved hand. Monica ran her eyes over the question marks that littered his suit once before remembering him. She had run into him the night Arkham Asylum had been blown down.

"Where is my brother?" she asked narrowing her eyes carefully at him. The man laughed and shook his head before waving at an unknown person. Monica gasped as Judas stepped into the room dragging her brother along by the neck.

Dante collapsed on the ground in front of his sister with a defeated groan. They had almost beaten him to death, that much she could guarantee. She immediately crouched and turned him over while running her hands over his bloodied face in apparent panic. Hate started to blind her as she looked up at Judas and the rest of the men who had entered the living room. She counted seven of them; there was no way she would be able to take them.

"Stubborn one, he wouldn't tell us where you were," Judas commented with a grin on his blood splattered face. Monica didn't move from her brother's side despite Judas' apparent attempts at provoking her. Instead, she caressed Dante's cut cheek carefully trying to hold back the tears that threatened to escape from her eyes.

"What do you want?" Monica asked pulling her brother to her when several men moved forward to take him from her. By the way she felt him tense she could only guess that he had several broken ribs and bruises.

"Joker," the man standing next to Judas replied. Monica turned her piercing look to him as he fixed his fedora calculatedly. They stared each other down briefly before she looked down at her brother once more. He was having trouble with breathing and the blood that he kept coughing up was starting to concern her. She needed to get him to a doctor, the sooner the better.

"I don't know where he is," Monica snapped closing her eyes in a desperate attempt to keep her temper in check. Judas turned to look at the man next to him who in turn nodded back at him. With a snap of his fingers the men surrounding Monica moved forward and proceeded to take Dante away from her.

"No!" she screamed as they tore her away from her brother. She clawed at them animalistically and punched as hard as she could. Despite her struggled they dragged Dante away leaving behind another trail of blood.

Rage started to course through her as she turned towards the man she had closest to her and bit down on his arm. He yelped as her teeth sunk in and tore at his skin. Her mouth was filled with blood within seconds as the group released her briefly.

Having a brief moment of freedom came as a blessing to her. She rushed forward in the direction that they had dragged Dante away before Judas hooked one arm around her. He pulled her back towards him before receiving a head butt from her.

Groaning, he released her reluctantly and reached up to his bleeding nose. Before Monica could get any further the man next to him swung his cane after her and managed to hook it around one of her feet. Her body went crashing forwards before colliding with the hard floor beneath her.

"You're in quite a rush, dear," he commented composing himself before crouching next to her. With whatever strength she had left she spit out the blood in her mouth on his face.

"It's no use, she won't rat him out," Judas murmured wiping the blood from his lips while sneering at her. Monica looked up at him and wondered how it had gotten to this point. How could she have let it escalate so out of control?

"We shall see about that, I'll have to break her myself," the man commented rising while gritting his teeth in rage. The blood on his face was wiped away with his sleeve before he nodded to one of his men and stepped away.

"Riddler-" Judas started but was soon cut off.

"You wanted to find the Joker did you not?" the Riddler snapped fussing once his stained jacket. "You came to me, you agreed to follow through with anything that I had planned," he added reminding Judas of what he had gotten himself into.

Dante stared hopelessly at his sister as two of the Riddler's men forced him to watch from the doorway. He would kill all of the men in the room if he had a chance.

"Talk, that is all I ask of you," the Riddler offered once more as Monica glared up at him and attempted to snatch his cane away. She wasn't going to be weak anymore, she wasn't going to give in as she had done in the past.

With an annoyed sigh the Riddler nodded to his men who in turn held her up while one of them proceeded to slip on a spiked brass knuckle. He clenched his hand in front of Monica's face in a last attempt to get her to talk. She laughed before struggling against the pair who held her in place. Pleading was no longer an option, she would not give them the pleasure of hearing her beg.

Not anymore.

Dante cringed when the first blow was delivered to the side of her face. He could already see blood trickling down from her split lip. He turned his accusing gaze to Judas who tried to avoid him while closing his eyes.

"Is this what you wanted?" Dante questioned turning all of his attention to Judas who in turn refused to acknowledge him. Guilt was eating away at the biker in the room, he couldn't stand the sight of her being beat over something he had caused. He loved her, why was he hurting her when he loved her?

"Stop," the Riddler ordered when he noticed her glancing at her brother. Monica froze when she realized the mistake she had just made. She cursed herself when the hired gun stopped in mid swing and turned his attention onto Dante.

Judas opened his eyes and glanced nervously at her before turning to look at her brother. Perhaps this was all a bad idea, perhaps he had taken it too far.

"Once more, where is the Joker?" the Riddler asked. Monica turned to look at her brother and found him shaking his head at her. This shocked her, why was he ordering her not to tell on the clown? Didn't he want to catch him as well?

Nevertheless, she went with his decision and turned to look at the man in front of her.

"I don't know," she growled before she watched the Riddler pull out a gun from the inside of his coat. Her blood ran cold the moment he went from pointing it at her to her brother. Dante merely stared up at him with an unfazed look as if he had been expecting it all along.

Monica jumped when the shot rang through the house. Her mouth hung open as her unshed tears streamed down her cheeks. The world around her stopped in that brief moment of pure and utter horror. Blood seeped through her brother's shirt where he had been shot.

The men that had been holding her released her and shoved her forward. She ran to her brother's side and collapsed next to him trying to stop the bleeding even though she knew it was useless. Judas stared at the pair in shock before he turned away.

He watched as the Riddler turned away from his men and him with an indifferent look on his face. Police sirens could already be heard in the distance, they all needed to get away. Getting caught was not an option at the time and having a shoot out was out of the question, they were running low on ammo at the time.

"We're leaving, burn it down," he ordered while heading towards the door, they couldn't leave behind any evidence. Monica didn't even look up to acknowledge him as he left. Judas followed after the Riddler knowing there was nothing left for him there. They had taken care of Dante, that had been their priority. Cops were already on the way they couldn't afford to question Monica any longer for information on the clown. That would have to be resolved some other time. It pained him to have to leave her in that state, his only comfort was the assurance that he would see her again in the future.

"You h-have to bring them b-back," Dante whispered running a bloodied hand through Monica's hair. She stared back hopelessly knowing she was losing him. There was nothing she could do to save him, he had already lost much blood. She didn't bother in going after Judas or the Riddler, they would pay later. The only thing that mattered to her was brother.

The smell of gasoline being poured in the hall seemed to bring her back from her dazed state if only for a few moments.

"Who?" she asked softly. Her time was running out and so was his. The last thing she wanted to do was leave him.

"The gang…the Bastards," Dante answered before grimacing and glancing down at the bullet wound on his chest. He had never planned on dying like this. Not in front of his sister, she had already gone through enough already.

"The Bastards?" Monica repeated in horror. Bringing back her father's men wasn't even an option in her mind. They were far too dangerous and unpredictable for Gotham, that had been the main reason she had undone the biker gang when she had been put in charge.

"Gotham won't be safe anymore, you'll need them," Dante hissed trying to keep his eyes open. Monica shook her head in denial. As much as she wanted to admit that he was right a part of her didn't want to go back to order a gang of bikers around.

"Why them, why now?" she asked, her voice cracking at the end when she noticed Dante fading.

"Joker, Bane, Scarecrow, they all have to be taken down…you have to take them down, the men are already in the city," he explained. Monica didn't even want to hear his reasoning anymore, he was mad. There was no way she could take down Gotham's most wanted criminals, even with the help of a gang of bikers.

"What about the Riddler?" she asked snarling the man's name viciously. He would pay for taking her brother from her, that much she was sure of. She didn't care if she died in the process, she would make him pay for what he had taken from her.

"Don't let hate consume you, remember what it did to Father," Dante warned her before coughing up blood. Monica panicked and held him in her arms before she heard a match being lit.

Her heart skipped a beat when her brother went limp in her arms. Her eyes unfocused for a moment as she refused to believe what had just happened. He was no longer breathing and his eyes remained closed. Her only brother had just died in her arms and she hadn't been able to save him.

"Dante?" she cried shaking him in horror. Nothing but silence surrounded her before flames rose up in the hallway. She ignored them for the time being, it didn't matter as much as the fact that she had just lost her last family member.

It was like de-ja-vu all over again. She had been holding her father and mother after they had gotten gunned down in their own bar. The blood on her hands would never wash off now.

"Wake up! Please wake up!" she cried desperately. She couldn't lose him now, not now. Her throat felt constricted, her hands shook as she tried to get him to open his eyes to say that everything would be alright. He didn't move or shift, he remained as still as a corpse.

'He is a corpse,' her mind commented as she fell back and held her head before sobbing uncontrollably. What would she do now? Go after the Riddler on her own? What of the Joker and Gotham's remaining criminals?

So many questions ran through her head, it was almost impossible to keep track of them. The warmth of the fire that drew closer to where she was snapped her out of her thoughts. She needed to act quickly if she was going to do anything to avenge her brother. His death would have to be mourned later when she was alone not now.

"They'll pay, I swear they'll pay," she whispered to him before rising and taking one last look at Dante. With her mind made up she rushed upstairs and opened the door to her room in a rush. She ran to the side of her bed and knocked on the wooden floor looking for a hollow plank. Once she found it she managed to pull it out and toss it aside.

A black leather jacket stared back at her exactly where she had left it all those years ago. She snatched it up from the floor before rushing out of the door and down the stairs. The flames by that time had completely consumed the entrance.

Turning away from it she headed towards the window at the end of the hall and smashed it mercilessly. It shattered underneath her boot before she climbed out and stepped back.

Embers and ashes would be all that would remain once her house burned down like the others on the street. Tears no longer fell from her face, instead her eyes glossed over with a look of rage and hatred.

The black leather jacket in her arms was her only escape now. She ran her hand through the patch on the back before reading the letters that she hadn't seen in years.

"The Devil's Bastards," she whispered while looking at the grinning skull with devil horns on it. She had once worn it with pride when her father had been in charge. The responsibility fell onto her now, she would make sure to carry out her brother's wishes.

With hesitation she slipped it on and closed her eyes trying to get used to the feeling of wearing it once more. The bikers that had been in her gang were all in the city, her brother had made sure of that, all she needed to do was call them and get them back together.

Her hand ran over the patch on the front that read 'President' before she turned away and left her old life behind. There was nothing left for her now, life had finally taken the last thing she cared about.

The world was cruel, there was no happy ending waiting for her, she still had to get used to that idea. She had been a romantic once, she had thought everything was perfect, that there was good in everyone. How wrong she had been to think like that, she could see the Joker's reasoning now. His words made perfect sense to her. She would have the last laugh, even if it killed her.

She spit out the blood from her split lip and cut cheek in disgust before pulling out her cellphone and heading over to the bike that was parked in the front.

"Get the men together, we have some work to do," she ordered before hanging up and placing it in her coat pocket.

Gotham was going to pay for what it had taken from her.

No matter what, blood would have blood.