Only Me

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"What am I gonna do with you?" the Joker's voice asked, echoing through her mind over and over again. Monica opened her eyes to find him crouching in front of her.

Her breathing hitched as she pressed her back further into the corner of the room to try and put some distance between them, she stood slowly and looked for a way out of her predicament.

"Not tonight," she snapped at him, trying to avoid looking at him as he smiled back at her and leaned forward.

She knew what he was doing and she hated it.

She wasn't in the mood to be toyed with or teased, all she wanted was to be left alone for one minute to process her thoughts.

"Get away," she snarled, turning her head to one side when he tilted his own and drew closer to her.

He loved seeing her like this, so vulnerable, so small and helpless beneath him.

"No," he growled back, his face inches away from her own as he laughed and focused on her shivering form in front of him.

Monica grimaced when she felt his face next to her own. She threw back her head when she registered his scarred cheek against her own.

Her fight or flight instincts kicked in and she tried to get away before his hand shot out and seized her arm.

A cry left her lips when she felt the iron grip that he had on her.

"You're hurting me!" she hissed, tears brimming her eyes as his grip increased and he forced her back against the wall with a snarl.

"I don't care," he hissed back as he let go of her arm and trailed his hand up to her neck instead. He could feel her rapid pulse against his fingers as he slowly caressed the scar on her neck with his thumb.

Monica's panic continued to grow as she struggled to get air into her lungs.

She had told him how she felt about that night, she knew he remembered.

Despite knowing he was still touching her, pushing and prodding at her already weak mental state.

"Ah, here come the tears," he laughed as he saw them stream silently down her face as she started to shut down like she had done that night.

Rage flared up in his eyes when he noticed the dull look in her eyes that seemed to stare straight through him.

"Hey," he chuckled, using his other hand to hit her cheek trying to get a reaction out of her. He shook her head lightly when he continued to get the same blank stare as before.

His smile slowly disappeared when he noticed her body going slack in his hold. She wasn't fighting him anymore, she wasn't even trying to get away.

"Is this what you did that night, beautiful?" he snarled, his voice cutting through the silence that had surrounded the pair.

Monica could feel the tears flowing freely down her face now, unable to register what he had just asked.

"Did you shut down?" he asked once more, watching as she slowly turned to look at him for the first time that night. His smile was completely gone and his eyes were burning holes into her own.

She blinked slowly, once…twice before registering what he had just said.

"Are you saying I asked for it?" she barked, pulling away from his hand as everything came crashing down on her at once.

The smile that slowly crept across his lips told her everything.

"How dare you..." she started, her nostrils flaring as he dropped his hand from her face, "how fucking dare you?!"

Her shaking hands grabbed a hold of his purple coat as she lunged forward at him, her rage increasing when he heard him chuckle at her.

The clown had little to no time to brace himself as she threw her small frame on him. He grunted as she knocked the wind out of him and slammed him down on the ground.

"Ah, that's more like it, doll!" he cackled as she moved to straddle his waist.

He hadn't expected the blow to the side of his face that came from her clenched fist.

"I hate you!" she snarled, "I fucking hate you!"

He looked up at her, bewildered, as the taste of blood slowly filled his mouth.

"Boss? We heard shit breaking, are you guys ok?" Grumpy called as he and the goons entered the room once more after leaving.

Monica's unforgiving eyes landed on the men standing by the doorway. They looked back at her, shocked to find their boss underneath her in a compliant state.

"Did you fight back, doll, did you even try?" the clown pushed, bringing her attention back onto him as she shook her head at him incredulously.

The clown laughed as she delivered another blow to the side of his face and his men rushed forward to pull her off of him.

He needed her to process what she had gone through, he needed her to take her rage out on something if she was going to be useful to him. He couldn't have her shutting down whenever the German walked into the room. That was going to get her killed.

"Baby, calm down," Grumpy whispered into her ear as he struggled to pull her off of the clown. She clawed at the Joker's coat and vest as they tore her off of him before turning on Grumpy in the blink of an eye.

"You don't get to call me that!" she barked, swinging at him as well.

Grumpy stumbled back as he felt the blow to his face in pure shock. He held a hand over his split lip and turned to look at her in surprise.

"None of you were there!" she cried, her chest heaving as the clown sat up and held his broken nose. The goons around him started to back up when they saw the amount of blood dripping from his face and onto his clothes.

Monica shook her head, her back to the clown who had stood up by now and was looking over at her dangerously.

"You don't know what its like! To get held down, to feel like you can't breathe…" she trailed off, smacking Happy's hand away when he tried to reach for her.

Her face showed regret when she saw what she had done to Grumpy.

The goon backed away from her licking the blood off of his lips as every muscle in his body tensed when he saw the clown towering behind Monica.

"You said he was dead…you said they were all dead," she trailed off, feeling the warmth from the body behind her. She didn't need to turn to know that it was the Joker, she half expected him to run a blade through her neck for what she had done to him.

"We put down an entire warehouse of Germans because of you," the clown snarled into her ear, she could feel blood dripping down onto her shirt. She turned her head to look at him and felt her eye twitch slightly at the sight.

His face was a mess of blood and makeup.

And yet, she had never seen him more alive or amused.

"I've bled because of you," he continued, pressing his body into her own as his goons slowly backed down from their tense positions.

Blade motioned for all of them to leave the room once more and had to pull Grumpy along when the other stood his ground stubbornly.

Monica watched as Grumpy kept his gaze on her until he was ushered out of the room by Blade.

"I've died for you," the clown added as Monica turned to look at him and sighed deeply when she realized he was right and shuddered at the memory.

The sound and smell of the hospital from that day still haunted her, the machine flatlining still made her shudder every single time.

"I've killed for you," the Joker snarled, running his hand through her hair as he grabbed a handful and gave it a harsh tug.

Monica hissed as he pulled her head back and exposed her neck to him. She felt her body strangely relax as he backed her into a corner once more.

"Why does he get such a rise out of you?" the clown snarled, pulling her head back as he leaned forward and grazed the scar on her neck with his teeth.

Monica's body shuddered when she registered what he was doing. She tried to push him off when the memories of that night surfaced again. She whimpered in his hold as his arms continued to constrict around her.

"A-are you…" she started, realizing what he was doing, "are you jealous of him?"

He was trying to override and replace her memories of that night.

He couldn't stand the fact that she was thinking of someone else when he touched her. It didn't matter if they were good or bad memories, he didn't want anyone else tormenting her other than himself.

"If anyone," the Joker growled into her neck, biting her scar to make a point, "and I mean anyone, doll, touches you again…I'll kill them."

Monica felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand upon hearing how serious he was, her body shivered once more in his hold.

She knew he had seen how Grumpy looked at her, she knew what he was referring to. Her mind made a mental note to stay away from the goon for his own sake, the clown would kill him if he so much as looked her way.

"What about Landa-" she started before the Joker pulled back and smiled at her from ear to ear.

The sight of his bloody teeth and broken nose made Monica wince in slight regret, she had done the damage after all.

"I'll handle it," he chuckled eerily to her.

"I know you will," she sighed, slightly horrified but grateful of the madman that held her dangerously close to him, "you always do."

The Joker laughed upon hearing her before cracking his neck despite knowing that it annoyed her. She scoffed at him, amazed that he kept pushing her buttons even after everything he had just put her through.

"Were the two punches not enough, J?" she questioned, watching him intently as his arms slowly released her from her trapped state. He shrugged and ran his tongue along his bottom lip, grimacing but knowing that it annoyed her as well.

"You're impossible," she snapped, raising her hand to hit him once more before he caught her arm and pinned it to the wall behind her.

"I think you've had enough fun with me for the night," he warned her, the smell of his blood thick in the air between them.

"I've just begun," she growled back, looking over his shoulder when she heard something crash somewhere else in the mansion.

The clown scowled upon seeing her eyes focus on something other than him.

"Enough," she snapped at him when she felt his chest rumble and heard a growl leave his lips.

"You're mine," he snarled at her, pulling her close once more when she made a move to step away to see what the commotion was about.

Her breath hitched when his lips crashed down on hers suddenly and messily. The taste of his blood overwhelmed her and caused her to blink several times before she realized what was happening.

A gasp left her lips when she felt him bite down on her bottom lip and increase the pressure on the wrist that he had been holding against the wall.

"Mine," he growled as he moved away from her mouth and increased the hold that he had on her hip with his other hand.

She hissed upon feeling his gloved fingers dig into her hips before a goon reappeared at the doorway in alarm.

"Boss the warehouse-" he started before the clown pulled out his gun and shot him without even aiming.

Monica's startled eyes watched as the bullet pierced the other man's chest. The body fell lifelessly to the floor with a dull thud.

"That seemed important," Monica pointed out before a surprised gasp left her when she felt the clown's lips over the bite that he had left on her neck.

She held onto his vest with a death grip as he smiled against her before sucking at the wound.

She tried to suppress the pleased moan that slipped through her lips as her free hand left his vest and traveled up to his scarred smile. Her fingers trailed over his scars before weaving into his hair and holding him to her as she tried to regain control of herself.

Her mind pointed out how she had been beating him minutes before. And yet there she was, a complete mess in his hold after a few words and touches.

"I have something for you, doll," he laughed, pulling away from her when she tried to undo his tie.

The pout that came from her lips was enough to earn a chuckle out of him.

He thrived on making her suffer for what she wanted.

"You can't be serious?" she sighed, shaking her head when he let her go and stepped away from her.

She had been trying to get away from him the whole night and laughed in surprise when her body betrayed her and stepped after him despite everything.

"You'll like this one," he added, fixing his vest and straightening his coat. She had a way of disheveling his entire wardrobe whenever she got a hold of him.

"Its not like last time?" she added, rubbing her already irritated wrist before she inspected her still bleeding neck.

"I thought you'd find it amusing, I can't be blamed for your lack of humor," he shot back defensively.

"Watching Gotham's aristocrats run out of a burning building in the middle of the night was not funny, clown," she pointed out as he rose a brow at her questioningly.

"Did you see what half of them were wearing?" he shot back as she snorted at him and tried to hide the smile that was already forming on her lips.

"Shut up and show me the surprise already," she murmured, following after him despite her mind telling her that she should still be outraged at him, resentful at the very least.

"It's to die for, beautiful," he smiled, ushering her out of the door and glaring back at the goons who tried to follow after them.

He shut the door behind him with a resounding bang and checked his coat to make sure that he wasn't leaving unarmed.

Even as he turned on the car and looked at her out of the corner of his eye he knew she would appreciate what he had in store this time.

After all, who wouldn't find an upside-down Scarecrow and a half dead Mexican mob boss amusing?

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