A/N These are a series of stories told by my brother known in the xbox live community as "Lethal" and trust me the stories he tells me are near-unbelievable (though true) and quite funny. Also this is how I explain the "Amazing Chair" comment in my other fic…

It was a peaceful evening in Two Worlds Two 'til a player known as Lethal was ambushed in his own office. The rival clan members and their leader came to take him out, bring him down, or more simply put, to kill him. As the enemy moved closer, the leader noticed something about Lethal…

R. Leader: "Why the heck is wrong with your hand?"

Indeed something seemed off with Lethal's hand for it was constantly moving in short jerky movements.

Lethal: "Oh. THAT? My hand is just twitching…*twitch twitch* COME ON WORK! Stupid device just work! WORK!"

R. Leader: "Umm… excuse me?"

Lethal: "Oh nothing."

The enemy became suspicious as his hand kept "twitching" and moved even closer, blocking off any escape routes… or so they thought because all of a sudden Lethal's chair fell backwards and started spitting flames while he was still sitting in the chair.


He crashed into the wall creating a hole as he flew away to… well who knows? All the members of the rival clan who witness this were baffled at the sudden departure. The leader finally went to the area where Lethal's hand once was and saw a button that said "eject".

R. Leader: "Oh god not another one."

As Lethal was flying all around the place, two lower ranking enemies were chatting at their fort.

Guard 1: "Argh… Nothing interesting ever happens around here."

Guard 2: "Are you kidding me? That Lethal person always seems to show up in the craziest ways! Like this one time last week-"

Before he could begin to start his story, a crash was heard along with the semi-happy and semi-terrified scream of Lethal as he now flew within the point of view of the two very startled players.

Guard 2: "Like I said crazy entrances."

Short? I know, but other ones will be longer.