The White Lady

Within the wastelands of the north,

The pale lady dwells.

Fading in and out of sight,

Her presence not boding well.


GDI the eagle,

She a foul white raven.

Node patrols were disappearing,

In a manner craven.


The tundra became empty,

Eagles refusing to take flight.

Gazing blindly in the day,

Cowering at night.


It fell to Nod, the eagle's 'ally,'

To brave the snowy wastes.

A mission that GDI wanted,

To end with due haste.


The Nod forces disappeared,

Did not come to eagles' nests.

But within scorpion lairs,

They found a place to rest.


For the White Lady came with them,

Pledged herself to Kane.

And in using her stealth talents,

She still would not refrain.