Just a little bit of Christmas Niff fluff! I guess they would be living together in this, so maybe they're at college and have a little appartment! Enjoy :D

"One delicious tall peppermint mocha for the delicious tall blonde" Nick said as he shut the front door behind him,

What are you doing down there?" he chuckled as he walked into the living room and saw Jeff sitting on a bean bag in front of the fire,

"It's nice and warm down here!" Jeff grinned as Nick sat down next to him and handed him his drink,

"Mmm thanks Nicky" he took a long sip and snuggled into his boyfriend's side, "What did you get?"

"I didn't want anything, oh I got you this too" Nick picked up a paper bag he'd placed on the floor and handed it to Jeff,

"Holiday gingerbread! My favourite! Thank you" he broke it in half and handed half to Nick, "You're the best, who else would go on a Starbucks run in this weather just for me?"

"Thanks love" Nick took a bite of the gingerbread, "You're lucky I love you so much, that and I can't resist those puppy dog eyes of yours."

They sat in near silence for a while, snuggled together, the only sounds being the crackling of the fire and Jeff sipping his drink, "Nicky?"

"Yeah Jeffster?"

"Merry Christmas gorgeous"

"It's not…" Nick trailed off as he looked at the clock and saw 00:01 "Oh, it is Christmas"

"Yeah, it is"Jeff kissed him on the cheek ,

"Merry Christmas Jeff" Nick captured Jeff's lips with his own, kissing him softly, resting their foreheads together as they broke apart,

"I love you Nick"

"I love you too Jeff" Nick made to stand up, only to find Jeff's arms tightening around him as he let out a whine, which sounded suspiciously like whereyougoin, "If you want your first present I need to get up"

"Fine, fine" Jeff chuckled and let go, "Nice view" he wolf-whistled as Nick stood and walked across the room,

"Cheeky!" the brunette called over his shoulder as he left the room.

He returned a few seconds later, holding a small box in his hand, "Jeff" he began, "You mean the world to me, that day when we first met at Dalton, my life changed for the better, since then things haven't been easy, not at all, but we've made it through, together, and I want us to make it through everything together. I guess what I'm trying to say is, well…" he trailed off, handing the box to Jeff "Open it"

"Nick, it's…wow" the blonde said as he opened the box and looked inside, seeing a silver guitar pick on a silver chain, it was engraved with J&N in the centre, and lyrics from their song, The Heart Never Lies by McFly, around the edge, all in fancy script,

"Turn it over" Nick whispered, so Jeff did, seeing the date they had their first date engraved on the back, "I love you so much" Nick said as he took the necklace from his boyfriend's hand and fastened it around his neck,

"I love you too" Jeff leaned in and kissed Nick before standing and holding his hand out to him,


"Well your first present is in the bedroom, if you want it you're gonna have to come with me" he winked as he took Nick's hand and they walked from the room.