Skies of Arcadia: Dark Moon


It's been five years since Zelos was on the verge of destroying all of Arcadia. Vyse, Aika, Fina and other adventurers from around the world entered the Lost Silver Continent and went on to defeat Ramirez, who, using the power of the Silver Moon Crystal, fused with Zelos. With the chaos of everything that happened since their adventure began behind them, the group boarded the Delphinus, a highly-advanced ship they had gotten from their adventure in Valua, the Yellow Continent. Looking the Silver Moon Crystal, they gave remembrance to Ramirez, for he wasn't always bad. He was Fina's best friend during their childhood in the Great Silver Shrine. It wasn't until he went on a mission and met Galcian, a highly-ranked military officer of the Valua Army, that he started to change. With that, Vyse threw the Silver Crystal into the open, blue sky, so that it would never threaten Arcadia again.

It is now the present day. The place is Pirate Isle. The Albatross, Pirate Isle's main ship, just docked in the port inside of the isle. The Blue Rogues are still up to their old tricks, looting Black Pirate ships, along with Nasr Imperial Ships. Nasr, having been almost completely destroyed by a Valuan raid, went down a dark path in the aftermath. With the Nasrsaltian, the ruler of Nasr, and his family killed by the attack, one man rose up from the ashes. His name was Musheer. After watching what Valua had done to his homeland, he promised no mercy and swore revenge. During the five years since Nasr was destroyed, he began to amass an army comparable to Nasr's former glory. Not exactly at the strength he wanted, he figured he let his intentions be known. He sent an envoy to Valua, with a message stating that the fury of the Red Moon would soon rain down upon Valua for its past sins against Nasr. Enrique, now the king of the newly formed Valuan Federation, tried to apologize by sending his own envoys along with gifts, but they were only sent back badly beaten and bruised. In an effort to further project his power, he sent a small force to Sailor's Island, a popular trade station. The soldiers stationed there posted notices, stating that friends of Valua were also enemies of Nasr, regardless of their relation to each other.

No one enjoyed this new rise of power within Nasr. Blue Rogue, Black Pirate, any of the nations, it didn't matter. With this, a new age of imperialism and tyranny eerily similar to Valua befell Arcadia. To make matters worse, there wasn't a current nation or force that could rival Nasr, so the world would have to grin and bare it. While the rise of Musheer and the Nasr Imperial Army is one threat that currently plagues the world, there would be others that were just as powerful that will be reveled in due time. However, we will start our story back on Pirate Isleā€¦