Title: Who Knew

Summary: When Tori Vega stopped talking to her long time best friend Jade West she never expected the heart break she felt, and now that she's found her again she wont let her go.

Rated: T for now, but possibly M later on. I'm not sure.

Disclaimer: I don't own Victorious, unfortunately.

When you accidentally let the wrong one go, what will you do to win her back?


Jade West.

It's a name I hadn't heard in three years.

It's the name of a girl I hadn't seen in three years.

It's the name of the girl who was once my best friend.

It's the name of the girl who was once my girl friend.

It's the name of the girl who I once knew everything about.

It's the name of the girl who once knew everything about me.

It's the name of the girl who unintentionally stole my heart.

It's the name of the girl who took my heart, and ran away with it.

We met in elementary school. She was sitting on a bench on the playground all alone, kicking her black tennis shoe through the dirt while she doodled on a pad of paper. My friends told me not to talk to her, they thought she was freaky.

Dressed in mostly dark blue with waves of light brown hair and dark green large eyes on her pale, doll-like face, I would have said they were green as the freshly cut grass back then. Her gaze was soft, almost tender as she looked down at the image she was drawing, but when I stepped up to her and stuck out my hand they turned to daggers, piercing right through my heart.

"I'm Tori." I told her, still holding my hand out. She glared at with disgust, like it was diseased, "It's clean, I promise." Of their own accord I remember my teeth coming out to catch my bottom lip, pulling it into my mouth, tears burning in my eyes. I wasn't used to people ignoring me, "what's your name?" my hand dropped to my side.

"Go. Away." She muttered, those green eyes softening a bit. I sighed and walked around her, pulling myself up onto the bench beside her, glancing down at the flower she was drawing on her paper.

"So, Go, when did you move here?" I asked, her eyebrows arched in shock and I couldn't suppress the giggle that left my mouth. She covered her shock with a defensive anger, of course then I thought she was just mad at me.

"Two days ago." She said shortly, her nostrils flaring a little bit.

"You don't have many friends." I observed, my eyes glancing up at the clear blue sky, my feet swinging, my legs weren't long enough to reach the ground. She didn't give me an answer, "I'll be your friend."

"I don't want a friend." She snapped irritably, and that's where our friendship started. I did not take no for an answer, a trait I soon learned we had in common. I talked to her every day, defended her in front of my old friends.

As we grew older she protected me from bullies, I protected her from her thoughts, from herself. We balanced each other well. My mom always joked that we were joined at the hip, nearly twins.

Before middle school Jade didn't wear black that often. She usually wore blue or yellow with her hair in one or two braids depending on what her mom did that morning. But the summer before middle school started, Jade's parents went through a divorce. Jade changed her looks, the brash attitude she always seemed to have toward everyone else was turned on me, and she made me cry all the time, never apologized for it either. But I knew she didn't mean it, or I hoped she didn't. She was scared. She didn't want to be hurt, again.

I pushed and pushed, pried and pried, and like an onion, I peeled away her layers until my Jade was back, but she was broken and no amount of duct tape or bandages were going to fix her, and all I could do was wrap my arms around her and hold her together, but she was back and she didn't hurt me anymore.

By the start of 6th grade I'd realized I had a big crush on Jade, I'd always known I'd liked her, but one day I saw her kiss a boy, jealousy reared its ugly head inside of me and I didn't talk to Jade for three weeks, until she cornered me and forced me to tell her what was wrong.

"I like you!" I blurted, caving under the intense stare of those burnt green apple eyes. Her lips had quirked up in a smirk and she leaned in and kissed me. It was quick it was short and just like with our friendship, one simple thing turned Jade and I into girlfriends.

It was the summer before 7th grade when all hell broke loose. Jade and I got into a big fight because she picked her new friend over me to spend the night with. I refused her calls until she stopped calling, and then my family moved to California. To this day, I have no clue where Jade West is, but wherever she is she's still got my heart locked in her little box, and I doubt she has any intention of giving it back.