Sorry, this isn't a chapter, but just a note to my readers. I forgot to add this note to the last chapter. The next part of the story will be Retribution 2: Second Chances. If you are interested in reading it and don't already have me on alert, that's the title to look for. I don't know if there will be any other House stories after this. I guess it will depend on how series finale inspires me (or not).

If you do have me on author alert, don't be surprised if you get an alert for a story that isn't House. I am currently working on a Big Bang Theory story and have a second one in the wings. I know, I know, going from a drama to a comedy, what am I thinking?

(Although I do think House and Sheldon have a lot in common and I'd love to try a crossover, since I'd love to get them in the same room.)

If you're not a fan of that show, don't feel that you have to read it. I understand, as I don't read anything for shows I don't watch.

If you are a viewer of TBBT, be aware that for at least this first story I am being disloyal to my OC roots and doing a Shenny story. I'm sorry, but I had to write one. When a story is in your head, you HAVE to write it. The other story that I have in the wings is an OC story.

Of course, for House, I am OC all the way, forever and ever, LOL.

Anyway, thanks for listening. Sorry I didn't add this to the last chapter. I didn't feel like reposting, since some people wouldn't read it.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy Part 2 (when it comes) and my other stories if you choose to read.