"Are you really sure?" he asked.

"Remus, this is all I want, since I saw you for the first time, on the train! I-"

The door burst open and Tonks started shouting immediately.


"Tonks... what are you doing here?" asked Remus half confused half angry. He couldn't believe this woman ruined another beautiful moment between Rose and him.

"Severus told me-"

Sirius appeared behind her, started to drag her out of the room and growled: "I'm warning you, Dora!" But Tonks jerked her arm out of his grip.
"What do you want, Tonks?" Rose asked. She stood up and walked slowly until she was standing in front of the brown haired woman. She couldn't believe how stubborn and ignorant this woman was. Why can't she accept that Remus will never love her? Doesn't she see how annoying she is for everybody and especially 'her love'?
"Do you want to force him in a relationship with you? Do you want him to say things he doesn't mean or do you just can't stand the thought that you can't give him what he needs?" Her voice was calm, though you could hear how furious she was with her.

"And can you give him what I can't?" snapped Tonks.

"Patients for example." she hissed back.

If Sirius knew one thing, then how dangerous two mad girl in one room were! "Girls, please!" he tried to gain attention, before they'd say or do things, they regret later.. "Tonks, I'm really sick of your behaviour! Are you blind, stupid or both? Yes, Rose is his mate. And if you didn't knew: Werewolves exclusively love their mates. Even if you were together, he'd dumped you when Rose turned sixteen, so what's the matter of all this fucking shit?" his voice rose with every word.

Tonks face fell. Retrospective she should have known, after all she was a smart woman, who actually knew this simple little fact. Blinded by the obsession over the werewolf, she just ignored everything that stand in the way of her happiness and forgot it. Yes, Remus told her, yes he rejected her before and yes, she should have known. Yet, the innocent wish became an aim, the aim an obsession, the obsession that let her forget the wish. The simple wish to get to know this nice and interesting man. How could she lose control like this? And now Sirius and Rose were even mad with here. Sirius, her favourite cousin, whom she loved like a brother. Rose, the smart and funny girl, she loved like a little sister. All people she loved, were now starring at her, with a rather menacing expression, telling her silently that she wasn't welcome any more. A tear were steaming down her face. "I-I have to go now." she said and left.

Rose, Sirius and Remus watched her going and waited until they heard the front door. Remus laid an arm around her shoulder and gained her attention. She smiled brightly at him. Remus nearly lost control about himself and was about to kiss her again, when Sirius cleared his throat.
"Before you two start to pounce on each other... I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!" he said and hugged them both tightly. "You stupid blind brats!" he chuckled against their shoulders. "You're so perfect for each other."
"Um. But- wait." said Rose. "You know it all the time?"
"Sure." he said and let go of them. "I saw how you looked at Remus last year. First I thought you just adore him but... I saw there was more. And this year, Remus confirmed that you're his mate and-"
"But why didn't you said anything?" Rose was shocked. He knew it all the time, but still torture her by making Remus date Tonks?
"He made me swear to not tell a soul, and didn't want to listen to me. Listen, I know my plan wasn't the best, and I know some things I made hurt you but... I couldn't tell you, though I couldn't do nothing and just watching how you hurt each other... I'm sorry." he said and tried to sooth his godchild with his best puppy eyes.
"I'm sorry too, Rose." said Remus and squeezed her shoulder. "I should have been honest with you. I was just scared that you wouldn't understand, be disgusted and never want to talk to me again. This would be a nightmare. I can't stand the thought of you being angry with me, not to mention leaving me. I need you, so I thought it's still better to be just friends, than losing you forever, just because of this stupid monster-instincts."
"It's all right guys." she said and smiled. "I'm not mad with any of you."
Sirius kissed her cheek and smiled. "I knew you would understand. Well, I think you have to talk... and stuff... mate stuff... and... I'm downstairs." he said and left the couple. Happy like he wasn't since a long time, he walked down and planned the next step. A party!

"So... um." Rose said, while studying the suddenly pretty interesting floor.
Remus cupped her chin in his hand and kissed her softly. "You said something about loving me, since you laid eyes on me for the first time, huh?" he asked, though he couldn't believe it.
"Um, well, yes." she admitted and blushed. "I don't know. I think it was only a crush first but... after you left Hogwarts, I couldn't stop thinking about you. I was wondering where you are, what you are doing, how you are feeling. Every full moon I was keep awake almost the whole night, wondering if you're okay. I-" and again she didn't finished the sentence, though this time, it was because Remus kissed her. He pressed his lips firmly against hers, and soon his tough found its way into her mouth. He couldn't control himself any longer, after weeks of depressing thought, she would never love him, he finally found the happiness he was looking for since a life time.
"I love you." he whispered against her lips, after they kissed for several mintues.
"I love you, too. More than I could love anyone else." and Remus knew, this was true.

The End.

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