Not allowed to loudly discuss the prospect of making actual "barking spiders" in front of Annabeth, Newkirk, and Ron just to see them squirm.

"Doctor Barlow~! Arty!~ Not FUNNY, dammit! I almost got clocked with another freaking can of bug spray!"

"Flying cans HURT!"

"*whimper* Can someone get me ice?"

Not allowed to turn anyone who annoys you into little kids.

-Especially if you refuse to turn them back.

Ickle!Weasly twins, little!Arty, and toddler!Barlow were really, really ticked. They couldn't do much, though, seeing as they were strapped tightly into highchairs.

Not allowed to blackmail anyone into babysitting.

-Especially if they should be adults. Or teenagers.

It was a choice between everyone finding out what he was doing in those large stretches of time when he disappeared, or taking care of four grumpy artificially aged toddlers. Alek immediately chose babysitting.

Air horns. No.

-Just…God no.

The two-dozen or so people who were around when the recently-aged quartet decided to get their revenge practically had their eardrums shattered.

Happy New Year! Now don't explode anything.

-Fred. George.



"If this is what 2012 is going to be like, I'm going to bed and not coming out until 2013!" Piper scowled as she surveyed the remains of the common room.

"Or the apocalypse."

"Shut up."

HAPPY NEW YEAR!~ :D – Love, Camp Half-Blood (Posted by Leo)

-Heck yeah! 2012, woo~ (Love, The Nome – Sadie Kane)

-What asteroid? (Happy New Year from the LEP - Foaly)

There isn't going to be an apocalypse this year, dammit! STOP TELLING PEOPLE THAAAT!

"Well, what about next year?"

"Dammit, Russia! Shut it!"

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Do not deliberately tick someone off.

-Especially if that person is a mage with God-knows-how-much power.

-Especially if she's got a wrench.

-Especially if she's already ticked.

Octa and Winry had been talking when a very terrified Connor ran past them holding his shoes in one hand and a bulging paper grocery sack in the other, followed closely by his brother.

"OH YEAH? YOU REALLY THINK THAT'S A GOOD IDEA, BRAT? YO-oof!" Violet let out a pained breath when Winry grabbed her by the waist as she passed by. "That hurt, Winry!"

"Sorry," Winry said. "But why are you chasing the Stolls?"

"Those little brats stole my jumpsuits!" Violet snapped. "Those two perverts are SO in for it once I get my hands on them…"

Octa and Winry looked at each other and grinned.





"What the-"


"We're getting attacked b-mmph!"

Leo looked at Jason curiously. "What do you think's going on?"

Percy licked his lips nervously. "It sounds like there's a herd of elephants up there!"

Klaus, who was behind them in the entrance to the kitchen, grinned and poked his head out, prompting all three boys to twist their necks around.

"I think my sister's getting revenge."

Naughty Klaus. No cookies before lunch, I thought I TOLD YOU!

The half-bloods were playing video games. Percy's winning.


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