I've been re-writing this story to flesh it out a bit, and apparently I uploaded more than I intended yesterday. This is all I intended for the first chapter. -S

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Roxanne Ritchi!" exclaimed a nasty thug wielding a crowbar. He and his three cohorts backed the frightened reporter up against the alley wall. "What should we do with her, Mac?" he asked a large man with scars running down his face. Mac pulled a knife out of his pocket and leaned in close to the woman. Roxanne turned her face away from his foul breath and leering eyes. Another of the men looked her up and down and then slowly ran a dirty hand down the side of her face. The fourth one snarled, "You know damn well what we're going to do with her, Jones."

Jones shoved the other men aside and pressed himself up against Roxanne. "I get her first, boys," he glared at the three men around him, and they all backed away from him.

When he turned back to her, the reporter said, "What makes you think you're going to get away with hurting Metro Man's girlfriend?" Though it was a lie, it seemed like her best defense as she tried to shove her attacker away. He backhanded her and replied, "Because Metro Man is out of the country; his big vacation was all over the news. You oughta know that, big reporter lady. You think you're so hot. You know you only got that popular because you're screwing the city's hero, right?" He roughly squeezed her breasts as he went on, "Well, since you're so fond of spreading your legs, you're going to do it for us tonight."

"He'll still find out about this," she argued desperately as her shirt was torn off, followed by her bra. Jones didn't reply; he was too busy fondling her breasts. His dirty fingernails drew blood as he scratched them across the sides before roughly pinching her nipples. He shoved her up against the brick wall and ran his hand up her thigh, this time scratching her as he tried to tear her panties off. Roxanne screamed, "Help! Someone help me!" She was slapped again, and then Mac stepped close and put his knife against her throat.

"Make one more noise and you'll never report again," Jones growled as he put his hand under her skirt. Roxanne closed her eyes, knowing she was helpless to escape what was to come.