Legend of Zelda: Tales of the Four Dragon Kings.

A LOZ LegendZ Crossover

Chapter 2: A new World

"Link! Wake up." Link heard Beedle say his name.
Link slowly opened his eyes, wanting to know where he and Beedle were.
When he woke up, he noticed that he was on something hard.

He was on a flat land, showing a large cloud under about five mountains. on the upper right.
A mostly volcanic place faraway upper-left.
Something of a forest on the Lower-left.
And an icy place alongside with a beach on the lower right.

"Hey! You have new clothing too!" Beedle exclaimed.
Link looked back. He saw his friend.
Beedle looked different.

He had a sky blue sleeveless shirt, white shorts just like the clouds, and sandles.
Link then noticed that he also had different clothing on.
It was a dark green jacket with golden linings, dark brown finger gloves, light green pants, and dark brown shoes.

"What happened?" Beedle asked.
Link didn't want to tell him, but he had to.
He told him that when he woke up, that something was happening.
That his animals had been weird. And when he was getting dressed, he noticed that The Treasure was gone. Someone must've taken it.

And Beedle had a look that said 'I told you so.'
This kinda made Link ticked off.
"Excuse me." Called out a female voice.

They all turned around, seeing a young woman.
She had shoulder length golden hair. light blue eyes, dark pink long sleeved shirt, Blue jeans, and white ladylike shoes.
"But can you help me?" she asked.

She was helping a young man up.
So both of them helped the woman try to wake up some more people.
Most of them were from the Castle Town, Some of them were from the Desert, They were Gerudos. Mostly Woman.

As Link turned around, he saw the same woman who told him to help going towards the forest.
What was she doing? "Beedle, stay here." he told his friend.
Beedle face-palmed when he saw his impatient friend running to the forest.

"Hey! Wait up!" Link called out to the young woman.
But the woman didn't wait up, as she continued walking.
Link began to be frustrated. Wanting answers.

But just then, the woman stopped.
"Thanks for waiting up, now..." Link tried to talk to her.
The woman wasn't listening to him.

Link was even angrier.
It was then that the woman was listening to something.
The sound was a child's cry.

They began to run to the child's crying.
Not knowing what kind of creatures were in this new place.
Link noticed that the woman was fast as he was.

The child's cry was getting louder.
And they both stopped to see who it was.
It was a little Deku Scrub Child.

The Deku Scrub Child still had leaves as clothing, also had a light brown backwards cap.
It was crying. "Mommy!" The child cried.
Link felt sorry for the Deku Scrub Child, as he walked to it.

But he stepped on a twig, and the still scared Deku child turned around and shot seeds at Link.
Zelda Dodged them, but Link didn't as he was hit.
"Ow." link said as the Deku nuts hit his head.

The Deku Child began crying again.
The woman looked at Link.
"Nice going..." She told him with sarcasm.

"What is wrong little one?" asked a kind and motherly voice.
Link heard the Deku child's voice stopped crying a little bit.
"...I was lost, a-and I can't find my mommy...And this guy surprised me..." The Deku child explained to the new voice.

Link was rubbing his head now while his eyes were closed.
"...Interesting...A human in our world..." The voice said.
Link had gotten up, and opened his eyes.

He saw a giant creature that looked liked some kind of giant bird.
Link was trying to think right now...
But..."What do you mean...your world?" Link asked.

The creature explained that humans cannot enter their world.
"So what your saying that something brought us here?" The woman asked, wanting answers.
But the creature didn't know what could happen.

"I'm also wondering what kind of creature you are." The creature asked, looking at the little Deku Shrub.
The little Deku Shrub told the creature his species and name, Asu.
The young woman, now known as Zelda. Had told the creature, now known as Garion, a gryphon. That a dark creature had appeared over her castle.
And was destroying the town and Castle. Stating that she was the princess of Hyrule.

"And the last thing we knew was that we came here from tornado of lights." Zelda told her. And that was what Link and Beedle were in when their world was getting destroyed.
"Hey! That was what happened to me!" Asu called out.
"It seems that fate has brought you here." Garion told them.

This was giving Link a headache.
Only the normal kind, as this wasn't making any sense to him.
"Hello!" called out a blue and white furred giant wolf. Surprising Link.

The wolf creature was standing over him upside down on a tree branch. He looked on as the wolf jumped down, showing it's red pants with a belt that had a 'W' on it, and brown gloves.
It then laughed nervously. "Sorry about that."
Link got up, seeing two different creatures that he didn't see back at Hyrule.

"Strange seeing humans in our world. Very rare." The wolf said.
But then it saw Link's pointy ears. "Well, kinda human."
"Look, we were looking for survivors back at Hyrule." Link told him.

The wolf had a confused look.
"Hyrule? Never heard of that place." The wolf said.
"Neither have I." Garion told them.

"Look, we have to go back. Sorry." Link told them.
He, Zelda, and Asu all went back to the camp.
Well, before Asu waved back to Garion, and the Werewolf who called himself Wolfy.

Later, the three of them went back to the place where they were.
There had been some changes too.
Some (almost good) Houses were made.

Zelda, Link and Asu all looked around.
"Hey!" Beedle called out.
Link went to his friend, wondering what he wanted.

But Link didn't know that Asu was following him.
"What is it, Beedle?" Link asked, kinda being impatient.
Beetle told him that, while he and Zelda were in the woods.

They found some things right at a beach, and decided to make some houses, while there, they met a creature.
"Who is this creature?" Link asked, wanting to know.
Just then, a reptile-like creature appeared.

It had greenish skin, a red marking on the snout, a silver necklace, brown loin cloth, and having some kind of board on it's back.
"Hello, didn't know there would be more of you." the creature said.
"Yeah...you too..." Link told the creature.

A little bit later, it was almost nighttime. And almost all the survivors were tired.
"Gotta go, see you." The creature, who was named Dandy going back to his place...Wherever that is.
As Link went to a man-made house for himself.

"Mister Link..." Asu said sadly to him.
The young treasure hunter looked at the little deku child.
"Sorry for attacking you." He said to him.

Link knelt down to his knees to see the small deku child.
The treasure hunter gave him a small smile.
"Don't worry, it's all in the past." He said. Making Asu smile.

Later that night, Link couldn't sleep.
It was the new setting that he couldn't sleep.
He was thinking if he was the one who set that monster free, he should have died.

But why was he spared?
He really needed answers.
The treasure hunter then went for a walk to get some fresh air.

It was then he saw Zelda, also walking.
What was she doing, also up?
Link had to be quiet to follow her...And also be careful not to wake up other people.

So he did his best not waking everybody up.
Link saw a few people yawn, but later fell asleep again.
The Treasure Hunter still followed the Princess.

Link needed to know why Zelda was up at this late night.
He hid behind a tent with a couple patches...Which must belong to Beedle.
Zelda thought she was being followed, but didn't see nothing.

She continued to walk, seeing nothing.
And Link continued to follow her.

He then saw her stopping in front of an empty meadow.
But what was she doing?
Link then saw what he couldn't believe! She took a step and went up as if there were stairs.

But the Treasure Hunter still needed answers, so he went to it.
But there was something else when he blinked.
It was a castle that wasn't there before. It looked kinda like a mountain.

And he saw the stairs, having about twenty five or more steps.
Link still needed answers. So he decided to get in.

The door was pretty big, bigger then Link.
He then saw Zelda walking inside.
Link Than went inside, still having answers in his head.

He looked around the place.
It had different creatures painted on each cave wall.
Dragons, Werewolves just like Wolfy, and other creatures he couldn't know.

But wait! As he almost past the Werewolves painting, he saw one that was next to what looked like Wolfy.
This werewolf had golden fur, light blue eyes, light gray baggy pants, and a white vest with some black linings.
What also got Link's attention was that the werewolf was looking away from Wolfy. And he was holding a sword that was also golden.

And it looked kinda heavy with the werewolf hanging it on his left shoulder.
But something pained Link's heart, he felt as he knew this werewolf... even though he didn't know this creature.
He turned around to see Zelda looking at him. As if she knew he was following her.

But she didn't look angry.
In fact! Her face had a 'Follow me' look.
So the Treasure Hunter did follow her.

As Link followed the princess, he saw something so bright, he had to block his eyes for a few seconds.
And what the Treasure Hunter saw was a pillar of light, surrounding it were pillars of Wind, Fire, Rock, and Water.
He was amazed at the whole thing.

"Welcome Young ones." Called out a booming but calm voice.
Link was surprised when he heard this voice.
And Link tried to calm down, but it was kinda hard to hear a disembodied voice calling to you.

Link then saw Zelda bowing, So he quickly decided to do the same.
"Beings from a different world, Listen to what we say." said a new voice that sounded female.
Both Link and Zelda looked up.

"The creature that destroyed your world has become dormant for the time being, So do not fret, but he will soon wake." The voice began.
The voices must mean the creature that was destroying Hyrule before.
"Please...Tell us what are you." Zelda called out softly.

The voices then said softly "We are called the Legendz Gods. creatures that come from a different Dimension and world." A new voice called out.
"I am Zelda, Princess of Hyrule." Zelda called out to the Legendz Gods.
Link was surprised at her calmness in the situation.

"And What about you?" Asked one of the Legendz Gods, towards Link.
"I am Link, Treasure Hunter and Farmer." He told them, with a hint of guilt in his voice.
"Tell us! What is this creature's name called, and what do we have to do?" Zelda called out.

"This creature is a being of darkness...In fact, he's the King of Darkness in this dimension...He hates all life, and he'll make sure they will end."
Both Link and Zelda were surprised at the fact. And wanting to know more.
"The Creature cannot be named, in front of the other Legendz. For his name is the Jabberwock, but again. You cannot say it in front of them." They told both of them.

"How do we defeat the Jabberwock?" Zelda asked with determination.
The light Pillar had shone brighter.
"Bring your hands forth to the light." One of the voices called out.

Zelda had gone first to get something from the light.
It had become even brighter then before, that Link had to cover his eyes.
And when the dimmed, he opened his eyes to see that Zelda had a bow.
But what about the arrows?

"Do not worry, for the Arrows of Light will appear when battle is approaching." One of the Legendz Gods told her.
"And now you youth clothed in green." The Legendz Gods told Link. "Hold your hands into the light."
Link gulped, he was worried if it was going to hurt.

As Link put his hands in front of the light, putting them in there.
He felt a little pain. But focused.
Link then pulled out something, it was a sword with a golden handle and had different emblems on the blade.

"This blade is called The Blade of the Four Elements, They represent Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water." The Gods told him.
The Treasure Hunter saw how the blade looked...So heavy.
"Ugh!" Link felt the heaviness of the blade. "Why is it so heavy?" He asked.

But the Gods remained silent.
"For one last thing for the two of you...A new ally from the past of your world shall accompany you." one of the Legendz Gods told them.
With a soft light that didn't blind them, out appeared something.

It was some sort of metal thing that had some sort of lightning thing that were holding it's hands in the air.
And had something that made him fly.
When the thing had opened it's eyes, the first thing to say was "Master Shortpants?"

But Link was confused.
"What? Do I know you?" was the Treasure Hunter's response.
The metal thing now had angry looking eyes, and also asking why Link couldn't remember the robot.

"Young robot, this is not the youth you know. This is a different person, but looks like him." The Legendz Gods told the robot.
This made the robot look at Link one more time. "...You're right...This isn't Master Shortpants." it said quietly.
"My name is Link!" The Treasure Hunter told the robot.

This kinda also made the robot confused.
"Go now, the next time you wake, you will find the new Sagas." The Legendz gods told all three of them.
Both Zelda and the robot named Scrapper headed out of the light room, but Link stayed.

"Young Link, we know how you feel." One of the Legendz gods told him.
They probably knew about how he was the one who summoned the Jabberwock.
"You must feel guilt that you summoned the Jabberwock...But it wasn't you." One of the gods told him.

Link was surprised. He wasn't the one who summoned it? But who did?
"For now we don't know who did. But as you continue to feel guilt. The sword you weild will still heed your journey." One of them continued.
The Treasure Hunter nodded. As the gods gave him the sword's cover, it was mostly golden.

As he went out, he saw the princess and Scrapper almost out, but stopped.
And when he went to them, Zelda began to tell him.
"We should never say his name until it's time." Zelda told Link.

Link nodded, knowing who Zelda was talking about.
"Of course your highness." Link told her. Bowing to her.
The princess turned around, seeing the Treasure Hunter bowing to her.

Zelda gave a soft laugh.
"Please, just call me Zelda for now." she told him, smiling.
Link smiled back.

As soon as Zelda and Scrapper left, Link felt a presence.
He slowly readied his sword.
"...Do not fear." Said the mysterious voice.

The Treasure Hunter looked around, and sheathed his sword for now.
"For I'm an ally of the light. And traitor of the darkness." The voice continued.
Then appeared a dragon-like creature. Having grayish-black fur, dark blue eyes, half messy blond hair, dark purple wings, dark gray pants, light gray leather vest, and a mask concealing the mouth.

Link went close to him, seeing how huge he is. He was about the size of a small house.
"What do you mean 'Traitor of the Darkness'?" Link asked.
The dragon laughed softly, "That, was a long story." He said.

"The Legendz gods forgot to give you the message." the dragon continued.
"That you first go to the forest, for the Saga of Earth shall awaken."
The Saga of Earth?

But Link sighed, and nodded.
The dragon then gave Link an instrument called The Piccolo of Fate, telling him to take care of it.
"I will." The Treasure Hunter said, and left.
As he got back to his tent, it was almost sunrise.

And Link still couldn't go back to sleep.
But what he didn't know was that he was being watched.
The Being disappeared as soon as the sun rose completely.