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How do the Night Worlders spend their Holliday season's?

Its before the apocalypse starts really starting so set after Witchlight.

We shall see.

Kidnap the Sandy Clause

Jez and Morgead

"Being sick sucks," complained Jez. \

"Sucks being human," Said Morgead

"MORGY," she complained.

"Don't call me that," he growled.

"I only am because I don't think I can say 'Morgead,'" but it sounded more like "Mo-ed"

"All right you can get away with it for now," Morgead said.

She snuggled into his side. And he wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

"Remember our old Christmas tradition?" Asked Jez.

"Hassling Sidewalk Santas?" He asked.

"Yeah," she mumbled.

"What about it?" He asked

" We should do when I'm feeling better" Jez asked congested.

"What?" Morgead asked.

"Kidnap the Sandy Clause" Said Jez.

"I think your fever's acting up," He replied.

"Maybe," she mumbled again curling into him and falling asleep.

Morgead smiled ruled his eyes and pulled her tighter.

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