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Chapter 1:

Let It Snow, Let It Snow.

Snow was gently falling to the ground, It sat there undisturbed and glittering. Victoria Johnson walked out onto her pourch and watched it fall. She smiled sadly, She always got this way when it snowed.

"VICTORIA!" Called a voice that she knew ALL to well. She turned and smiled at the three boys walking up her driveway...

"What do you want John?" Victoria asked playfully. She meet the boys halfway and hugged all three of her best friends since the 2nd grade. It was mind boggiling to everyone they met that the friendship had lasted for 7 years. (A/N: Their in 9th grade.)

"Nothing... We just wanted to know what we got for Chirstmas." Said Paul.

"Im not going to tell you, You know the rules. No one gets to know-" She was cutt off.

"Until Chirstmas. Yhea, Yhea. We know, But cant we bend the rules just this once?" John asked.

"Nope, You'll just have to wait!" Victoria giggled as she brushed past the boys and started to walk down the side walk.

"Please! Please!" All three boys begged in union, Following her down the street. She blushed as the third boy, George Harrison, scouted up to her and gently touched her hand. She had a crush on him since the day they meet, But she never talked about it openly. All three crowded around her.

"Pleeeeeease!" Whined the boys.

"Nooooo!" Victoria said back teasingly. This went on for the next 20 minutes until the quortet walked into a small neiborhood town.

As they walked down the crowded sidewalks, Victoria noticed a store with a santa figuren waving roboticly and saying "Ho...Ho...Ho..." over and over. Her smile dropped and she stopped walking.

"Victoria? Are you okay?" John asked standing at her side.

"Yhea... I-Im fine." And with that, Victoria looked at her feet and countiuned walking.

The boys exchanged worried looks. All of them knew what was wrong, But they had hoped that she wouldnt be to upset over it this year. Even though, 2 years might not be that much of recovery after what she went through. When the group caught back up with each other in the main center of the town, A big dectorated clock chimed "Jingle Bells." and flashed 1 WEEK TIL CHIRSTMAS! Like an electronic alarm clock.

"1 week... December always gose by to fast." Paul said, Trying to lighten the mood.

"Or maybe it comes to fast." Victoria mutterd, Still looking at the ground. She looked at the clock and let out a sad and quiet breath. "1 week... Unbeliveable." She said.

John, Always being the one to change the mood of a group of people at the drop of a dime, Decided to take this as an opprotunite to comfort his friend. He noticed a big pile of snow, Clear of ice and pure white... Perfect for dropping a girl in. Without warning he picked up Victoria and walked over to the dune of snow, A protesting Victoria in his arms.

"John! What are you doing?" Victoria yelped playfully.

"I'll ask once," John said, Struggiling to keep the laughter in his voice countained. "What did you get me for Chirstmas?"

"I told you, You'll have to wait!" Victoria responded, Not letting John scare her.

"Alright then, Have fun!" He let go of Victoria and watched as she landed in the snow. A puff of whiter snow flew in the air, As it cleared, All three boys burst into laughter.

Because there, Coverd with snow, Sat Victoria. She got up silently, Her lips curling in a smile. She reached down and wadded a ball of snow in her hands. Quietly, She wound her arm and launched the snowball. With a POOF the snowball exploded on John's shoulder.

"HAHAHA!" Victoria's knees buckled because she was laughting so hard. John stood silent as George and Paul countuied to laught along with Victoria. None of them ever saw it coming.


All stood silent, Trying not to laught. John had thrown snowballs at them all. He was now starting to walk off, Whistling as if nothing happened. When he looked back and noticed the others stareing at him, He smiled.

"GET HIM!" Paul cried out, Breaking into a dead run after John. George and Victoria ran behind.

Somehow, In the mix of it all, John ended up tripping. It soon lead to a 4-Person-Pile-Up. The group sat the side walk leading into a local park, Laughting and in a pile. George and Victoria happened to be laying on each other, Which only made them blush.

"I swear, You three will be the end of me!" Victoria cackled.

"Is there a better way to go?" John said. And all busrt out laughting once again. All completly forgeting all there worries, Just for that one small momment.

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